Friday, March 31, 2017

Actually, I quite like this blog now

There was a time when it was just a secondary outlet to supplement my website. But, since my website has taken a different direction, this blog remains a great place to put some of my current thoughts down. While the fact that it is not going to be found by many except the determined (Wayne McAlpine being one of them), it is free and it is not going to go away unless I delete it or it is removed by Google Blogger.

For Google to remove it I guess I would have to post information that is deemed to be illegal or such that it unnecessarily defames an individual. This has been  tried  before and it didn't work. My understanding is that Google are mindful of the ability for its users to post their feelings and maintain a platform of Free Speech. I think that if an individual has made allegations against you, a blog is a perfect way to reply to those charges. The caveat here is that I have to stick to the facts, or at least as I see them, and not post things that are not true. Sadly, I cannot say the same about Wayne McAlpine, who continues with his madness and attacks against me using all that he can think of using the Internet and information that he finds there. There is not a lot he can find elsewhere, as it does not exist.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

More about my interest in security matters

On 28th November 2016 I posted about this. Since that time I have had cause to review and expand on my reasons for this interest.

If you took the time to actually read what I had posted on my website and on this blog you would see that it has been an on-going interest of mine. If you take the statements made by Wayne McAlpine on the matter, in that they are just a "cover" to disguise my "wrong-doings" and to allow me to prepare for any investigation into me, then you may have a different opinion.

The article on the decision by the Supreme Court of Canada regarding their stance on the release of personal information was not a comment on the actions of Wayne McAlpine. It just happened to involve an example of a Saskatoon resident who was found downloading child pornography I did choose to post on this to antagonise Wayne McAlpine - it worked.

I was not suggesting that Wayne McAlpine was, or is, a paedophile or sexual deviant, however, he has accused me of such activity.

Wayne McAlpine does not like being challenged with a contrary opinion to his. If this is the case he seems to react in a manner that is characterised by a counter-attack of invention of activities of the person who is criticising him. I seem to be the recipient of such attacks, as is Morris Brown and others that I have yet to come across. This could be due to the fact that I am wrong and he is a fine upstanding member of society, but I rather think that he has a problem and reacts badly in these situations.

Wayne McAlpine has been on my radar for quite a while now. I thought that he had forgotten me as he seemed have lessened his visits to my website and this blog. However, the appearance of Morris Brown and the ArcDis Corp. incident, he re-appeared to take a renewed interest in me This was in part due the fact that Morris Brown had been quoting my findings and I then became aware of his problems with Wayne McAlpine and Joshua Sham. Up to that point I was not aware that Wayne, and those that he involved in his "business" activities, were still up to their old tricks. As it turned out they were.

While I am currently of the opinion that Joshua Sham was fooled by Wayne McAlpine back in 2009 and gave him a job with his Oneworld ventures, Josh was somewhat taken advantage of. However, I still don't understand what anyone would do business with Wayne McAlpine.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Accusations of Sexual Impropriety

It seems that Wayne McAlpine is not new to making accusations of Sexual Impropriety.

He has done so with James Skip Evers and called him a Paedophile and a listed as a known Sex Offender. Not only that, he claims that the only reason James moved to Texas was to avoid paying child support in Florida. To cap that off he suggested that anyone thinking of visiting The Ram Man shop call ahead to make sure that James was not there.

As far as I know this is unfounded.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Failure in Business

This is kinda ironic that Wayne McAlpine cites the fact that I dissolved a corporation once and he has do so multiple times.

I explained previously my reasons for doing so, I made no secret of this but I deleted the post from this blog as it was only being used by Wayne McAlpine as "proof" that I was a failure in business. He, on the other hand has made no such declarations and seems to have taken all the necessary steps to hide the fact that he was the principle behind the corporations in question.

I won't detail all of the corporations here, as Wayne Morris Brown has done far more research here. What I would say is that the list that he came up with did match some of the entities that I saw Wayne McAlpine being associated. I will also not dwell on this as there are very good reasons to dissolve a coporation, but to deceive is not one of them. Wayne McAlpine didn't even know the name of my corporation, or its number. I will add that it was nothing to do with my website and blog, so there is little point in searching for corporations dissolved in Ontario in those names.

Monday, March 27, 2017

More dubious business

Back in April 2012 I made a post called "Dubious Business", this was the post that Wayne McAlpine complained to Google about. I am guessing that he used the "Report Abuse" link in Google Blogger.

I know this to be the case as I have a screen-shot of the complaint that I found while searching the Chilling Effects Clearing house for "Wayne". I could post it, but that would not prove anything as I was saying before it is easy to Photoshop an image to make it read whatever your want. If you want to read the complaint I suggest that you make the search yourself. Again, I could add a link to Chilling Effects but that is something the competent Internet user can do for themselves.

