Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lindor Reynolds

This is why I wrote to her.

See also my post on this blog - 27 November 2016.

Back in 2013 an article by Lindor Reynolds, formerly of the Winnipeg Free Press, came to my attention. This article related to a "safety" product that was being fitted to cars and trucks in Maritime
province(s) - the exact details of which are not relevant to me or this blog. My interest was that Wayne McAlpine and Anthony Mannella were cited in the article.

This made little sense to me as both gentlemen were previously involved in operations that had taken issue with me, my blog and website ( Appearing as "experts" in this article aroused my suspicions about the two named here.

My email to her, using an alias, was an attempt to find out more information about Wayne McAlpine and Anthony Mannella's activities. The reason was that I was pretty sure that neither had been honest with me in the past and I was wondering how they were representing themselves.

Wayne McAlpine wrote:
..... under the Alias of tempus fugit trying to get Lindor Reynolds to write his story she had contacted myself and a couple other individuals and telling us on how he had threatened her if she didn’t write the story that he would in his sights on her trying to discredit her and come up with inflammatory information and falsifying information to make her look corrupt.

What I actually said:
If you are interested in a possible article about their activities in suppression of what they are really up to, then please reply to this email.

At no time did I threaten her. In any case, how could I discredit her? She WAS a well known journalist and I, as Wayne had told me earlier, was NOTHING! I did not ask her to "write my story" and I have NEVER made any inflammatory statements or made up false information about anyone. Of course Wayne McAlpine would claim differently.

Lindor did reply to me but said that she needed to know who I was before she could continue. I understand this as unlike Wayne McAlpine I believe she was an honourable person. She also told Anthony Mannella that she ignored me, but I was not privy to the communication that AM had with Lindor. It is quite possible that AM was acting in all good faith, but his association with WM does not make any sense to me.

As far as I can determine Lindor Reynolds was a fine journalist and was instrumental in determining best practices in Canadian law making. Before her life was cut short due to cancer she did some ground-breaking work. I was surprised that she would not be aware of the antics of Wayne McAlpine, but why should she?

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Morris said...

This is just what I have been saying about Wayne McAlpine! I don't understand why there are not more complaints about him to be found on the Internet.