Thursday, December 29, 2016

Information way out of date

I find it interesting that someone who is presumably trying to show how influential he is in the world of Data Recovery is using a screen-shot of a Google search that finds an article from Feb 4, 2009.

The article:
BitDefender and OneWorld Office Find Timely Solution for Seagate's 7200 Drive Data Lock-Down Issue has a link to which is currently owned by someone who is trying to discredit the person posting the screen-shot.

It is now almost 2017! surely an article that is almost 8 years old is not representative of what the case is today?

As  have said before I think it is in the interest of companies to remove out-of-date information from the Google index so that such information does not make them look stupid. It is relatively easy to remove this sort of inaccurate material from the Google index and Google provide a tool to allow webmasters to do this. Of course, the website (and the page) has to still exist as part of the process is for the current information to be re-spidered at the same time as the index entry is removed. I  have done this many times for pages that I have found contained incorrect information.

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