Monday, April 24, 2017

The garden in April

The apple blossom is in full swing. I will have to tackle the nettles soon.

 Above is the "breeze-way|" to the fields behind.
 Still the remains of daffs and now bluebells in the old bed
The orchard wall and the horse chestnuts, which I will have to tidy.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Is CAIRSS relevant in 2017?

I am not even sure that they are still in operation.

When I tried to contact Anthony Mannella, still listed on their website, answer came there none.

Another article by the late Lindor Reynolds, Winnipeg Free Press, April 2013

Immobilizer problems resonate 

 Readers can relate to man's struggles with device, MPI

Strangely enough there is no mention of CAIRSS, Anthony Mannella or Wayne McAlpine in the above article. Perhaps they had fallen from favour by that time?

If Anthony wants to tell his side of the story he is more than welcome to comment here. Or maybe he is still too scared of Wayne McAlpine to show his face?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Getting to Central London by LT

It seems the best way is to drive to the foot of the M11 and then take the North Circular westbound to the first roundabout. Then go north before turning hard right (south) into South Woodford.

There are 93 parking spaces at the station, it should be okay on a Saturday.

Monday, April 17, 2017

MPI immobilizer problems

Today I had a visit to my website to my MPI page.

Making a Google search for MPI, not including the word "immobilizer", you can easily see that the general opinion that it is a joke! Multiple stories of how the  immobilizer, when fitted to vehicles in Manitoba, gives big problems.

Although my page on this is no longer on my website I point out that those are associated with this topic are also as nonsense. This includes Wayne McAlpine.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

What's new about Wayne McAlpine

Well, basically not a lot!

As far as I can gather his in the process of contacting as many people as he can that ask them if they have heard of me. I guess the plan is that if anyone says that they have he can warn them of my sordid past. He seems to think that I have a predilection for ecclesiastical buildings.

The problem with that one is that I don't have a sordid past and all of what he has posted about me on his retarded websites is a lie.

The question is, how long is it going to take him to realise that and "move-on" himself?

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Attribution of images

What I have tended to do in the past when I have used images from a private source was to add an attribution indicating the source of the image. This was even done for images that were not specifically copyrighted to an owner. The attribution was made as a courtesy to the owner and may have included the web address of the owner.

What I have decided to do now is to only use images that I have taken on this blog.

The value of Personal Data

There was an interesting programme on BBC World Service last night. The discussion was around that of how much data is collected in the "digital age". How this data is used and who collects is and for what reason.

Of course, there was the "big bad business" or corporate giant argument that it was all about needing the information so that they can make money out of users. There was also the concept that this data was something that could be used to determine the way that we all think, our view on politics and social responsibility. That the data could be used to determine the way that we vote and how we voted. The notion that the use of this data was the reason for the Brexit and Trump votes. It being used to create "fake news" and influence the "popularist" movement.

Push-back by those wanting to protect their personal information and keep their privacy. Awareness being far greater post the Snowden revelations. A large disconnect seemed to exist in that those responsible for legislation not really understanding what the realities are. I posted about this before with Amber Rudd and her "All the Necessary Hashtags".

There also seemed to be a "given" that everyone uses Social Media and this is the primary means by which all this data is collected and used.

Wanting to find out more about this I searched for "What is my personal data worth". Apparently this data is only worth 50p per person. I think that mine is worth far more! This seemed to be determined o the price that marketers would pay for the information on my activities. The FT also published a questionnaire where you could determine what your data is worth. I completed this and I found that my data was worth 63p. It was easy to see what the "movers" were in this determination as I admitted that I was a millionaire but I didn't admit to having any intention to make any large purchases. It was easy to see that this was just a marketing exercise - it was the other uses of this data that really concerned me.

In these days of Cyber Fraud I value my data far more than 63p.

Friday, April 14, 2017

All the churches in Suffolk

Wayne McAlpine fails to understand the position of the churches in England. He seems to think that any of them would be interested in someone who lived in Canada for 35 years and allegedly had "disturbing" images on a computer hard drive.

If contacted I am pretty sure that many would not even know what a hard drive is and many of the church-goers don't even use email.

