Thursday, April 15, 2010

Twitter Advertising

Businesses are really scraping the barrel on this one. How long before those that still find Twitter to be fun and new, tire of being bombarded with spam in the same way as they are currently with email?

One of the reasons that Twitter is still attractive to some is the mystique that they are somehow missing out on something and/or they are not "hip". It is my prediction that the interest in Twitter (and social networking in general - Facebook as well) will soon wear off, hastened by the onslaught of mindless unsolicited promotions.

Those that pass-on tweets from commercial sources will soon become the pariahs of the Internet.

Also, I have heard from a couple of acquaintances that they have closed their Facebook accounts as they have been scared off with the recent account compromises reported in the press. Once again the antics of the few have frightened those that not totally sure how the Internet works and have decided to "play it safe". Leaving the field to those with nothing to loose. (or at least that is what they think - it may all come back to haunt them later in life)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Native SATA Support

How to enable/disable SATA support in your computers BIOS

Since the initial draft of this page much more information has come to light with regard to Notebook/Laptop BIOS EFI

It is highly likely that you will not be able to control your computers ability to handle SATA drives if the manufacturerof the computer and its BIOS have determined that they DO NOT WANT YOU TO install an alternative operating system other than the one supplied with the computer.

Sony are particularly fond of this activity, most of their laptops with Windows 7 have limited ability to adjust both SATA support and VT (Hardware Virtualization - Intel-vt/AMD-V).

You will also find information on the Internet that tell you you need to both "Enable" and Disable" SATA support in your computers system BIOS so that hard drives (HDD) are recognized when you are installing an operating system such as Windows XP.

The fact of the matter is NOT if it is that you have to one or the other - in these cases you have no control over the SATA support because of another deficiency in your computers sysem BIOS

When you see that you should enable or disable Native SATA support it normally is a panacea for the same malady. It is normally advised by those that claim that they have a particular function on their computer - like they have installed XP on their Vista computer, configured it as a Hackintosh or have installed a solid state drive.