Thursday, April 6, 2017

This makes no sense

When I posted the email that Wayne Morris Brown sent me I then received an email from Wayne McAlpine that said:

This is where Morris Wayne Brown believes that the enemy of my enemy is my friend,

how's it working out for you Morris Wayne Brown "the ram man" and James Skip Eavers.

To do this to John???

John  your friend?? Morris Wayne Brown "the ram man",James Skip Eavers  getting trolled on the internet because of your doing Wayne Brown "the ram man",James Skip Eavers

John we are deeply sorry to have met Morris Wayne Brown "the ram man" and James Skip Eavers

Morris Wayne Brown "the ram man",James Skip Eavers and Martin Winter are have affecting your business

My interpretation of this is that Wayne McAlpine presumed that Morris Brown was teaming up with me to suggest that the products sold by PirateJack and other companies run by John Mcleod. I have done no such thing. In fact, Wayne Morris Brown was defending PirateJack and was saying that they were the "good guys". Although Wayne Morris Brown is undoubtedly an "enemy" of Wayne McAlpine, he is neither a friend of mine nor an "enemy".

I have no idea who James Skip Evers is and although I have seen the nonsense that Wayne Morris Brown has posted online I have no stake in his dispute with Wayne McAlpine and Joshua Sham.

As far as "are have affecting" the businesses of John Mcleod (I think McAlpine meant to say that I was affecting the business, but he does have a problem with language), I can't see it. It was Wayne McAlpine who is the one that is talking about "dangerous" auto parts.

"To do this to John"?? - do what? - He was defending you! Morris said that any reference to PirateJack was detrimental to all. I assume that McAlpine does not know what the word "detrimental" means?

Wayne McAlpine thinks that I see him as my enemy. I am not sure that I do as he is little more significant than pond scum. I certainly have reason to think that way given the things that he has accused me.

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