The other irony is that not only is Wayne McAlpine's accusation about me completely false he doesn't even realise that I am an Atheist, i.e. I don't believe in God. The Churches of England would not even care about this and would be more than grateful that I would have an interest in their old buildings. This in contrast to Canada and the US where the attendance of church is by the faithful and in most cases to buildings of no architectural or historical significance. This was another reason that we left Toronto and returned to the UK. In addition to the distinct lack of culture we were unimpressed by the fact that we were living in a "Christian" country. We don't have a religion and are happy to live in a country where this is the norm.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Why the renewed interest in Wayne McAlpine

I probably would have moved on but a sequence of events brought Wayne McAlpine back on to my radar screen. Although I had observed that he seemed to be visiting my website and this blog on a reasonably regular basis since 2009, when I made my first comment about his business ethics (or the lack of them), it was a series of emails that I received and a Google Alert that triggered as a consequence of his dispute with Wayne Morris Brown that renewed the interest.

I could have just ignored all this but I admit I was curious to know to what extent Wayne McAlpine and Joshua Sham had stooped to annoy Wayne Morris Brown. It also amused me that Morris appeared to be adopting the same sort of tactics that Wayne McAlpine had employed when he first attempted to "get back" at me for posting less than complementary information about him. This took the form of the creation of websites in the name of whoever he wanted to discredit and then post to allow those looking for such information to find it.

As a result of my new interest Wayne McAlpine decided to make up a story that I had sent him a hard drive that contained incrementing files on it. He only came up with this in 2016. How come it took him so long?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

You may have guessed, I don't like Wayne McAlpine

..... but why would I? Why would anyone who he has accused of things that they have not done.

Whether it was that you were a Sexual Predator or that you have cheated on your taxes (the later is not something that Wayne has accused me of ----- However, I can't say the same about him!).

Wayne seems to make a habit of implying the misdeeds of others. This could be the implication that you are associated with a dubious business yourself, he should know about that one! He is prone to post reviews about businesses that he thinks that you are connected, he will even suggest that there is a threat to public safety. When that fails to work he resorts to attacks of a more personal nature, such as that you are a sexual deviant

You may have not found much "dirt" on Wayne, but that is because he is a master at threating behaviour to the point that I think that most people who have worked with him are afraid of him.

Wayne thinks that posting falsehoods about me helps his case.

Friday, April 7, 2017

To be absolutely clear

When you send or receive an email from you are communicating with Wayne McAlpine. You are NOT talking to Wayne Morris Brown, the former owner of that domain.

Wayne McAlpine and Joshua Sham high-jacked theramman,com, and other domain names, from Morris Brown and Wayne McAlpine continues to use it for communications relating to the business dispute that they have between them.

Wayne McAlpine is very fond of "crying wolf" when others use pseudonyms, false or alternate names in communications. This is exactly what he is doing here.

I maintain that the use of a pseudonym is a very common practise, one that I have used many times, and it is not in itself an indication of deception. However, Wayne McAlpine's use of crosses a "red line" (to use current terminology) and he compounds it by the use of an auto-responder that mentions other enterprises that may or may not be associated with either of the Waynes.

For all I know McAlpine has removed the reference to piratejack on this auto-responder, I don't know as I have given up sending him emails on that address. He is too chicken livered to use an email address that doesn't attempt to masquerade as someone else.

If anyone wants to communicate with me on this matter they can do so using the comment feature of this blog. While I receive email on the address attached to this blog I am not responding to it.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

This makes no sense

When I posted the email that Wayne Morris Brown sent me I then received an email from Wayne McAlpine that said:

This is where Morris Wayne Brown believes that the enemy of my enemy is my friend,

how's it working out for you Morris Wayne Brown "the ram man" and James Skip Eavers.

To do this to John???

John  your friend?? Morris Wayne Brown "the ram man",James Skip Eavers  getting trolled on the internet because of your doing Wayne Brown "the ram man",James Skip Eavers

John we are deeply sorry to have met Morris Wayne Brown "the ram man" and James Skip Eavers

Morris Wayne Brown "the ram man",James Skip Eavers and Martin Winter are have affecting your business

My interpretation of this is that Wayne McAlpine presumed that Morris Brown was teaming up with me to suggest that the products sold by PirateJack and other companies run by John Mcleod. I have done no such thing. In fact, Wayne Morris Brown was defending PirateJack and was saying that they were the "good guys". Although Wayne Morris Brown is undoubtedly an "enemy" of Wayne McAlpine, he is neither a friend of mine nor an "enemy".

I have no idea who James Skip Evers is and although I have seen the nonsense that Wayne Morris Brown has posted online I have no stake in his dispute with Wayne McAlpine and Joshua Sham.

