Saturday, December 31, 2016

Freedom of speech

It is a little sad that there are some that don't understand the concept. Or they are of the mind that it doesn't apply to them. For most people Freedom of Speech means the right to say what you like as long as it is legal. This includes criticism of those that you find objectionable and as long as you do not libel or slander them. Accusing them of such as a defence is no defence and you have to have proof that this defence is actually the truth.

I have written in the past of legal proceedings that are launch or threatened by those that wish to silence naysayers. The theory here is to both intimidate the accused to withdraw a comment or a statement and if they don't a suit will be initiated against them. This is usually accompanied by the use of a lot of legal jargon and possibly the employment of a lawyer or law firm.

Google make it pretty clear on what they mean by Free Speech and will not remove content from blogs just because someone complains as they don't like what is being said about them.

It is almost the end of 2016

As such I have decided to review some of the posts that I have made on this blog and my website.

To facilitate this I have done a couple of things to see what my visitors are really interested in. This blog has been made temporarily "private" (in that only blog authors and selected readers can view it). My website is currently under maintenance so that I can update many of the pages and it will be presented again in 2017.

In the meantime I will continue to use Google Analytics to see what my visitors are retrieving from cache. This is a good measure of what is of major importance of those that find my site and this blog when they make a Google search.

As an example, a visitor on the 30th December from Potsdam, New York made the search "how do you code for safari reader" retrieving my page on the Safari Reader Mode.

Over the next few weeks I will be making a series of posts on this blog that reflect the true nature of my website and I am not intending to remove any of the posts that I have made prior to this date.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Information way out of date

I find it interesting that someone who is presumably trying to show how influential he is in the world of Data Recovery is using a screen-shot of a Google search that finds an article from Feb 4, 2009.

The article:
BitDefender and OneWorld Office Find Timely Solution for Seagate's 7200 Drive Data Lock-Down Issue has a link to which is currently owned by someone who is trying to discredit the person posting the screen-shot.

It is now almost 2017! surely an article that is almost 8 years old is not representative of what the case is today?

As  have said before I think it is in the interest of companies to remove out-of-date information from the Google index so that such information does not make them look stupid. It is relatively easy to remove this sort of inaccurate material from the Google index and Google provide a tool to allow webmasters to do this. Of course, the website (and the page) has to still exist as part of the process is for the current information to be re-spidered at the same time as the index entry is removed. I  have done this many times for pages that I have found contained incorrect information.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Identity Theft

This is a subject that I have been following for a while now.

I have a large stake in this as there are major consequences if my identity were stolen. I have a considerable net worth that would be at risk.

Deflationary theory of truth

Deflating the truth:

According to Wikipedia:
In philosophy and logic, a deflationary theory of truth is one of a family of theories that all have in common the claim that assertions of predicate truth of a statement do not attribute a property called "truth" to such a statement.

Without prejudice

As an example of the nonsense of what a certain person thinks about me I am posting the last communication from him:

Without prejudice

Like I had expressed to you earlier I was not going to engage with you during the Christmas season now that has ended for me I will be back in focus I see that you have put up many things which gives me a lot more proof that you are trying to deflate the truth I assure you the truth will set you free I've been quiet for too long with your abuse and your skullduggery I am sure that the public will be happy to see the other side of the story The factual one I no longer am Bound by my partners to tell me not to go after you for the lies that you have been spreading but instead everybody is urging and engaging me to bring the truth forward about you and the world will see you for whom you are

I truly do hope the best for you in 2017

As I have stated many times in the past I have not made any of this up! As for abuse and skullduggery all I have done is to present my findings and communications from this person and his associates.

I very much doubt that "everyone" is urging you to bring the "truth" about me forward. The truth is that I have done nothing wrong apart to criticise you and your methods. I am not sure what "the other side of the story" means for you? Perhaps you mean the threats that I have made to you if you refuse to take back some of the things that I have said about you? Perhaps you mean the creation of a website(s) with the SOLE purpose of discrediting you? Perhaps you mean my use of a pseudonym in writing to people that you appear to be associated?

