Thursday, June 30, 2011


The practice of taking content from one website and using it on another

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I thought that I had posted on this subject in the past. Searching for the term it appears that I haven't.

Just to reiterate that I am not interested in reviewing or re-posting information on 3rd party products or software.

I realize that stating this is not going to stop the almost daily solicitations for this. I believe that this is the result of an automated process. If a human had read my pages and assessed the content they would have determined that they would be wasting their time in writing me an email.

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WakeMate Smartphone Accessory V2


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

E-350 and E-450 APUs from AMD

This is a discussion relating to the overclocking of the AMD "lower to mid-market" APUs

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finally applying Windows 7 SP1

I decided to bite the bullet and install SP1 on my Win 7 Pro box (with a non-pirated license).

As seen on my other machines that were activated using Daz the process was a laborious one. There were 2 re-starts involved and the download and install took a we while to compete. I can see why there are many that think that their machine has frozen in the process.

After the 30% -> restart and then the balance of the update when I looked in Windows Update there were still 31 important updates ready to install. I thought "What the heck - I have come this far - I even let it install IE 9" so after checking that the installation of SP1 didn't seem to slow my computer down I went ahead and installed the balance of the updates.

So far I have not seen an problems and there were no errors reported in the istallation of any of the updates. This is contrary to what I have been reading on other websites.

On a side note: I installed Windows 7 Home Premium from an OEM DVD that had SP1 already there from Microsoft and even then when I ran Windows Update there were over 30 updates that needed to be installed - perhaps these are the ones that I saw on my Pro box and are updates that can only be installed after SP1 is installed.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mass SQL Injection Attacks

This is where malicious code is injected into your browser to direct you to a website that attempts to compromise your computer.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

IPv6 Connectivity

IPv6 can address individual devices on a network - even separate computers, tablets, phones and other Internet connected devices even when they are connected behind a network router.

This is the reason for security and privacy concerns in that your computing device will be identifiable even though you have taken steps to obscure your IP address. Although the primary need for Network Address translation is alleviated, I guess this means that you will be able to connect multiple computers in your home to the Internet via your ISP without the need for a router, it will probably a good idea that you don't.

Strange observations of neighboring networks appearing in network listing on  peer computers. The theory is that due to the interim nature of the IPv6 implementation in Windows 7 that individual computers, that are not on your local network, can been seen but not accessed.

 This was only theory at the time of writing (June 2011) - see screen-shot below - could this be due to Teredo tunneling?

The implications of this are that for some reason Windows 7 is capable of idetifying computers connected to other wireless networks (presumably but they could be just computers on the same cable node of the WAN). These computers are also presumably behind network routers and their idendities are still seen in Windows Explorer. If this can be done in a somewhat local situation it could also be achieved it the computers were connecting through  a VPN.

The computers shown in the shot above are NOT ALL IN MY LOCAL NETWORK. In any case I tend not to name my computers with a real name (or the user), rather than describe the computer, as in ZOTEC_SEVEN-PC.

I am not saying that there is a security threat here in itself, only that it appears that computers that are not on your local network can be seen, not accessed, from your local neighborhood.

What is a Shill?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Unsafe Web Form

Web forms are notoriously vulnerable to injection attacks.

The scripts that are used for the processing of web-based email are particularity easy to hack.

The examples that I feature on my pages are taken from real-life observations. The exact data is not important it is the principle of what is going on here. The examples may use real data, but more likely just dummy data - either would still illustrate my point.

Windows Updates

Windows Updates not only update your computer to the most recent version of the operating system they also provide a method to keep the drivers on your computer current.

The drivers will depend on the hardware that you are using. Therefore it is good idea to run the optional updates so that the driver/hardware related drivers are downloaded.

Some specific device functionality cannot be made to work by applying Windows updates. Often a BIOS update needs to be made. An example of this is the activation and recognition of 6 and 8 cores in processors that are so equipped.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

LGSoftwareInnovations - The home of 1Click DVD and other software

If you are reading this page you are probably aware of the fact that 1Click are in the business of selling refrigerators to the Eskimos (Inuit). You don't need their products to copy DVDs and you certainly don't if you were using another product such as DVD43 and find that it doesn't work on Windows 7 64 bit. DVD43 works perfectly well on a 64 bit computer in a Virtual Machine. A Virtual Machine is not only free, if you Windows 7 XP-Mode, but it is easy to setup.

The DVD43 Plug-In is supposedly a 64 bit solution to the problem with DVD43 not working with 64 bit systems. It is available, only, from the the DVD43 download site. 1ClickDVD are trying to make out that this is provided by an independent source.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GeoIP - the restriction of content on the Internet by Geographic location

All things relating to GeoIP circumvention and implementation

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

The ACTA - What it means to you and me.

This has taken on a number of faces around the world - or at least the response of regional administrations on how they approach it.

May also be referred to as the Anti Copyright Trade Agreement. This would make no sense as the general useage is for the protection of copyright not the Anti-copyright movement.

Content Farm

A Content Farm is a website that contains information scrapped from other websites on the Internet. Often there is no additional content provided by the website owner and the sole purpose is to generate revenue by getting you to visit in the first place and then visit a link that has been placed on such a site.

A prime example of this the eHow website.

Unlock the power of your Netbook

You cannot do this by upgrading from Windows 7 Starter Edition or figuring out a way to display hidden BIOS options.

I run many Windows 7 computers with Windows Starter Edition through Home Premium to Professional. I have not noticed any big difference between any of the versions of the operating system for the work that I perform.

The biggest short coming of Windows Starter Edition is that you cannot customize the theme (background image, window appearance and screen-saver).

Professional allows you to join a domain in networking, however, I get the feeling that this would not be a problem if I needed to join a corporate network. As far as the security and the backup options offered by Professional - I don't use them.

Your Netbook is likely to have an Insyde H2O BIOS. This will mean that you will have limited options on the BIOS screens. You will not be able to enable Hardware Virtualization or change any of the processor and memory settings.
As such you will not be able to overclock your Netbook.
I have an Asus Netbook that has Super Hybrid Engine that allows the overclocking and underclocking of the Atom processor. I have not experienced any marked difference in the Netbooks performance when it is overclocked.

Therefore I conclude that there is little to be gained from overclocking a Netbook.