Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lies and Opinion

It seems that those that have a problem with not being challenged by those that work for them and with them, people such as Donald Trump, confuse lies with statements of opinion.

Donald has a problem with the press, both domestically and internationally, he accuses them of making up stories that make look bad.

I see this in others that don't like what others say about them. They claim that I have fabricated inflammatory things about them. You know who you are!

Trump and the CIA

You would think that Donald would have more to say than to rant about the Press and how badly they reported his inauguration. Surely a few more details on how America is going to defeat ISIS would have been more relevant? Perhaps he will elucidate on what he meant by "restraint" when it comes to the approach to date?

Interesting that Pompeo has not yet been approved as his new CIA chief by the Senate. Maybe he will be tomorrow? Perhaps there is a little "push-back"? But he is going to a "beautiful" head of the CIA!

Friday, January 20, 2017

So America is going to be Great again!

We shall see. I have long been of the opinion that the (North) American dream was just that, a dream.

America, in particular had |"jumped the shark" a log time ago. In fact Mexico is my favourite country in North America. and this is from someone who is a Canadian citizen. At least I don't live on the borders of "Donald Land" anymore.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wikileaks Spy Files

Barrack Obama pardoned Chelsea Manning.

I was suspicious of this whole thing. It seemed that she (he) was being used as an example. Throwing the book at someone who knew no better.

Releasing "restricted" documents to WikiLeaks and now Julian Assange thinks he may get a fair trial in the US.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The location of iPlayer downloads on your device

I guess the key here is that if you know this then you can copy those files to a location so that you can keep them forever.

However, that is not how iPlayer downloads work. Even if you do locate the files use will possibly be able to copy them but they will not play in a regular player. They can only be played by the iPlayer app on the device that they were downloaded. This is to prevent you from keeping the files and redistributing them.

The media that is available from the BBC is in fact available in a form that is DRM-free. This is how they are stored on the BBC servers.

The search for the location of these files is one of the most popular that finds my website.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Facebook is persistant

I give it that! I get at least two emails a day telling me that I have more friends that I know!

Perhaps it is because Andy has not "friended" anyone?

As far as I can determine Facebook is a waste of time, but a lot of people seem to use it!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Keeping your mind active

One of the things that is recommended for those that are retired is to keep your mind active when the pursuit of your career goals are no longer your first priority.

Some take up a hobby others volunteer their time. I have always had a hobby, part of which is this blog and my website. Others play games such as golf or computer games. I play neither.

The Internet has opened the possibilities for both gaming and blogging (including Social Media). My partner plays games on the Internet and challenges her friend in Abu Dhabi to get the higher score. Many an hour are spent on computers and tablets in our household.

Keeping your mind active is supposed to be a good way to ward off the onset of Alzheimer’s, perhaps that is what I have got?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

It must be really frustrating

To register all those domains and to upload all the nonsense that you think is going to discredit someone or to promote yourself and then nobody visits them?

That is only the person that you are trying to discredit and they are only looking to see what you are up to. The person who doesn't have a business and anything that is posted is not going to affect him in any way.

Even if someone happens to make a search for this persons name, the results that come back will be so far removed from what they know about the person they are likely to think that it is someone else - even if the website name is also used in the search. There are very few other people that know that this person runs the website in question and even f they did what they would find the search results will still make no sense to them.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Trump and security services

I hope that whoever Donald Trump appoints to head up the CIA, FBI, NSA and all the other security services in the US will keep their organisations under control!

The US will be fucked if all this sensitive information continues to be leaked to the press. Michael Morell, who Obama had at the helm of the CIA, and  Michael Hayden, the CIA and NSA director under George W. Bush, voiced their support for Hillary and the Democrats. I would hazard a guess that most of those working for the organisations also are anti-Rebublican, the person(s) in control of them will have a mammoth task ahead of them.

I guess that Donald Trump could repeal and replace them all with a solution of his own, just like he is going to do with the Assisted Heath Care program. Perhaps the displaced security employees can be put to work building the wall?

The security and privacy concerns that I have with LinkedIn

I have been monitoring the operation of LinkedIn as a Social Networking  platform for  a number of years and I am not sure that it is really beneficial for its users. My observations are that LinkedIn is less than beneficial as it attempts to lure its users to enter information on themselves that LinkedIn can use for their own use.

I have posted on this subject on my website and gave examples of why I arrived at this conclusion. The major issue that I have with LinkedIn is the way that they collect information on their users.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ford Breakdown Assistance

I must admit that I am impressed. As part of my annual service at Ford I get 12 months Roadside Assistance included free in the service package. I didn't expect to have to use it as the car is barely 2 years old, but it was  nice insurance.

