Monday, April 17, 2017

MPI immobilizer problems

Today I had a visit to my website to my MPI page.

Making a Google search for MPI, not including the word "immobilizer", you can easily see that the general opinion that it is a joke! Multiple stories of how the  immobilizer, when fitted to vehicles in Manitoba, gives big problems.

Although my page on this is no longer on my website I point out that those are associated with this topic are also as nonsense. This includes Wayne McAlpine.


Ken Charleton said...

"My MPI immobilizer failed three years ago". "The first one is free but not the replacement. Plus the tow, lost time and aggravation can add up quick. Mine lasted just over four years and CAA determined that it was defective. They charged me over $400 for a replacement.
"My truck was a 1997 F-150 and if I ever wanted to drive it again in Manitoba I had to have the immobilizer replaced. At the time, I wondered how many others were breaking but it was never in the news. You would think that CAA could tell you as each replacement appears to be subsidized by Autopac.
"I still drive my '97 F150 work truck. I expect in the next year or two to be stranded on some lonely highway in the bitter cold because my immobilizer has failed again. Is that worth a $40 discount on your insurance?"

Justin Vechina said...

I have had the same issues with my '03 Silverado, which MPI refuses to repair. My truck refuses to start intermittently so I took it back to CAA where it was installed to have it inspected. They told me the immobilizer unit was failing and would need to be replaced. When I went to MPI with this information, they told me it was past the warranty so they would not cover any of the cost of having a new unit installed. Also, I have had to get my command start fixed five to six times because the immobilizer keeps making it lose its programming from the key cycling so many times. I think it is pretty brutal that we were forced to have these immobilizers installed and when they break and start messing up other things on our vehicles it is just too bad for us.