I have made no threats.
My websites are NOT solely about you
It is common practice to use a pseudonym (in fact, isn't it "the pot calling the kettle black" when you write to me as")
You are no longer Bound by partners as you have none - they have all disowned you like rats leaving the sinking ship"!

See me as I really am? I am just someone who thinks that the truth needs to be known. Prove that what I have said about you is not true.

I wish you the worst for the rest of your life.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Metasploit RPCD APK

There still seems to be some interest in this:
Running Metasploit functions via Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)

The fact that the page deals with an Android apk seems to indicate that there is a desire to run tools such as Metasploit on such devices.

I am not so sure that either Metasploit or the use of a Smartphone are at all useful. See my other pages for more explanation.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Christmas message for Wayne

Do you really think that I have been having Seepless Nights?

As far as the "shit" that I have done popping up - as I say (and did you) all that I have done is to express my "insights". This was not to discredit anyone. If there was a criticism that surely it could be addressed with resorting to the tactics that you have lowered yourself?

I was not trying to "expose" anyone, unless the mention of them was in itself an exposure. Surely if those mentioned were innocent then their actions can be defended? When I see something that I don't understand I research it and inevitably other names and companies come to light in that  research. What was I supposed to do, not mention those names and companies as I "didn't have the full story"? Again, I repeat if those persons that I came across could not defend themselves why does it fall to you to do it for them? Are they afraid of you?

This is not a diversion to deflect any misdeeds that I may have perpetuated. I simply resent the fact that my comments on your activities met such a hostile reaction. I can only conclude that this is a symptom of a far greater underlying problem that you have,  Certainly, those that I have communicated with, that you have not poisoned, seem to agree.

On the subject of a "prestigious work environment", you are NOT out of the University Innovation Place - you may have had an office there but you cannot claim any of their credit.

I am surprised that you know what the word diatribe means. Sorry, saying that I think that you are "full of it" is hardly a diatribe. You seem incapable of a reasoned and rational argument and have to resort to profanity when you are challenged. I have done nothing but to criticise you and I have NEVER threatened you. I cannot afford you the same courtesy. I may have used a pseudonym, but hasn't everyone? You seem to be the master at this with theramman etc.

You might be asking yourself why am I so interested in you? Well, if you had ever taken the time to look around my website you would have seen that I have many pages relating to how people use the Internet. What they expect they can and cannot do with respect to the influence of what you post on a website or Social Media, You have become a prime example of what I have been posting about all along.

As it is the "season of goodwill to all men" I have to make an exception of Wayne McAlpine. I wish no such blessing on him. It is strange that he is the only one who I have contempt for, and I am are one of two (of all the billions in this world) who have anything bad to say about Wayne McAlpine.

Happy Christmas Wayne - hopefully Santa will bring you all you wanted!

Asus Super Hybrid Engine

Again, another old technology that computer users seem still to be interested.

I was interested in this at the same time that I was purchasing equipment from Canada Computers in North York, 2011. This was the same time period in which I became rather suspicious of a Hard Disc Data Recovery insurance scheme that Canada Computers were selling along with their drives. Something I would not have been in the slightest be interested and would not even considered purchasing. In fact, it was my doubts about the viability of such a product that has given me countless hours of fun since. It seems that the originator of the "insurance" product turns out to be more that "a little sensitive" when he and his endeavours are questioned.

RSS - why use it?

I have looked at RSS in the past but not really seen the point.

Now in 2016, almost 2017, the use of such a feed seems to be "old news". I am not sure whether either MS Edge (the default Windows brower) or I.E. have the facility to add a News Feed to the GUI. I know that I looked at this when I was using Firefox, in fact Firefox came pre-installed with them in the toolbar.

Use rel="nofollow" for specific links

What the Google help says:

How does Google handle nofollowed links?

In general, we don't follow them. This means that Google does not transfer PageRank or anchor text across these links. Essentially, using nofollow causes us to drop the target links from our overall graph of the web.

While there is no specific advice given to the usage of this attribute when linking to your own pages I, if I were Google, would see this as a method of self-promotion and I would penalise webmasters for attempting it.

I use it every time that I link to a page on - This is not because I am saying that the pages are untrustworthy, on the contrary, I just have no reason to self-promote them.