As far as "are have affecting" the businesses of John Mcleod (I think McAlpine meant to say that I was affecting the business, but he does have a problem with language), I can't see it. It was Wayne McAlpine who is the one that is talking about "dangerous" auto parts.

"To do this to John"?? - do what? - He was defending you! Morris said that any reference to PirateJack was detrimental to all. I assume that McAlpine does not know what the word "detrimental" means?

Wayne McAlpine thinks that I see him as my enemy. I am not sure that I do as he is little more significant than pond scum. I certainly have reason to think that way given the things that he has accused me.

About those "Dangerous" Auto Parts

It seems that this is a topic of interest. To claim that a product that is as important as a component that is used in a motor vehicle as being "Dangerous" is a serious matter.

As Wayne McAlpine seems to want to make out, the sale of such parts is a threat to public safety and should be taken seriously. If a complaint is made it should be investigated.  Similarly, if a claim is made and it proves to be untrue, then the person making that claim should be severely reprimanded.

Apart from the waste of time that those who are administering such things, claims such as these are irresponsible and should be stopped. A person who makes such claims is also likely to do so about other things that he/she does not agree with. This extends to making false claims.

I repeat, it is Wayne McAlpine that is making those claims under the guise of (not

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Any Reference to Pirate Jack

Morris Brown said:

any reference to pirate jack is detrimental to all. these are good people, mcalpine IS NOT ASOCIATED WITH THEM.

Well this at well be true, it is Wayne McAlpine who is claiming that he is the agent of PirateJack.

As far as "Good People", I have no idea and I don't care.

It appears that this is all part of the deception that McAlpine tries to perpetuate.

McAlpine, Piratejack and unsafe auto parts

Wayne McAlpine is an expert in fake and dangerous auto parts.

This is why he posts safety warnings about those that are selling them. Good for him! If it weren't for him we would all be unsafe on the roads of North America. I guess should know all about this subject as he has been involved in this industry for sometime. This is when he is not presenting himself as God's gift to the world of the Internet and computing. There seems to be no end to his talents, data recovery and the detection of "download pirates", he really is the paragon of the industry.

His talents are ideally suited to create quality websites to increase the sales of any business in this industry. Morris Brown might disagree with this though.

I do hope that the owners of PirateJack are fully aware of his activities.


A visit from Eugene, Oregon.

Pizzagate is a term used to describe an ongoing worldwide investigation into the elite and their child sex trafficking ring run thru the Clinton foundation.

Perhaps Wayne McAlpine will have an idea about child sex trafficking?????

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wayne McAlpine seems to like this page

Dubious business practices of Wayne McAlpine.

He visited it yesterday. He also went to the current page on his activities

Strangely, he was not interested in this page on him. I have modified this page to expressly say that the page and site IS a vendetta against him!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Ford recalls 52,000 F-250 pick-up trucks over park fault

Of course this was a UK story

Although I own and drive a Ford, I would not consider anything that is remotely North American in nature. I find myself saying "why?" when I see a Jeep (very popular here in the UK) or a Mustang on the streets of rural Suffolk.

This post has nothing to do with my current dispute with Wayne McAlpine and his assertion that there are retailers in North America that are selling "suspect" auto parts that may have an impact on vehicle safety. I do admit that I posted it to possibly get some interest from him.

I have no idea what locking hubs are really used for. I do know what 4WD is and how this could be relevant, but it does not apply to me.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Websites built using Wordpress

As I was saying on my website, I am not a fan of Wordpress.

I downloaded Wordpress on my Canadian hosting service to test out what I could do with it. It didn't take long before I abandoned it due to the amount of blogspam that the comment and contact features were attracting. I could have turned the commenting function off, as many do, but this then only gave me the same functionality as what I was doing manually creating HTML pages. I was hoping that Wordpress would offer a solution to handling the "Social" aspect of my website.

The use of templates of the design of others also influenced my decision as the time used to customise the look and feel was similar to designing from scratch.

The hacking of Wordpress is well documented and is a prime target for SQL Injection attacks, the Wordpress engine runs on a MySQL database after all. I have also experimented with these databases, as I have such technologies in my past career, I also gave this up as I found that I didn't have a use for it. Similar to many of the technologies that I have featured on my websites my pursuit was of an academic nature. The MySQL experiments involved the installation of phpMyAdmin. This brings me to another decision that the use of PHP was also something that I was not interested in continuing with.