Friday, April 7, 2017

To be absolutely clear

When you send or receive an email from you are communicating with Wayne McAlpine. You are NOT talking to Wayne Morris Brown, the former owner of that domain.

Wayne McAlpine and Joshua Sham high-jacked theramman,com, and other domain names, from Morris Brown and Wayne McAlpine continues to use it for communications relating to the business dispute that they have between them.

Wayne McAlpine is very fond of "crying wolf" when others use pseudonyms, false or alternate names in communications. This is exactly what he is doing here.

I maintain that the use of a pseudonym is a very common practise, one that I have used many times, and it is not in itself an indication of deception. However, Wayne McAlpine's use of crosses a "red line" (to use current terminology) and he compounds it by the use of an auto-responder that mentions other enterprises that may or may not be associated with either of the Waynes.

For all I know McAlpine has removed the reference to piratejack on this auto-responder, I don't know as I have given up sending him emails on that address. He is too chicken livered to use an email address that doesn't attempt to masquerade as someone else.

If anyone wants to communicate with me on this matter they can do so using the comment feature of this blog. While I receive email on the address attached to this blog I am not responding to it.

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