It is interesting, to me at least, that when links are placed in comments made on this blog the nofollow is added automatically. This is not documented, as far as I am ware, and it is not understood by those that try to spam blogs.

OEM Activation Tool

This seems to be something that is still of interest.

This was in the days of Window 8, now we have Windows 10 I am not even sure that MS use the same deployment techniques.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Download PlaneSploit

I am still surprised that anyone still thinks that an Android apk to take control of planes exists! 
Or even existed in the first place. As far as I could see it was just a figment of Hugo Teso's imagination.


The KoreK chopchop attack

This is another attack that can be launched if you have aircrack-ng installed on your computer or Smartphone.

Actually, I think that it is all bullshit and just a fabrication of the "security" industry to get you to hire them to protect you from hackers.

I previously posted at length on my website but I no longer maintain that site. Some of the information has been transferred to my UK website

Gerix WiFi Cracker

There was another search for this today. I am not sure what some Internet users expect to find when they search for such tools?

Still, the fact that the search showed in my Google Analytics report was a good opportunity to review the page but posting a link to it here. While I realise that this does nothing for my page ranking for such pages, I have added the nofollow attribute to the link, it does provide a good way of filling this blog with posts that are relevant to my interests and the min theme of

Posting in such a way hopefully will reflect to the true nature of my website and reveal that it is not some petty "revenge" tactic to discredit some other web user. To do this I consider to be a complete waste of time, something that I do have a lot of but I am surprised that there are many others do. I would think that there are far better ways of spending their time.

Canvas Fingerprinting

I came across this technique when I was using the TOR Browser.

I am not sure that it is of much relevance to me as in contrast to a situation such as an office at a Nation State's security operation or a university campus, where there will be multiple users all at the same IP, the determination of a specific device could be useful. Law Enforcement Agencies and governmental security agents may find this information useful in their forensics

Thursday, December 22, 2016

TAILS - Privacy for everyone anywhere

Pretty much every time there is an article on the Guardian that relates to national security the use of TAILS is mentioned by one of the commenters.

The pre-packaged GNU desktop with tools such as the TOR Browser, Icedove email client, Pidgin instant messaging and KeePassX password manager.

I think that this all goes to illustrate that there are a lot of paranoid Guardian readers out there. It may seem that I am (paranoid or have something to hide) with all my writings on this subject, however, it is the fact that I think that this all pretty much irrelevant. While I am not saying that there is no need for tools such as TAILS and TOR, I am saying that most Internet users don't need to bother with such programs. I would also go on to say that these tools are not much use to the terrorist of cyber criminal as they will either use Social Engineered methodologies or attempt to blend into the background.

It is said that the use of tools such as TOR is a "red flag" to the authorities but I am not so sure. In any case there are other means that communications can be made secure. These do not need to be that sophisticated and could use well established encryption techniques.

If someone, or a group, who is "up to no good" wanted to communicate such that others could not read what they are saying to each other they could use a "regular" relay and simply encrypt their messages. To the outside world the communication would look pretty much the same as all the other traffic.

Online Privacy

Superfast Broadband

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why and how I have removed content from search engine cache

The main reason is that I have bored with it

I may have also removed content from cache as I have seen visitors retrieving old pages that I determined were not relevant. When pages are removed from the Google cache the cannot be found even if the person making the search attempts to retrieve the cached page.

The process of removing the page from the Google cache is a feature offered in Google's Webmaster Tools and takes some time from the initial request to the page being removed.

The BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) - The Unix Story

During my computer life I have had exposure to many of these platforms.

Like the majority I use Microsoft Windows on a daily basis , however, even though I have used many Linux versions (mainly out of curiosity) I do not consider Linux to be a "better" or more secure alternative to Windows.

Communications Coordinator at Central Automotive Inspection Records & Standards Services Corp.

LinkedIn is a great platform. Below is something I captured May 2013

This strange because when I contacted them at the time, an Anthony Mannella, they claimed never to have heard of him! "he may have been someone that did some IT work for us in the past", but the name was not familiar to Anthony.

Security Concerns and Me

Access to the private areas of

This is only possible if you have a User ID and a password

You can email me for these credentials. This will allow you to view and download pages with information that are hidden from general viewing.