This morning the car was completely dead, I even had to unlock the doors with a key! I must have left something switched on as the battery was completely dead. So a call to the Ford number was in order.

As we live in the middle of nowhere I was very pleased that the AA service van arrived within 45 minutes. The car was soon started using a "booster pack" and I was able to pick the brain of the AA man about the ins and outs of jump starting. Especially on a car with Start-Stop technology and an Enhanced Flood battery.

Why I saw OneWorld as an aberration

Reviewing some of my posts on this blog and my website, I came across a page that I penned in October 2011 when Wayne McAlpine was particularly interested in my posts about him.

This is what I wrote:
I entered into this discussion as an observation of the unlikely eventuality that a data recovery scheme as proposed and promoted by Wayne McAlpine would be viable.
All this for $14.99CDN..........

I re-wrote the page sometime between October 2011 and August 2016 so that it could NOT be found in the Google index under its original URL. I think that this was in response to a visit from St Johns, Newfoundland and that I really had grown tired of Wayne McAlpine's attentions.
Fast forward to November 2016, Wayne McAlpine (WM) now has a dispute with Morris Wayne Brown (MWB). Morris seems to have adopted some of  WM's tactics and had launched a website in WM's name. On this site MWB was quoting this blog and - this, as far as I can see, was an attempt to discredit WM. To cut a long story short, this seemed to reignite WM's interest in me.

Sometime in 2017 or 2018 it is my intention to migrate the content of to a new UK domain and server. The question is what content I am going to exclude from this move. As the theme of is global by nature, not Canada specific, it would not make sense to migrate some of the Canadian stuff. However, there are some pages that I feel should be maintained.
I will probably give up on this blog "The Technology Muse

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump and compromising information

Maybe the Russians have a hard drive that they obtained from "The Donald" where it shows him groping some of his female admirers?

Interesting that he thought that capital letters in his tweets gave the message more weight. I wonder where he got that notion from?

I hope that they don't threaten to expose him unless he does what they want! Perhaps they will register and publish all the photos and videos that they have on him?

The person or persons that has this information is apparently an independent contractor for the US intelligence services.

Lindor Reynolds

This is why I wrote to her.

See also my post on this blog - 27 November 2016.

Back in 2013 an article by Lindor Reynolds, formerly of the Winnipeg Free Press, came to my attention. This article related to a "safety" product that was being fitted to cars and trucks in Maritime
province(s) - the exact details of which are not relevant to me or this blog. My interest was that Wayne McAlpine and Anthony Mannella were cited in the article.

This made little sense to me as both gentlemen were previously involved in operations that had taken issue with me, my blog and website ( Appearing as "experts" in this article aroused my suspicions about the two named here.

My email to her, using an alias, was an attempt to find out more information about Wayne McAlpine and Anthony Mannella's activities. The reason was that I was pretty sure that neither had been honest with me in the past and I was wondering how they were representing themselves.

Wayne McAlpine wrote:
..... under the Alias of tempus fugit trying to get Lindor Reynolds to write his story she had contacted myself and a couple other individuals and telling us on how he had threatened her if she didn’t write the story that he would in his sights on her trying to discredit her and come up with inflammatory information and falsifying information to make her look corrupt.

What I actually said:
If you are interested in a possible article about their activities in suppression of what they are really up to, then please reply to this email.

At no time did I threaten her. In any case, how could I discredit her? She WAS a well known journalist and I, as Wayne had told me earlier, was NOTHING! I did not ask her to "write my story" and I have NEVER made any inflammatory statements or made up false information about anyone. Of course Wayne McAlpine would claim differently.

Lindor did reply to me but said that she needed to know who I was before she could continue. I understand this as unlike Wayne McAlpine I believe she was an honourable person. She also told Anthony Mannella that she ignored me, but I was not privy to the communication that AM had with Lindor. It is quite possible that AM was acting in all good faith, but his association with WM does not make any sense to me.

As far as I can determine Lindor Reynolds was a fine journalist and was instrumental in determining best practices in Canadian law making. Before her life was cut short due to cancer she did some ground-breaking work. I was surprised that she would not be aware of the antics of Wayne McAlpine, but why should she?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Water dripping off the thatch

I never ceases to amaze me how long this continues after it has been raining. After a significant downpour there are drips that continue for at least the next day even though there is no rainfall.

The consequence of which is that everything grows a nice shade of green, especially the patio stones around the house. I will definitely have to get the pressure washer out in the spring. I'll see if I can finish it this year as there is still my message "Happy Canada Day" that I etched out last year is still there.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Catching the TOR user

If you download and install TOR (The Onion Router) it will tell you that the use of TOR is not all you need to protect your identity. However, for most users of TOR it is pretty effective.

