Friday, July 19, 2013

Downloading and keeping video from streamed websites

This includes media from You Tube, Netflix, the BBC (iPlayer), ITV (incl 4OD), and many other websites that use RTMP and RTMPE schemes to provide streamed content on the Internet.

I have detailed all of my techniques on my website tempusfugit.ca

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Remove BBC iPlayer DRM for free on a Mac

I currently do this on multiple Windows computers. Downloading BBC programmes directly from the BBC servers using get_iplayer will allow you to keep and copy the media to ANY device that you own, including iPads, iPhones, any tablet device and any other computer without any restrictions.

The get_iplayer scripts and associated programs were developed on Linux systems. The on-going development is being performed on Linux computers. Windows versions of these programs are available for download (for free) from the website. If a change is made by the BBC to the way they distribute the iPlayer offerings it is that you need to visit for updates. Windows fixes will be released after the "base code" has been fixed.

As OSX is a BSD flavour of Linux the get_iplayer source code will run on a Mac. It is for this reason that I am considering the purchase of a Mac. I am not interested in getting into the development of Windows applications and the installation of most Linux distributions on a laptop have seen to have problems in their own right. These problems comprise of adapter compatibility and the general "swimming up-stream" that running Linux involves. A Mac will at least mean that I have a "working system" out of the box and I could be in a position to analyze the get_iplayer operation outside the Windows environmnet.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Getting a letter from BTGuard

If you read the small print on the BTGuard website you will see that they inform you that you must not use their services to conduct illegal activities.

Downloading copyright material is one of these activities.

If BTGuard are contacted by a copyright holder and they can identify you as a user of their services that has violated a copyright you may get a letter from them.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Smartphone Threats

I was amused when I listened to the Radio 4 You and Yours program when the first thing that was said with regard to the risks that you run when you use your smartphone is that of loosing it or having it stolen.

This obviously was not "sexy" enough and you can't sell anything to get people to take more care in not leaving their phone on a train or putting it in a situation where it can be "lifted". It was a chance for the "technical experts" to go on about public WiFi and having your traffic "sniffed". There was a solution (or app) that I guess the experts could sell you for that!

Android systems seemed to get a bad rap for security, as opposed to the Apple iPhone. This was cited as being due to the fact that Google (Play) do not "lock-down" the design and distribution of their apps to the same degree as Apple.

The MAIN THREAT comes from Social Engineering, nothing unique to Smartphones. If a website can convince you to enter your personal details then is is down to your own stupidity.