If you are looking for pages that appear to have been deleted from this blog I suggest that you search for them as they are probably still there as they have been reposted.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sauf Riverains - the meaning

It is interesting that the French road sign was used in the Blogger "I am not a Robot" Capcha procedure used when making blog comments.

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Location of BBC iPlayer download on your Android Phone or Tablet

Many visitors to my website are wanting to download and keep programming from BBC iPlayer on their Android devices.

I explain how you can do this in detail on - The apk that the BBC does not allow you to keep the download forever. In a similar manner to the app for the iPad and iPhone it will not allow you to keep the download past a predetermined time period.

Ticket Scalping Software

I reviewed software from a company called - this was in relation to a search that I made in relation to a radio program that I listened to on the BBC. The program was describing the fact that it was almost impossible to get tickets online from the Ticket Master and other websites due to the fact that online ticket scalpers "snap-up" all the good ones before that "regular" Internet user has a chance.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The aircrack-ng APK

TP Link TL-WN722N adapter

This adapter was shipped with the PwneExpress Pwn Pad package.

For more information please contact PwnieExpress and ask to speak to me at my office.

Blog posts with many pageviews

To put things into a little perspective I looked back in the history of posts made on this blog to see what was the most popular.

The list of high-ranking posts reflected pretty much what I had concluded with the analysis of visits to me website, - Over the years I have tried to post about things that I have determined that other Internet users were looking for. In cases where what they were searching for did not exist I tried to explain this fact.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Why was dormant in 2012

Looking back in my archives I see that I had a post in August 2012 on this.

If you are interested I suggest that you search the blog for "dormant".

Friday, December 16, 2016

If I were designing the Google Algorithm

Much has been debated around this issue. As a website owner I am not really interested in building a high ranking in search engine result lists. While it is an interest of mine if it from the academic perspective as there is no business reason for my site.

The study of how websites rank has been an ongoing interest. I have recently been asked for advice on how out-rank a website that is posting exaggerated stories about them and they want to stop their name coming up with this persons site when someone that may be interested in doing business with them makes a search. The basis of this request was made on the statement and question on how I get my sites to rank as well as they do. While I am not sure that this is the case, I am in the process of collecting my thoughts on what I would do if I were Google and I  wanted to provide the best user experience for those making a search.

My interpretation of what a "good experience" is when making a search is vastly different, I would think, to that of Google. I am of the opinion that you search to get information, Google on the other hand probably want you to find things to buy.

There are a few things that I have observed over the years and while I do not pretend to have any inside knowledge on how Google does things, I think that whatever I am doing seems to work.

Another lie

That I launch attacks on those that are not in a position to defend themselves. Posting things about individuals that are not true, for reasons that are not clear, apart from the fact that I "get off on it!".

At no time have I done this. All I have done is to report my findings. If names came to light they could be included in my reports. There has always been a method that those named could contact me and if their claim of misrepresentation was warranted I replied to their request. The method of reply may have not been what they expected and instead of an email or a phone call I may have modified my report and explained my position in more detail.

I do not "do" phone calls. If you call someone these days they will have your number and will be able to call you back even if you have no reason to talk with them again. Even worse, they can then post your telephone number to the Internet for anyone that finds it to call you. This is fundamentally different from having your home number already readily known on the Internet as you carry out a business from your home address. Your address and telephone number can be found by another method.

The useage of some of those WD Hard Drives

I purchased a D-Link NAS that I thought that I could install a Raspberry Pi and create a Media Server.

Hosting a website on your home Internet connection

There relative advantages and disadvantages of this.

The advantage of this is that you have unlimited storage space and all of your source code is located on your server. You can also use the activity to learn about how webservers and the Linux operating system works. You can experiment with re-directs and other directives that you have access to as the person who administers the server. 

However, the disadvantages - I think - outweigh any advantages. This is the reason that I stopped hosting my website on my Rogers cable Internet connection. I found that I was spending too much time in administrative tasks and warding off all the spammers and those probing my server for things that I had missed and were potential vulnerabilities. In addition, as the hosting was on my home IP address this made its location far easier to determine.

