Monday, February 23, 2009

Why can't Quicktax (Intuit) be forthcoming?

Why is it so difficult to see if QT Basic is the same as QT Standard except that you don't get the wizards?

For an extra $20 it seems like a waste of money to me. In fact, it is worth purchasing QT Basic to see if it does include all the forms (even the Flow Through/ Limited Partnership T5013 forms) and that you can copy the data from your 2007 returns, so that I can blog about it.

I have never used the wizards and think that they are a waste of time! The descriptions on the Intuit website seem to indicate that there is some sort of FUD that they are trying to perpetuate to get conusumers to buy the $39.99 version. They claim that you need it if you have RSPs.

At least this year they have increased the limit to 8 from 2 in 2007, I guess that they lost too many customers to UFile!

"Quicktax Basic and Quicktax Standard what is the difference" - this is what I searched for and maybe others will. If so, come back to this post and see what I find. To me, I am willing to spend the $19.99 for QT Basic just so that I see for myself. Even if I have to end up buying the one for twice the price!

I purchased the Basic version and it was just fine for my needs - see the comment below.