Monday, August 27, 2012

The second Acer AO722 repair

The turn-around was pretty much as before. I dropped the unit off at FedEx on Thursday, it was repaired on Friday and I received the computer back on Tuesday.

This time Acer replaced the LCD screen and the keyboard. I did not expect the keyboard to be replaced as it was my fault that the Pg Dn key had broken due to careless cleaning. I was not aware that this was covered under the Limited warranty - I assumed that damage due to user negligence was not covered.

I don't think that Acer have made any profit out of this purchase. I am fast approaching the cost of a Mac Book Air with the shipping costs back to Acer. Still I have a long way to go to get to the $900+ price that an Apple would cost. It would hopefully last for more than 1 year - when the Acer warranty runs out. At this rate I can return it to Acer about another 19 times - $30 per shot (20*$30 = $600 --- the difference in price approximately)

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