Rogers were reasonably vague in their TOS in regards to hosting a website on the connection but additional bandwidth and traffic that they would have to handle would be considerably greater if all their subscribers did the same thing. As a business, Rogers were probably more than happy for you contact them for a "commercial" hosting package, although as I was not a business I was not interested in that. Besides, there were many other alternatives to going that route.

I guess that I felt a little guilty in using my Rogers connection and I reviewed their TOS to make sure that I was not in violation. At no time was I contacted by Rogers saying that I should not have been doing what I was doing. They certainly weren't hosting my website and they didn't cut me off.

At the same time as running a website I was looking at the possibility of a mail server. This was also the same time as the Snowden Revelations coming out of the States and there was much discussion about the security of email and the surveillance carried out by governments. Quite frankly a webserver was bad enough t make secure I dread to think what would have been involved with a mail server,

I learnt a lot from running a webserver out of my basement but the time came when I had to move on. Unfortunately at the same time that I was experimenting with my server was that I attracted the attentions of someone who did not like what I had posted on my website and this blog. I am sure that he thought that my website and blog were purely about him and there could be no other possible reason. My coverage of him and his antics was only ever a very small attribute of the two. In fact, when I took the server off-line I took pains to repost the content about him on this blog. I created posts that were contemporary with the original pages on my site.

After a period of time, having taken the server off-line in 2011 I arranged new hosting for in 2012. Where it has been hosted ever since.

Facebook must think that we are stupid

I constantly get emails from Facebook saying "do I know xyz?" I can see how they might determine this by the profiles that I may have viewed and what I have looked and searched for on the Internet. If this is being collected as the result of what cookies are on my computers I consider this a gross invasion of privacy.

Now I am getting emails that say:
The fastest way to find all of your friends on Facebook is importing your email contacts. Once you've imported your contacts you can view, manage or delete them at any time

They must be kidding, if I import my contact list that would give Facebook permission to contact all of the people on that list and ask if they knew me!

I don't believe that I would be able to manage or deleted them at any time. Once FB had this information it will be there forever. Basically, I DON'T FACEBOOK - never have and never will.

The Truth about Wayne McAlpine Repost

Update December 2016

Wayne is still up to his old tricks

Wayne McAlpine is a bully and appears to stop at nothing to get his way. He has threatened me at least twice with "dirty tricks" unless I removed negative commentary about him and his companies.
He engaged in at least two campaigns of intimidation to try to get me to do so. The first he thought that I was an employee of an auto shop and the second an incorporated company.

The incident started out with a comment that I made about the viability of the OneWorldDataRecovery service. All I said was that I thought that it sounded too good to be true. I was right.

"..... lets get on a call together about safe disk. It was a joint venture between bit defender and oneworld to help drive their sales and the project failed. Anyone that purchased safe disk insurance was dealt with. The volumes were not there to support the company, which almost bankrupted the company" 
The comment on my blog was responded to by Wayne himself and one of his employees, Johsua Sham. Joshua Sham was posing as a "satisfied customer".

I did not talk with either Wayne McAlpine or Joshua Sham at the time and I eventually pulled the blog postings as I got bored with the response that it was getting from visitors to the blog. That would have been an end to it, however, I then received a number of emails and information from someone who claimed to be a former associate and/or employee of Wayne McAlpine. This led me to re-post some of the information and look deeper into OneWorld Networks.

It would appear that my first assessment of Wayne McAlpine was correct.
Subsequently to my original posting on OneWorldDataRecovery I found some (what I thought was interesting) information that related to the securing of web forms. This observation was not meant as a criticism of Wayne McAlpine or OneWorld, however, the reaction to finding this information says a lot about how Wayne McAlpine and his companies operate.

As an example, here is a comment that was left on my original blog post on my doubts on the OneWorldDataRecovery product:
Wow, this guy Wayne McAlpine is a real jerk. If that's the response when you ask for help with their software, imagine what will happen when you send your drive to him for a recovery. 

The comment was in response to the link that another visitor to the blog posted that related to an example of how Wayne does business - this time it was in relation to OneWorldStoreFront software.

