Friday, April 13, 2012

Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway

I recently upgraded my cable modem to a Cisco Residential Gateway. Basically this not only is an upgrade to a DOCSIS 3 modem it offers a built in router so that subscribers can configure a wireless network for their multiple WiFi devices.

From what I have read in reviews and problems that other folks seem to be having with this device is that many seem not to be aware (or at least it was not well explained by Rogers, my ISP) that the Gateway replaces your existing router. However, you can (as do I) continue to use your existing router. You can do this instead of using the one inside the Gateway or in addition as a Wireless Access point.

My reasons for upgrading were more to do with the fact that I knew that I would have to eventually and I also wanted to get a new IP address and Host from Rogers as the existing one had been compromised. Although the old modem was a rental I still have it as I was concerned that it would be returned to the "pool" and the old IP address that I had would be assigned again. Not that I have a problem with that as it would further increase the confusion about my identity.

Using DDNS:
The interesting thing is that if my ISP (Rogers) were not okay with running a website from a residential gateway, why would they offer equipment that allows it?

Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) provides the residential gateway (that may have a changing IP address) with a host name or URL resolvable by network applications through standard DNS queries. DDNS is useful when you are hosting your own website, FTP server, or other server behind the device. Before using this feature, you need to sign up for DDNS service.



Guelph said...

"docsis 3 dynamic dns rogers"

I am looking for information on how to configure a dynamic DNS with my Rogers DOCSIS modem/residential gateway.

The information that Rogers give with the modem does not mention anything about this feature and the on-line help for the modem/router is not much use. I tried contacting Cisco but I have not received a reply. Is there anyone reading this blog who knows how to do this?

I am looking for a simple "step-by-step" to follow as I have limited technical skills.

Anonymous said...

Have an associate in the GTA with Rogers internet for his business and using a Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway

He wants to use a VPN to login remotely when the wether is bad - after some research I see a lot of issues with this gateway as it pertains to an easy vpn setup - if you know anything or can enlighten me, it would be appreciated

email: contact AT signaturered DOT ca