Friday, December 9, 2016

I see that the post about me sending in a hard drive has been taken down

This does not surprise me as the person who posted it was lying, there was no drive and it certainly didn't contain images of either bestiality or having sex with young boys.

The claim that the RCMP had been contacted but he could not proceed as he didn't have the evidence was also a lie. If found out it could have been seen as a serious offence.

I knew I should have made a copy of the page, I guess now it will be used as an example of me making up stories about him.

Resurrection of The Technology Muse

When I thought that updating this blog was a waste of time, it seems that it has become popular again.

It is also a good way for me to audit my website pages as it gives me a reason to visit them myself from the Internet. All my website is composed locally and I can review it from the drive of my computer. This means not only do I not need an Internet connection to edit my pages and to test them, should I decide to change my hosting provider I can just upload all the pages to another server.

Terry Bradshaw and AVS -

Instead of replying to my email Terry Bradshaw searched in Google cache for my page on the "certain person". He will now find it without looking in cache.

As soon as these other associates speak up the sooner the information that they would rather not have found on the Internet can be removed.

I didn't make any of this up, all the names of the relationships between them were all found on the Internet. I am not saying that any of those that are involved are breaking any laws or are currently scamming (although the silence certainly would indicate so).

After 5 years I would have hoped that the "certain person" would have grown-up and mended their ways - apparently not. Many of those that he was involved want to move on, have families and businesses that I am sure do not wish to be associated with this man.

More truth

Seeing as the page that I temporarily suspended has been retrieved from cache I have reposted it.

The story continues and the "certain person" is still up to his old tricks. There may be those that wish to disassociated themselves from him but his recent actions have negated that.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fake News

This seems to be an increasing trend in the days of Social Media.

I can't say that I am surprised as the nature of Social Media is such that it encourages those with an agenda to post so that their view of the world can be put forward.

The other side of this is that if you do post a legit story it can easily be flagged as a fake.

Core Data Recovery and OneWorldSafeDisk

This as not been answered!

I was told to remove untruths about the relationship - but there seems to be a clear connection to me.
The "certain person" cannot claim to be the champion of data recovery at the Innovation Place and then I find that the person listed as the principle of CDR is listed under the OneWorldOffice moniker in LinkedIn.

As I say this was not answered. Or are you saying that I made all this up? and it is just one of my lies.
It maybe the case that the "certain person" is no longer associated with CDR but there was a connection in the past and that was all that I was pointing out.

Just because you don't like something that someone posts on the Internet the way to get it removed is not to threaten them.

How do you like the look of my website?

I have employed the use of Responsive Web Design.

Please notice that it renders well on all screen resolutions. If you view the website on a smartphone in portrait orientation you will see a different menu configuration than you would in landscape (rotating your phone 90 degrees, and depending on the size and resolution of your screen).

The idea here that the menu on the side of a screen as seen on a desktop computer is difficult to read on a Smartphone. Responsive Web Design (RWD) uses dynamic CSS which triggers a breakpoint when a screen resolution falls below a threshold. I was thinking of setting a 2nd breakpoint to trigger when my site is viewed on a tablet, but I decided that the pages render quite well on a tablet screen as they are.

Any feedback on the look and feel of the pages would be welcome.