An example of how Wayne carries out customer service. Please note that the screenshot above is NOT my words they were taken from the link sent to my blog (see above)

There is also another name Rick Heidrick listed with a 1wn email - I am not sure if this is related (I really don't care)

On the subject of OneWorldStoreFront, again something that I have no interest in, another poster of a comment on my blog (most likely Bill P under the name peterathome) - there was another diatribe from Wayne regarding that:
More evidence of continued harassment brought to the police. Including Peterathome.

First of all the program was written by mr. Hithenboggen who now has mall 23 and who was the lead programmer on the one world storefront. Candy press stole the base code from oneworld, got caught and then proceeded to build in .net to avoid a lawsuit. The code started off as an ecommerce exchange for another business.
Canypress originated from free version of comersus cart where they added a few modules. The backend design was stolen from oneworldstorefront. So get your facts straight before you fling your bs.

I really don't care about all this and am really not interested in what the origin of the OneWorld product or CandyPress - I do take exception to the BS reference (however, this could be aimed at peterathome)
The reason that the anonymous comments (quoted in green above) are re-posted here is that I deleted the original blog posting and I think that a full paper-trail needs to be presented.

Ashland, Kansas
Branson, Missouri
Pointe-Claire, Quebec 
Cobourg, Ontario

As I said, the Russians did it

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Yahoo Hacks revealed in 2016

I seem to think that I was reporting on this in early 2014. There was a spat of  emails from 2013.ROGERS.Support Team that claimed that your mailbox was full and you needed to upgrade. This email came from an Eastern European country and if clicked on your account was compromised.

I know this as I helped out a number of friends who did just that. I was not using Rogers/Yahoo mail and I was highly suspicious of the email and I blogged about it at the time (look back in the blog archive or search for it).

The irony here is that similarly to Rogers, British Telecom use the Yahoo mail engine for their mail offerings. Another good reason that I didn't continue with BT, apart from the fact that they could not provide an Internet connection above 0.4M/sec at our location.


This has been another popular topic on this blog and my website

The instance that I was exposed to involved a company called - there are many other instances of this out there on the Internet that not only cover the sales of software to "fix" your broken computer but general scams that attempt to determine your personal banking details.

This report, also posted on this blog, has garnered the most feedback and comments. It appears that others have been approached by cold callers who claimed that they were calling from Microsoft.

While not attempting to be a consumer advocate I think that it is a valuable service for bloggers such as myself to post so that others can benefit from our experiences. If others are also seeing the same thing it is often useful to see how others have dealt with it.

The Groupon Scam

Disturbing Images (the basis of the Sexual Predator accusation)

As the accusation was made by Wayne McAlpine I cannot let it just rest. I know that this will be another case of me making things up, but there you are you are quite at liberty to make that assumption. The question is: What possible reason would I have for making it up? I guess it could be that it is true and all I am doing is to cover it up!

The lie goes like this:
I purchased the OneWorldSafeDisk data recovery card at the same time that I purchased a hard drive from Canada Computers. The same time, or very soon after the purchases I experienced a drive failure and sent that drive in to The Innovation Place facility in Saskatoon that was run by OneWorld to have the data recovered.
While at the OneWorld facility files of a "disturbing nature" were found amongst the recovered files. These files contained images of paedophilia and bestiality. The staff at Oneworld contacted me and I was evasive about the existence of this material and was uncooperative about who had access to the computer that the drive was installed.
OneWorld's findings were reported to the RCMP to which the response that they could not proceed with the case due to the fact that the evidence could not be produced due to the nature of the data recovery process.
OneWorld decided not to pursue the issue as they decided that I was medically unfit and some other reason that currently escapes me.

The questions that I have about this lie are many.
  1. How did I manage to experience a drive failure so soon after the purchase of a new drive. Presumably I would have transferred the "disturbing images" from another drive on installing the new drive, so I would have had a backup and therefore didn't need to have the files recovered. Or I downloaded the "disturbing" material in the short time between the drive replacement and sending it in for recovery.
  2. If  I did have "disturbing images" on a drive surely the last thing that I would do is to send that drive to a third party that I did not know and probably not trusted.
  3. Why would I send a drive into a company that I had posted my doubts on the viability of their product? I made this observation at the time of the purchase of the hard drive. I DID NOT purchase the disk recovery insurance card.
In addition, this story, the lie above, was invented in 2016 after the entry of another business encounter was quoting my research on Oneworld. Prior to this time, 2011 and 2012, this story did not exist. If it were a representation of the truth why was it not brought up at that time?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Wireshark apk

Page views so far this month

As monitored this morning the total number of pages views was 14,604. This is on target for my usual rate of around the 30,000 per month.

