Saturday, April 8, 2017

You may have guessed, I don't like Wayne McAlpine

..... but why would I? Why would anyone who he has accused of things that they have not done.

Whether it was that you were a Sexual Predator or that you have cheated on your taxes (the later is not something that Wayne has accused me of ----- However, I can't say the same about him!).

Wayne seems to make a habit of implying the misdeeds of others. This could be the implication that you are associated with a dubious business yourself, he should know about that one! He is prone to post reviews about businesses that he thinks that you are connected, he will even suggest that there is a threat to public safety. When that fails to work he resorts to attacks of a more personal nature, such as that you are a sexual deviant

You may have not found much "dirt" on Wayne, but that is because he is a master at threating behaviour to the point that I think that most people who have worked with him are afraid of him.

Wayne thinks that posting falsehoods about me helps his case.

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