Sunday, March 23, 2014

The "unsafe environment"

I blogged sometime back about that there was an over-blown reaction and response to the fact that Internet and computer users are unsafe when on-line. I have been reviewing my thoughts on the matter and I feel that I need to make another post to clarify a few points.

At the time, of the original post, I was criticized for not believing what I read in the press with regards to hacking. I thought that was strange at the time as I had been reporting my views on such matters for some time prior to that and that was definitely not the case. However, I still stand by my contention that the area of security is much over-stated and it is big business for those that are involved.

Since that time, Edward Snowden not withstanding, I have continued to review the software and hardware that is available presumably to allow the hacking of wireless systems. I continue to be amazed by the sheer scale of this enterprise.

It is my contention that most of those that make statements about security are those that have more to gain than loose. These are those that are using it as a business opportunity rather than an altruistic service for those that are really vulnerable. My personal situation is that I have a lot of potential risk, in the form of considerable cash assets that could be accessed on line, but I have yet to have seen any attempt to compromise my stash.