Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Configuring a Cisco DPC3825 in Bridge Mode

Reading some of the forum postings it seems that this is a problem for some.

Why you would want to do this:

You have upgraded your cable modem to a newer DOCSIS model so that you can access higher connection speeds and possibly other options provided by your cable company. When you get your new modem you find that it is not only a modem but also a router. You wish to keep the same network setup as you had before upgrading your service.

Mine has a menu option - others report that theirs don't.

I can understand that some users wanted to use their existing router, as it might have a better WiFi range. I am using the DPC3825 as a w/l router as well as my original router (also a Cisco/Linksys) as a wireless Access Point as it is paired with my wireless printer.

The use of the 2 routers overcomes any range issues that the DPC3825 may or may not have. In fact I can see very little difference between the signal levels between the two WiFi hotspots. The connection speed is also pretty similar.

The User Guide:
The Cisco user guide for this Gateway does not mention "bridge" mode. It also does not tell you what the default user name and password is so that you to use to login and see the screen as shown above.

The default User Name is "cusadmin" and the default password is "password" (it is strongly advised that you change this as the word "password" is pretty lame - however, the setup key supplied by Rogers is likely to cease to function if you do!). The User Name and password are entered into your web browser after entering the URL in the address box - something else that the User Guide fails to mention.



Malta said...

bridge cisco dpc3825

Norfolk, Virginia said...

dpc3825 hidden menu

It is not stated what was required on this menu that is apparently "hidden".

It all seems to be a question of "poking" around in the user interface.