Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Using Fun Plug on a Dlink DNS-323

Having established that the D-Link DNS-323 is fast enough to be used as a media server there are some issues that (I) need to resolved before it can be used.

OPK (OEM Pre-Installation Kit) and BIOS mod

You don't have to use the Microsoft OPK to install an OEM version of Windows 7 or a copy downloaded from the Internet of ANY Retail version. Microsoft will tell you that you do as you will be in  violation of the license agreement. However, you are probably are already doing that as you probably should not be using an OEM copy of Windows in the first place.

The copy of Windows 7 is installed from a DVD prepared from the downloaded iso file (generated from the original DVD purchased by the torrent uploader) without entering the Product Key that normally would come with the retail packaging.

The copy of Windows 7 is then Activated using a program that fools the copy of Windows into believing that it is a fully licensed OEM copy of Windows 7 (even if it is not) but applying a serial and certificate in your System BIOS ACPI_SLIC table.

This is just part of the Microsoft "Smoke and Mirrors" to deter those that can see a cheaper way and to avoid paying for a full retail license.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Minimal torrc file

This post will describe what you need to place in the Vidalia Tor configuration file, torrc, so that you can force Tor to make its final exit and access to the Internet at a desired location.

Doing this you can make your web access to appear to be at that location as opposed to a random location as selected by the default installation of Tor. In this way you can access some of the material that is restricted by GeoIP limitations.

An example of the contents of a minimal torrc file can be found on my post for getting Tor to use an ExitNode in a specific country.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Why it is not in Microsoft's interest to "fix" Windows 7 piracy

The computer users that know how to defeat the Activation Technologies are the very same as those that are likely to sing praises for Microsoft in how they have improved their operating system.

They are are the same users that if faced with the choice of installing a free copy of Windows 7 or sticking with what they have (or even installing a "cracked" copy of XP), would not bother.

The users that don't know, think that it is too hard or have fell for the FUD, are the ones that will actually buy Windows 7 and they are the ones that are likely to get "screwed" by WAT malfunctioning. (If it does)

For my part Vista, XP and Linux all work well for me - the "average Joe" doesn't have the opportunity, inclination or desire to do anything else apart to accept what is offered currently in the stores.
I do not see why I should "upgrade" to a system that is working well and enables me to do ALL that I want to on the hardware I own (even new hardware).

Going forward with Windows 8

Microsoft seemed to have worked out a way to stop piracy with Windows 8.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Clean Install of Windows 7

I am not suggesting that you install a "bootleg" copy of Windows 7 as a "clean install" on your new computer (although it seems to work really well!) - I AM suggesting that you abandon the image that was supplied to you on your new computer and install a copy of Windows 7 without all the OEM/Manufacturer nonsense.

This may well require you to purchase a legitimate licensed copy of Windows 7 from Microsoft. This may sound like an unnecessary up-front cost, but in the long-run it is a wise investment.

I have found the restore and recovery using a "clean install" takes less than half the time than that a restore using the manufacturers recovery media. Even when you use the recovery media from the manufacturer you will only restore the computer to the state it was when you purchased it - you will them still have to apply all the updates and customization that you applied to it before you made the restore.

I have found that ALL drivers and configuration for Windows 7 has been located by the MS install for a range of computers including Acer, Asus, Lenovo and other custom built computers using are wide range if hardware (BIOS, Motherboard, graphics etc).

This represents a change from the way things were and there is no need for all the countless driver "download" websites.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

VirtualBox - General-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware

VirtualBox is an opensource (i.e. FREE) virtualizer from Sun Microsystems (at the time of the original post). You still need to have hardware that supports Virtualization to run VirtualBox with a 64 bit guest.

A 32 bit guest o/s (such as Windows XP - Not the rare 64 bit version) can be run  from pretty much any computer using VirtualBox.

I have configured many computers using VirtualBox and have used the resultant Virtual Environments to run 32 bit applications such as DVD43. You can also use a Virtualizer to offer some measure of security but nature of the fact that you are running processes in an immutable environment. (for more information on Immutable VMs please search this blog).


KB971033 breaks RemoveWAT?

I have updated the information on this post to be relevant for 2012

It would appear that the Hazar forum is no longer and the entry on mydigitallife is now somewhat dated.

The release of KB971033 seems to be key to the operation of the Windows 7 Activation hack. As I am using the Daz loader I had not cause to try the Hazar solution.

All my computers where I have installed 7 and applied the Loader KB971033 has been downloaded and installed - ALL the systems are indicating that they are Genuine and nothing seems to have been detected by the process installed as a consequence of the Microsoft update.

Is this the case with RemoveWAT?
If you are a user of RemoveWAT and found that it has now stopped working since KB971033 please comment.

Also the procedure for making Windows updates could do with some experienced description (i.e. restoring WAT applying updates and removing WAT again)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Adobe air drm

Post from April 2009 removed as it was no longer relevant.

Please see www.tempusfugit.ca for a full discussion on Adobe Air and DRM in general.

KB971033 and MS blocking OEM Product Keys

If KB971033 or a subsequent update actually does manage to sort out the OEM Licenses used to defeat the W7 Activation (Hack or Crack) then another approach may have be taken.

At the moment it looks like that MS are fanning the flames to create smoke for the "smoke and mirrors" on what they have done to deter those that might be thinking of trying to bypass the WAT process.

If would appear that MS have tried this before and this is a quote that I found on the MyDigitalLife blog:

Anyway, even if the leaked 22TKD OEM product key is blacklisted, ultimately a unblockable OEM-SLP product keys for Windows 7 that delivers with computer machine will be leaked when the goods are shipped in October.

This seems to be exactly what has happened. (the October here was October 2009 - it is now June 2010 and MS are getting round to addressing the issue with KB971033)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Windows Update and Daz Loader

It has been reported that Windows Updates render Daz activation invalid - I have not found this to be the case.

KB971033 has been installed on the computers that I have run the W7Loader by Daz - they all still report as Genuine.

Prompted by search: wga crunch for windows 7 (http://www.buzzcrunch.net/2010/02/wat-update-kb971033-disables-windows-7-activation-cracks-with-dynamic-signature/)

Keep tuned to this blog for updates on how the Activation cracks are working out for me.

Note: the screen-shot above was taken from an Asus 1000HE Netbook that had Windows XP pre-installed. Windows 7 has been installed from a torrent downloaded from a p2p site.
This copy of Windows 7 has been successfully used to install Windows 7 on more than 6 computers so far - all report Windows to be "Genuine".
Computers include the Netbook mentioned, an Acer Aspire One Netbook, 2 Acer motherboard desktops, an Acer Desktop, a desktop with a Zotec ITX motherboard and an aging Lenovo X40 Thinkpad (that was originally Windows XP and was very sick before the W7 install)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What are your chances of detection by WGA?

It seems to be pretty small.

Using the Windows 7 loader by Daz and then running the MS checking programs downloaded from their website - reports that the version installed is Genuine!

When you download the WindowsActivationUpdate program from Microsoft you are told:

The software that you are about to download works with most browsers. Once installed, it will attempt to repair Windows 7 licensing components that may have been damaged, moved, or deleted. From time to time, this software will also perform a validation check to make sure that Windows 7 running on your PC is genuine and stays that way.

When you run the program on the Daz activated copy of Windows 7 you are greeted with:

Windows validation was successful
Now you can take advantage of all the value genuine Windows provides, including extras!

The same was not found when a copy of Office 2007 Enterprise was validated using (another Microsoft validator)