Friday, December 12, 2014

How to install wifite on Android

This is a popular subject that visitors to my website,, seem to be very interested in.

As far as I am concerned WiFite is a dubious tool and I am pretty sure it cannot be installed on an Android device.

Wifite is a popular wireless penetration tool that leverages the use of aircrack-ng by the use of scripts that pre-configure commands to perform specific aircrack tasks. To run Wifite on any device you need to install the aircrack-ng suite of software and confirm that it works before attempting to get Wifite to work.

Wifite is merely a scripting tool for aircrack-ng.  This means that you can perform the same penetration and wireless auditing tasks just using aircrack-ng. Wifite is a means to make this simpler. Wifite is NOT a tool that can be run on its own without aircrack-ng installed on your attack device along with compatible drivers to allow the injection and monitoring of wireless network traffic.

Contrary to popular conception Wifite cannot be installed and run as a separate programme.

Full details on the use of Wifite and alternative penetration tools can be found on my website

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