Google looked at this complaint and decided that there was nothing to merit its removal.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Necessary Hashtags

Sorry, I had to break my flow and make a post about Amber Rudd's statement to Andrew Marr.

It seems that she is not getting off lightly on this one!

Amber Rudd Mocked For Saying Knowing ‘Necessary Hashtags’ Will Counter Terror

I particularly like the reference to the BBC's 2012 satire by Felicity Morse


..... and these are the same people who are responsible for dreaming up and implementing laws...

People who are no longer around

in that they are either dead or not prepared to get involved.

Wayne McAlpine is not proud, he will use anyone to try and make a point. The publishing of an email that I sent to a Winnipeg Free Press, the late Lindor Reynolds, and then suggesting that I threatened her that if she didn't expose my findings about Wayne McAlpine that I would "target" her and attempt to make out that she was corrupt.

I did not do any such thing! I did write an email to her, but she decided to "ignore" me. I think that this was due to the communication that she had with Anthony Mannella, of CAIRSS, who she was quoting in her article about automotive immobilisers being fitted in Manitoba. My only problem was with fact that Wayne McAlpine was mentioned in the article. Earlier I was contacted by Anthony Mannella telling me that I was in violation of copyright usage of their logo. I don't think that I was, but I temporarily removed the logo from my website. At that time Anthony denied that he even knew Wayne McAlpine. This was an out-and-out lie!

Anthony Mannella, although still listed as being with CAIRSS, seems to be unresponsive to any communications in 2017. The last updates on the CAIRSS website and Anthonies LinkedIn profile was from 2013. I am not sure if they are still in operation. Whatever the situation is, I am presuming that Anthony Mannella wants nothing to do with Wayne McAlpine - I can understand this.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The daily post

The question is whether I can keep it up!

I have so much scope, so I don't think that I will run out anytime soon. Perhaps I will have to stop if the police seize my computers.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Am I the only one on the visible Internet that has a problem with Wayne McAlpine?

This is what Anthony Mannella claimed in an email response to Lindor Reynolds of the Winnipeg Free press in June 2013.

However, in 2016 Wayne Morris Brown came into the frey and also seemed have a problem with him. It seems that he and Wayne McAlpine fell out over a business deal and Wyane McAlpine resorted to type in his response to Morris Brown.

As Morris Brown was quoting my research on Wayne McAlpine he renewed his interest in me. It was only then, after a period of almost 6 years, that Wayne McAlpine came up with the story of a hard drive that I had sent him and an accusation of being a Sexual Predator.

Wayne McAlpine is obviously unstable.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I am listening to you Morris

The fact that I haven't, ever, corresponded with you, doesn't mean that I am not aware of the nonsenses of Wayne McAlpine.

I haven't heard from Joshua Sham for a while, however.

You might want to update some of your websites with Wayne's latest activities. You could always do a You Tube of the and other sites that he created on you, me and others that he thinks he can use to divert his "twisted" ways.

Wayne thinks I don't know what a Sexual Predator is.

You would have thought that I might have looked it up?

Sending me a link to a Wikipedia page is stupid.

A retraction and an apology.

Wayne McAlpine said "do a retraction and an apology and we can move on".

Well, to do either I would have had to have done something wrong, but all of the things that I have posted about you are true. To suggest that I fabricated things about you is a nonsense. The fact is, you just don't like what I said about you and your methods.

This all started out when I made a comment that your data recovery service was a little to good to be true. When I declined to take with you about it YOU started to invent things about me. This included the creation of a website in the name of a company that you thought I worked for and proceeded to post articles that could be construed as those meant to discredit that company.

My interest in you continued as it was clear that you were still interested in what I was posting about you. This was determined by your frequent visits to my website and blog, all evidenced by entries in my Google Analytics and website access logs.

My research into your activities continued even though I was aware that your data recovery business was a failure and no longer active. This was by your own admission.

I then became aware of your involvement in the Canadian automotive industry. You were posing as an expert and consultant. Given my previous encounters with you I pursued this to find out more information. As you were aware of this, you continued in your pursuit of me. Your visits to my website and blog continued.

To find out more about your activity with CAIRSS,  I contacted them, the MPI and the Winipeg Free Press.
I found out about your involvement with CAIRSS from a Google Alert triggered by an article in the Winnipeg Free Press by Lindor Reynolds and the LinkedIn profiles of those that you were associated when you were running Oneworld. This also confirmed a continued connection with Joshua Sham plus other names such as Anthony Mannella.

All in all there seemed to be a rather incestuous web of people involved in all this. Many names were found in relation to VATSIS, CAIRSS and the Canadian automotive industry in general. Names such as Terry Bradshaw, David Nagorski and Brian Sampson.

