Thursday, June 7, 2012

Acer Customer Service Chapter 1

This is the first in a series of posts relating to a service request for an Acer Aspire AO722-0465

I was very surprised that the HDD on the Acer failed within the first month of use. It was not as if there was any data on the drive that I cared about and I had bought the laptop basically for another battery and a power supply.

It was a pity as the screen resolution was better than the computer that I was using most of the time. Other than a purchase of an Ultrabook it represented an extremely good value. One has to remember that YOU SHOULD NOT PURCHASE AN ACER IF YOU REQUIRE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!

It would have been interesting to see what FutureShop would have said if I had take out a PSP on the unit. I would suspect that they would have told me that I would have to send it back to Acer as their extended warranty would not "cut-in" until after the Acer coverage expired.

So far I have entered a service request on the Acer website and I was given a case number. The message that the page after I had completed the request told me to expect an email which would give me the shipping instructions. This was strange as the page displayed did have an address to ship to but no other instructions or any form of approval. These are elements of the return for repair that I have found on other forums where Acer purchasers had aired their woes.

I was not prepared to ship the computer without a confirmation from Acer ****, I am in no hurry and the computer is in warranty for another 11 months. This is plenty of time to see what Acer Customer Service are made of. I get the impression that by the time I get a resolution about this I may have purchased an Ultrabook - it is not likely to be an Acer! If I am going to spend that amount of money I would probably go with an Asus Zen Ultrabook, at least they have a better reputation for quality and customer service.

This saga will be updated in future posts.

**** Checking on line on the Acer Warranty Status page - I did find a confirmation that the repair had been authorised and it was in their system

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