Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why is currently dormant

UPDATE: September 2012 - the site is now back.

I currently do not have a need for a "proper" website. I seem to be able to achieve all that I want using a Google Blogger blog.

If I choose to resurrect my website I will host it on a 3rd party host. I originally did this but latterly I hosted on my cable Internet connection. This worked out fine and was free but it proved to be a security risk for me. A risk that I decided that I did not need as it exposed my IP address to the world.

I may well re-post pages to sometime in the future. I found that it was more readily indexed than Blogger pages in some respects. In other respects Blogger was quicker to respond to Googlebot, this is probably due to the fact that Blogger is a Google application.

Also, recent changes to the way that Google Analytics operates have led me to the opinion that it is far less useful than it was in determining what Internet users are interested in - the reason for tempusfugit in the first place. These changes have resulted in the search Keywords being suppressed from those searches made by users logged into a Google application such a Gmail or G+. The reasons for Google doing this are explained on another post on this blog.

In addition, if I host my website on another service I will have access to more resources that I had when I "self-hosted". These would include AWStats, for log analysis and MySQL and PHP.

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