Wednesday, April 5, 2017

McAlpine, Piratejack and unsafe auto parts

Wayne McAlpine is an expert in fake and dangerous auto parts.

This is why he posts safety warnings about those that are selling them. Good for him! If it weren't for him we would all be unsafe on the roads of North America. I guess should know all about this subject as he has been involved in this industry for sometime. This is when he is not presenting himself as God's gift to the world of the Internet and computing. There seems to be no end to his talents, data recovery and the detection of "download pirates", he really is the paragon of the industry.

His talents are ideally suited to create quality websites to increase the sales of any business in this industry. Morris Brown might disagree with this though.

I do hope that the owners of PirateJack are fully aware of his activities.

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