And then, in 2016, Morris Brown and TheRamMan came along. I think that it was this that tipped the balance as Morris Brown had found what I had posted about Wayne McAlpine and was quoting it in his condemnation of Wayne McAlpine and Joshua Sham.

Now all Wayne McAlpine seems to think he can attack me with is that he accuses me of being a "Sexual Predator". It only took him almost 6 years to create this nonsense. The charge being based on the lie that I actually used his data recovery service. The very service that I was criticizing in the first place.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

and now a visit from Kelowna, BC

So much for Cyber Stalking!

If Terry Bradshaw wants to talk there is an email address in my profile on this blog

Where Wayne McAlpine is going with all this

Wayne McAlpine did not like something that I said about him in 2011 and now in 2016/2017 he is making up stories about things that he discovered on a non-existent hard drive that I supposedly sent him for data recovery.

It is like he has taken a leaf from Donald Trump's playbook in that anything that is said about him, that he doesn't like, is labelled as "Fake News", while at the same time he is making up things about people to discredit them. I don't need to elaborate on this, anyone who reads the news will know exactly what I mean.

Facebook wants to know

Andy received the following:

"Do you know Mark Shalagan, Terry Bradshaw and Mark Shalagan?"

I am not sure why there are two  Mark Shalagan "friend" requests, it is probably that this is an automatic "trawl" of people who may have viewed Andy's Facebook page.

PirateJackHotRod will probably get a friend request from Andy Nagy - Oh! I do love Facebook's cavalier attitude to privacy......

Mark Shalagan said to me in a communication about OneWorld and Core Data Recovery:
"We have no idea how that happened other than to think WM used us/our company to validate some of his twisted dealings".

The "that happened" was the association between the name OneWorld and Core Data. I think Mark was correct in his statement.

Of course, that was the conclusion that I came to. Wayne McAlpine would probably add this to the list of things that I made-up about him!

Mark also wanted me to call him so that he could see that I was actually calling from the UK as he said that he was concerned that I may have been Wayne McAlpine in disguise. He said that I should set some time aside when I called as he had quite the story to tell on his dealings with Mr. McAlpine. I have yet to call Mark as I was not sure that he wasn't what he was wondering about me, i.e. Wayne McAlpine in disguise.

Terry Bradshaw may have been interested in Andy as he may have seen that Andy had viewed his Facebook page. In addition he also seemed to show some interest in my pages on my website relating to RadMedia Corp, VATSIS and other ventures with Wayne McAlpine.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tor upgrades to make anonymous publishing safer

An article by Dr. Winter, of the TOR Project, announces that they will be making some changes to improve how the Tor network protects users’ privacy and security.

Good old cousin Philipp, I knew that he would come up with some new stuff. 

Chihuahua - I am surprised that you can spell it!

Wayne McAlpine said:
“you’re just like a little chihuahua; lots of noise scurrying in and out between owner feet and making little nips”

I wish you’d just be a man and grow up!

Why XXXXXX YYYYYYY are you so absorbed? you’re the one that chose to go this path I’m just engaging you know.

I think he meant:
I'm engaging (with) you now

Apparently I am now a "sex-crazed" Mexican dog with a perchance for fiddling little boys and girls in churches!

That is when I am not scurrying into the shadows like a cockroach. is the current front for Wayne McAlpine.

As with my previous advice about anything to do with Wayne McAlpine - DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANYTHING CONNECTED WITH HIM!

Wayne McAlpine seems to think that the use of an alias is a crime. This is a supreme example of "the pot calling the kettle black" as he is doing just that by using the email address of as an email address in communication with me.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Exporting and uploading to a new blog

It seems that I may want to do this.

I want to maintain the content of this blog so that it can be found by those making searches for posts that I had made in the past. However, the blog name (i.e. its URL) has passed its sell-by date. I know that there are visitors that have set bookmarks and look at specific pages directly using those bookmarks. If I move my content to another URL and delete this one those visitors won't be able to find what I have posted about them. They may even conclude that they have "won" their battle in intimidating me to remove my posts on them.

I think that it is important that those that search for the misdeeds of those that I have featured should be able to find my content.

While I realise that this may well be a "cat and mouse" exercise in that the person in question will just create another set of websites in combinations of my name and the new blog name, but it will be a victory for me as it will waste more of their time.

As I have said many times in the past this blog and my website are nothing about me. They are comments on what I have found on the Internet. My name is irrelevant to those comments as I am not expecting any glory for making the comments, just that I feel that some things need to be said. It has also been stated that all of my postings are to remove any attention away from myself, this is also not the case! I have not made any of this up and have not lied about anything - unlike the person who has been threatening me for the last few years that unless I remove what I have posted about him, he will.......

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cyber Stalking

....... as in monitoring who visits your website, from where and what they are interested in.

