Thursday, August 26, 2010


You are told by BTGuard that you must not use their service to perform illegal activities.


Downloading from file-sharing sites is an illegal activity.
BTGuard might get a court order sooner or later, and its users might get copyright infringement letters

The link above is from Peerblock forum August 14, 2010 - post "Caught Again!"

As far as I am aware there is no such thing as "The BTGuard Infringement Police" - This is probably a scare tactic used by APOs 


Friday, August 20, 2010

Antimalware Doctor - A reason to torrent on a dedicated computer.

The instructions and the comments on Antimalware Doctor found on the Internet from confused computer users is "sad".

The removal of Antimalware Doctor is a pain in the neck and really does suggest a complete re-install of the operating system and all the software.

The first indication that something was a wrong was a fake software update dialog that even has an MS KB reference. Attempts at uninstall using the Windows Add/Remove programs is blocked as the Antimalware program starts to run.

The full uninstall is not trivial as vestiges of the infection remain after the fake scanner and browser hijacker are removed. Entries in the start menu and executable files, dlls were removed manually.

The computer that was infected now boots with a DLL not found error and VLC player terminates with a memory allocation error.

This infection of Antimalware Doctor suggests that it is a good idea to torrent on a dedicated computer or at least one that has a VM setup as an Immutable Virtual Machine.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Handbrake iPad

I have figured out what my problem was in transferring video to my iPad. It was not a question of finding what the exact format or settings for file file conversion it was the configuration if iTunes to process audio and video files manually when making a transfer.

The failure mode was that the automatic synchronization is the default for iTunes, therefore when the iTume software is updated the settings seem to have reverted to the default. The consequence was that video was not transferable after the update was made. STUPID STUPID STUPID! The solution was really simple - it was a pity that all the Apple boards and forums were pretty much useless in determining this fact! Once you knew that this was happening only then could I find reference to this setting. Due to the relative lack of importance of this blog nobody else is likely to find the solution from me unless they are looking for Handbrake settings for the iPad.

Handbrake was also running rather well on my AMD X6 1055T (six core) machine and the conversion times were much faster than they were when I was using AVS4you (AVS Converter 6) and an X4 processor. All 6 cores are utilized and core temperatures were much lower that the conversions using the quad.

Oh, in case what you were looking for was the conversion format - I found that the "Apple TV" setting/profile worked just fine on the iPad.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Asus Core Unlocker

Applying the 2103 BIOS update to my Asus M4A785TD-M EVO motherboard I now get an option to launch the Asus Core Unlocker when I boot the computer.

At present the computer is using an AMD Phenom II X6 1055T processor so there is nothing to unlock. I do have an AMD Phenom II 550 X2, which is widely hailed as a Black Edition processor that has 2 hidden cores.

If anyone is interested I could try unlocking the cores and post the results. At present the 550 is used in a Zotec ITX motherboard (with Phoenix/Award BIOS - that possibly has unlocking capability) - the 550 is easy and modestly overclocked to 3.4G from the stock 3.1G. As it is being used in an ITX format computer heat and power dissipation if of prime concern.

Searches finding this post:
asus m4a785td-m bios 2103 bugs - 16 Aug 2010, Arnhem- As far as I was concerned I didn't find any bugs.
m4a785td-m-evo bios 2103 disabled fourth core - Aug 2010, Bucharest - I can only surmise that this is in reference to a Dual Core processor that will not unlock to 4 cores (only the 3 making it an X3 not an X4) - there have been reports that some X2 processors cannot be unlocked at all!

Cores can also be unlocked using "Unleashing Mode"

Thursday, August 12, 2010

DRAM Timing

Posts on Overclocking and memory speed.

What does 5-5-5-15 mean?

CAS is the acronym for Latency Column Address Strobe  - we all can look-up what latency is!   ****  ref to one of the posts linked below.

The Numbers:
  1. CL - CAS# Latency - in clocks - 5
  2. RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD) - 5
  3. TES Precharge - (tRP) - 5
  4. Cycle Time - (tRAS) - 15 
In addition the Bank Cycle Time - (tRC) - [25] is specified as it the CR (Command Rate) - [2T]

These timing figures (5,5,5,15 - not the graphic above) were taken from the CPUID/CPU-Z utility running on my AMD Athlon X2 5770 machine.

I have made no attempts to overclock this machine.

Reading some of the posts on the Internet it would appear that there is much confusion regarding these figures. Some seem to imply that smaller the figures the better (fewer clock cycles to complete a processor operation) while others the higher the figures the faster the computer will perform.

In my experience, the higher numbers are associated with faster memory and performance. I have recently purchased 4G of DDR3 RAM that is rated at 9,9,9,27 and that is rated at 1600MHz.

My Intel E8400 computer with DDR2 RAM (400MHz) reports memory timings as: 5,5,5,18 with a CR of 2T.

My Netbook with an Intel Atom N280 processor and DDR2 RAM reports: 4,4,4,12 - This netbook is definitely slower than either of the desktops!

My sub-notebook with DDR3 reports 7,7,7,20

Some Internet posters seem to indicate that there is a "magic" formula that you can use to adjust your memory timing in system BIOS to improve on the Auto settings that a non-overclocked useage would provide. Until it is determined what the figures actually mean there seems little point in changing them from their manufacturers specifications.

  • Some more links including those from Kingston, WikiP and Mushkin
  • ***** Rather pompous (just like me!) post on
  • CPUID CPU-Z for how to view these characteristics for your processor
  • Spec of the 1,600MHz RAM I purchased - from Kingston Website - has specs for timings and more 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What are the benefit of Google Sitemaps?


JumperFree Configuration

Having started to document my overclocking experiences it seems the Asus/AMI BIOS feature for Advanced CPU and other settings is not well documented. These are some of my notes relating specifically to Jumper-Free Configuration. In other words this terminology just means "configuration using software (BIOS) settings"  as opposed to making physical changes on the motherboard i.e. moving jumpers.

Please follow the links at the foot of this post for more details

CPU Overclocking - changing the default [Auto] to [Manual] and the setting of CPU/HT Reference Clock (and many other parameters) is done under the "Advanced" BIOS menu option-→JumperFree Configuration.

Asus M4A785TD-M EVO

JumperFree is just another way of saying "do it with software"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

1ClickPRO under Windows7 64bit

MANY are running 1ClickPRO under Windows7 /64bit w/no prob - Shannon90210 on

What he/she doesn't say is that the source of the DVD compress was encrypted or not. If all you were doing was to copy your camcorder files to a DVD then you would have no problems - this all adds to the deception.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Using TorStatus Reports

The Torstatus report will give a listing of all the active servers on the Tor network at any given time. It is useful in determining what Exit Servers are active on the Tor Network and can be used to make you to appear to be located at a specific geographic location.

Not all Tor servers are Exit Servers
To get Tor to exit to the Internet in a specific location you need to examine the report and see what servers are setup to exit to the Internet. This can be determined by the door symbol in the server list.