Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Failure in Business

This is kinda ironic that Wayne McAlpine cites the fact that I dissolved a corporation once and he has do so multiple times.

I explained previously my reasons for doing so, I made no secret of this but I deleted the post from this blog as it was only being used by Wayne McAlpine as "proof" that I was a failure in business. He, on the other hand has made no such declarations and seems to have taken all the necessary steps to hide the fact that he was the principle behind the corporations in question.

I won't detail all of the corporations here, as Wayne Morris Brown has done far more research here. What I would say is that the list that he came up with did match some of the entities that I saw Wayne McAlpine being associated. I will also not dwell on this as there are very good reasons to dissolve a coporation, but to deceive is not one of them. Wayne McAlpine didn't even know the name of my corporation, or its number. I will add that it was nothing to do with my website and blog, so there is little point in searching for corporations dissolved in Ontario in those names.

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