The most important things are to change your Internet habits, these are described in detail on the TOR website. My discussion here relates to some of the more technical issues relating to how a TOR user can be still detected. Luckily for most users this threat is only applicable if an agency such as a Nation State is carrying out surveillance on suspected terrorists and criminals.

This subject is particularly topical today when GCHQ are saying that they had detected the Russians as they were hacking into the US DNC.

To be able to determine the routing and the signature of the data being transferred over a connection made with TOR would require a considerable amount of resources. These resources are only really available to organisations that have access to the Internet backbone and are able to monitor the traffic through know TOR nodes. This fact is confirmed by agencies such as the USA's NSA who admit that they have a problem with TOR The NSA program codenamed EgotisticalGiraffe describes how they propose tracking the TOR user.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


A quote from Lindor Reynolds article in the Winnipeg Free Press (R.I.P.)

.... the Vehicle Security Installations Bureau, a corporation set up at the request of MPI to provide regulatory services to the immobilizer program. CAIRSS pointed out the bureau’s leadership consisted entirely of individuals involved in the sale and installation of immobilizers

This is just the sort of activity that Wayne McAlpine and Anthony Mannella would be involved in. The sale and installation of automotive products. I am not saying that they are, that could be construed as a "fabrication" (Anthony). I am jut observing that if you look up both the individuals backgrounds you will see that this is just the sort of area in which they have both been involved.

Wayne McAlpine currently seems to be really concerned about one of his previous clients selling "Dangerous Auto parts".

I have yet to hear from Anthony Mannella, the last time I talked to him he was complaining that I posted a graphic of CAIRSS without permission. If you are reading this Andy please make a comment or better still send me an email and we can discuss Wayne McAlpine in more detail.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Conflict of interest

An extract from the article that Wayne McAlpine thinks shows him in a "good light":

“I think they’re very much in bed with the two distributors,” says Wayne McAlpine, a consultant with the Central Automotive Inspection Records and Standards Services Corp. (CAIRSS). “It’s 100 per cent a conflict of interest.”

The article was about the installation of immobilizers in vehicles in Manitoba. The article was brought to my attention as it mentioned Wayne McAlpine. As it was so long ago I cannot remember if it was Wayne McAlpine who sent me a link to the article in the Winnipeg Free Press or whether I found it searching the Internet for Wayne's name. I was intrigued by the association of Wayne McAlpine and CAIRSS as it confirmed some of my early research in that Wayne McAlpine (plus others that I looked up including Anthony Mannella and Joshua Sham) were involved with CAIRSS.

I did not comment on the article other than Wayne McAlpine and Anthony Mannella were mentioned in the article. I had also researched the operation of CAIRSS. I have pages on my website for all of these people and organisations. I did not make any negative comment on the associations that I found other than there was a denial that either knew each other. I was also contacted by Anthony Mannella asking me to remove the CAIRSS logo from my page. He was claiming a copyright infraction but I now think that it was that I had made the connection between him and Wayne McAlpine.

This all being the case I was then suspicious about the whole issue with the MPI, Manitoba Public Insurance who's immobilizer program was case in point. It seemed logical that the author of the article, Lindor Reynolds of the Winnipeg Free Press, would be the person who could shed more light on all this. As I had been threatened by Wayne McAlpine that unless I removed what I had written about him he would "come after me legally" and this was after he had setup a website in the name of company that he thought I worked and on which had posted links to articles that discredited the area of business he thought I was involved. As such I did so using an alias.

Sadly Lindor Reynolds is no longer with us and I had and have no problems with her or her reporting. Wayne McAlpine has indicated that this communication is an example of my misdeeds. I also contacted Brian Smiley at the MPI using the same alias. As far as I know Wayne McAlpine did not know this as Brian Smiley didn't forward the message to him.


I think Wayne McAlpine means why I am so "self absorbed"

Wayne McAlpine said:
Why (name irrelevant) are you so absorbed? you’re the one that chose to go this path I’m just engaging you know.

I also think he meant he was now engaging with me now that I had decided to go the path that he thinks I have taken in regards to his nonsense. The truth is that I have never changed my stance on him. He is someone who you should avoid at every opportunity.

He is probably correct in the absorption, I really don't know why I bother with him. All I did was to make a comment about him and his data recovery product and then he melted down.  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

That Beautiful House

....... is not a rental holiday place.

This is in response to Wayne McAlpine saying:
I got lots to say waiting for correspondence from the rental Holiday Place on that beautiful house though you know the one I'm talking about..