This is pretty much the reason why I run this blog and my website.

...... with cyber stalk many different people three different aliases to try and create inflammatory remarks and fabricate information and calling it factual information where was completely contrived by his own and not having one shred of Truth by creating information directed at skullduggery and attacking good character of individuals to hide his mental instability as a human being.

Skullduggery? - who uses such language these days?
"good character"? - you must be kidding!

completely contrived? - now that is rich!

5 Eyes

I really do think that Wayne McAlpine is rather stupid to conclude that my comments on the activities of security services, as revealed by Edward Snowden about the NSA, are just a "cover" for my own activities.

I have been interested in privacy and security long before I commented on his rather seedy attempts at doing business as a computer data recovery specialist.

This continues today as there is more nonsense coming out of the Oval Office. This is now coupled with the similar nonsense of Social Media and my continued distain for Facebook and Twitter.

Friday, March 17, 2017

American Fingerprints

The Trump administration is "out-to-lunch" to suggest that their own intelligence agents have nothing to do with the alleged "spying" at Trump Towers ordered by Obama.

The NSA and CIA are closely in-bed with GCHQ as was pointed out by Edward Snowden. They are not just spying on The Donald but everyone in the US and the UK!

I guess I should not be surprised that Donald Trump suggests, or rather Sean Spicer, that GCHQ were the ones that did the snooping as his relationship with the US intelligence services are bad enough as they are.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A little bird

.... tells me that someone in Saskatoon has not been reporting all his business activity and income to CRA.

It is also suggested that this person had been banned from driving, perhaps it was a case of "Road Rage"?

All in all I am sure that the person in question will get justice metered out to them eventually.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A visit from Osoyoos, British Columbia

This was on the 12th March.

It was strange that the visit was to my post on Dubious Business. The post that Wayne McAlpine complained to Google about!

Looking on the Chilling Effects Clearing House website (a service that keeps a record of complaints such as DMCA violations) it showed that Google had looked at the post and determined that there as nothing wrong with what I had said.

Osoyoos is not too far from Kelowna, too much of a coincidence if you ask me. Joshua Sham tells me that Terry Bradshaw is a "reasonable guy", the question is regarding the company that he kept in 2011/2012. If he wants to discuss this further I encourage him to do so.

Joshua also says the same about Anthony Mannella. I would email him but the email on his LinkedIn profile wants me to register on LinkedIn for "full access". I am not going to do that as I despise LinkedIn almost as much as I do Wayne McAlpine.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The Internet of Things - why is it that so much nonsense surrounds it?

I posted earlier with regard to "connected devices" - today John Humphries was interviewing Donald Toon the Director of Prosperity (Economic crime and cyber crime) at the NCA - it was if John was winding Donald Toon up. He was goading Donald with the example of a freezer connected to the Internet and seemed to be trying to get him to explain how said freezer could "attack" poor defenceless companies with a DDoS.

While I realise that there are going to be more and more Internet Connected devices in the near future, I really do think that it is being over-played. I really think that there are more important things to be concerned about with respect to changing the security settings of such devices. I really do think that users need to be educated about the perils of Social Engineering across the board rather than getting people all concerned about toasters and fridges.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ticket Bots

Once again this topic is back in the news.

Ticket touts face unlimited fines for using 'bots' to buy in bulk - Guardian/Observer 10 March 2017

I reviewed  on my website some time back and got a bit of email from the software vendors telling me that I had written a "false review" about their software. Their complaint was that I was claiming that they were marketing it through less that straight-forward methods, not that the software did not work! However, that aside it seems that the use of such software has been noticed by others and something is now being done about it.

At the time of my original investigations I was not supporting the use of such software. Quite the contrary, I was wondering why there was not more of an outcry about its use. Quite frankly I think that it makes a nonsense out of ordering tickets for events on-line and I would be very wary in doing so myself.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Fake On"

I guess that the "Fake On" that was developed by the CIA and MI5 for a specific Samsung SmartTV was part of the notion that all devices will be connected to the Internet some day?

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Connected devices

I would be interested to know what the actual statistics are for homes that have domestic devices connected to the Internet. Sure, there are millions of computers and phones doing so, but I doubt if there is a significant number of IP connected devices other than those.

If you read the hype put out by "security" firms about the dangers of your fridge or toast "spying" on you, then you could possibly think that there is a problem.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Why I am not a terrorist

or even suspected as one by anyone.

I am white and was born in England and I have a Anglo-Saxon name.

There is nothing in my profile to trigger any suspicions by Law Enforcement agencies. That is because there is nothing that could be seen as suspicious. I am not known to the police and there is no reason for there to be. I may have posted about security issues, but that is a concerned and interested citizen who observes the plight of those charged with protecting people such as myself.