Thursday, August 16, 2012

Microsoft O.A. 3.0

OEM Activation 3.0 - Windows 8

It seems that the activation for Windows 8 is going to be different. The SLIC table modifications are not going to work.

A quote from the Register article:

The vendors will also now obtain their product keys directly from Microsoft via electronic delivery, and each new PC will come with a "Genuine Microsoft" sticker affixed, rather than the earlier Windows Certificate of Authenticity.

Factories will also be required to file production reports to Microsoft detailing their license compliance.

For now, OA 3.0 will only apply to new PCs running the Windows 8 client OS. Other versions, including Windows Server 2012 and Windows Embedded, will not use the new method – at least initially – and Windows 7 and earlier will continue to use the older OEM Activation method.

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John said...

At the present time I think this is all rather academic as we are only looking at Windows 8 RT on tablet devices.

The real debate is only going to start when manufacturers start manufacturing and shipping Windows 8 Pro machines.

The activation of tablet devices only really makes sense to do "on the device". Sure the Surface will have the ability to access external storage devices, unlike the Apple product, but the use of such a storage medium to transfer a product key and authenticity does not make sense as the tablet is not going to be used in that way.

It would make more sense that an activation be made directly over the Internet by the end user if the "factory" activation to specific devices proves to be too difficult for MS to co-ordinate with the OEMs.