I hope the UK Data Protection Act is alive an well - we shall see!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

People that I have harmed????

Wayne McAlpine said:

And all the people if you have harmed now we have the proof who so how does the bully like being bullied now put the pants and shirt on and jacket because it’s going to get f****** cold b****

What is he talking about? and who are "we"?

I'll ignore the profanity as that is just what you expect when you converse with Wayne.

Bullying? - how, is what I did to Wayne McAlpine and "those that I have harmed" constitute bullying? All I did with Wayne McAlpine was to suggest that a product or service that he was offering for sale was suspect. At no time have I made any demand of him that if he did not comply I would do something to harm his reputation. His reputation is of his own making I do not need to augment it.

Is the observation that various people have been associated with Wayne McAlpine harming them? I guess it could be as I would not like to be included in that list.

Is the attempt to contact some of the people associated with Wayne McAlpine harming them? Surely they are able to speak for themselves? Of the few that I have contacted either denied knowing him or just forwarded my communication to him - this is hardly "harming" them!

You also said:
..... like I said; do a retraction and an apology and we can move on.

What can I retract? I have only reported the facts if I retract it is tantamount to saying that I was lying. How can I apologise when I have done nothing wrong?

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Monks Themsleves

Wayne McAlpine claimed that he (we?) tried to post comments on this blog.
You didn't.

Well, well, we had tried to post up comments on your blog over and over and over and you kept removing it when people were putting their comments in to Discount what you were saying or their side of the story

But that is just my word against yours. Judging by the other nonsense you spout I am sure who will be believed.

On the contrary, if there was anyone that was "telling their side of the story" they contacted me by private email. I had the decency not to publish their stories on my website and this blog. No doubt their side of the story will come to light in all good time.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Arguments Prepared

Wayne McAlpine said:

Could it be (I was) trying to have all your (my) arguments prepared in the event and when some things come to light that you (I didn't) don’t want.

There are no things to come to light that I don't want! Are you trying to suggest that there are things that I have been doing that are illegal? If so provide proof. Simply commenting on things is not evidence.

And for your information, that article about the Supreme Court of Canada and the fact that they were retrenching the requirement for a Court Order before an ISP (or other service provider) would have to release personal information on its users, was in relation to surveillance in general. It was part of my comment on the Snowden affair and the activities of government agencies such as the NSA and GCHQ. It had no relevance to Wayne McAlpine or my activities.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Data Recovery Card

Wayne McAlpine says:

I had purchased data recovery card from Canada Computers OneWorld SafeDisk

For a data recovery product where he had sent to our Saskatchewan location at the University of Saskatchewan Innovation place.

No I didn't - my original comment was that the whole SafeDisk scheme looked suspect.

He also claimed that he found very disturbing in images on the hard drive that was sent to us - again a lie.

If this is how he treats his customers (even if they did have porn on their computers) is there no wonder that they could think that he is beyond contempt?

False Accusations

No, only the truth.

What a lot of rubbish

Quote from a Mad Man:

Anthony Nagy is trying to deflect the truth from going public with their findings of one of his failed drives that he had sent to us here are some of the things that he has tried to misdirect information so that the light on him what is all things the truth must come to the surface and this is what we have chose to do with Andy Nagy self-proclaimed technologist it’s self-proclaimed Aerospace engineer and scientist.

Failed drive? - you are on another planet!

I could show you my degree certificate - I doubt if you can.

A New Year - more of the same-old

I was going to change some of the things that I posted but I don't really see why I should.

I was thinking that "why should I bother with idiots" and that there was not much point in pursuing the stance that I was taking in the past. However, with the prospect of Donald Trump in the Whitehouse (a much bigger idiot) I thought that I would revert to my original plan. As with "The Donald" and his use of Twitter, those that are currently using the Internet to spread their own brand of nonsense cannot go unchallenged.

In addition, as I voted "Leave", for what I thought were the right reasons, I do not expect that there is going to be any resolution to Britain's situation in Europe for a good few years. Still, I am glad that I am no longer in Canada as we would be on the border of the ticking time-bomb that is the United States.

Using Voice Recognition software

I am presuming that the following was made using Voice Recognition software:

..... Buy my illegitimate works and hackers on the internet most people veteran falls in the dark web like pedophiles and perverse minded people skull in darkness trying to find more ways of hiding their identity

When a novice just trying to use the back door whether they’re using some free off-the-shelf IP surfing or surfing the internet looking for tools to make themselves invisible and trying to to mask their Mac address these things don’t work it is a false sense of security and this is how they get caught.

As it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

I am presuming that the person who wrote this knows what a MAC address is, but it doesn't seem to be reflected in the about rant.