About this blog

The blog, "Thoughts from the UK", represents the experiences that I have had over the last 10 or more years.

When I started this blog it had another name that reflected my interest at the time. This name still forms part of the URL that you are looking at now. Unfortunately that name has become "tarnished" due to a visitor taking it upon themselves to launch an attack at me for criticising their business practises.

Do I actually need to be using a Windows computer?

Having soldiered on in the notion that I could not wean myself the Microsoft bandwagon in that I needed to run Windows in able to run a fully-fledged program editor, I now find that most of my activity on a computer could be made using a device such as a Chromebook. Sure, I will have to maintain a few Windows machines to allow me to access downloads, iPlayer and torrents, but I don't need access to a  "full" OS for my day-to-day "fottering".

Having had cause to be involved in the setup of a couple of websites, both for the village and an attempt to migrate my Canadian website to a UK based domain, I have determined that while it is a good hobby to run and update a fully-fledged website it is often more trouble that it is worth. Over the years I have found that the Google Blogger interface is more than adequate for my needs. In fact, coupled with the knowledge I gained of HTML and the tracking of activity using Google Tools, there are advantages in using Blogger exclusively. Spell-check being one of them!

On the subject of the long term future of my websites, the issue here is that they have am on-going cost to run them and the return on investment is questionable. At the moment I am thinking that I will allow the hosting to run out and to continue with just this (or possibly another) Blogger blog.

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