Admittedly a large proportion of this results from spam from Russia there is a predominance of searches from those looking of ways to run wireless penetration tools on their smartphones.

Over the years I have seen a change in demographic from those that were interested in ways to pirate Windows and/or to modify the way that their computer starts (the BIOS or Pre-Boot environment - UEFI).
These topics are ones that I have been monitoring on other forums. Largely I see a vast majority of sites that are selling "false hopes" on what can be achieved and how you go about doing these things. on my website, I have attempted to debunk some of the myths surrounding these activities.

Downloading bcmon drivers

So far this month this page seems to have generated the most interest.

As with the quest for information on the wireless chipset used in mobile devices the notion that a piece of software known as bcmon will allow "monitor mode" to be invoked on your Smartphone.

bcmon was developed for a very limited number of Broadcom chipsets (hence the bc in the name). This software was developed by Omri Ildis who was last seen in the employ of Singular in Israel.

It is my contention that this quest is a "fools errand" and those making these searches would be better off pursuing other interests. It is the min thrust of my website

The interest mainly came from the United States closely followed by India and Germany.

How to determine the Wireless Chipset of your Smartphone or Tablet

This seemed to be the most popular page this morning.

The determination of the chipset that your mobile device is using seems to be key to whether you can run wireless penetration tools.

Interest this month includes visits from India, the US, Russia, Brazil, Poland and 10 other countries. Canada was not one of them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Youv'e enjoyed the questions over the last few years about me

Well they may have only just started.

and as far as the annals of Google history that is kind of irrelevant if nobody, other than you, reads it. Whereas, I do know that there are people reading about you and they are not comfortable with the way that you treat your fellow man.

Hopefully there will be a day of reckoning and your past indiscretions will come back to haunt you. I, on the other  hand, have done nothing wrong so there is nothing you can post that point to the fact that I have. If you do it will be a lie.

There are those that have not copied you on my communications, as far as I know. If I find out that they have I will have no choice but to publish their names. Isn't that exactly what you would do?

The use of a pseudonym is not something that is illegal or uncommon. To repeat that I have attempted to find out information on you by this method is a nonsense. I am disappointed by those that have shared my communications with you. In fact, this paints them in the same light.

I repeat, the only reason I started posting about you was that I thought the data recovery scheme that you were promoting was a trifle optimistic. You didn't like the fact that I refused to talk to you on the phone and I am at a loss to see why you have gone to so much trouble to discredit me.

You do not have, and never have had, a hard drive that I sent into The Innovation Place. This is because there was no way I was going to purchase a product that I didn't believe.

This not a threat, just a statement of fact.

Raking leaves

It will look really green when the sun comes out. The yellow patches will recover when photosynthesis returns. I will have to do the lower meadow as that will look really spectacular in the spring when the daffodils come out. This year we should really be able to see then I have cleared out quite a bit of the scrub.

Such a change to be raking leaves in December as opposed to shoveling snow!

We were thinking of going to Cambridge today

but the weather was not up to it.

Is Trump crazy with his stance on China?

Talk about poking the hornet's nest!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Google and the right wing

An interesting read in the Observer yesterday about what you will get back in your search results if you make a search for "did the holocaust happen".

In some ways I don't find this surprising as there are constant efforts made by those that desire to manipulate the results returned by Google searches. Whether it is due to a "gaming" of the algorithm, prior knowledge of how the algorithm determines what results are returned (this could be the same thing?) or it is just a failure on the part of the users of the Internet to determine fact from fiction, I am not sure.

There is no doubt that organisations such as Stormfront have an influence on what can be found but it is still up to the reader to determine the validity and credibility of the source. I think that it is more an example of the sick lengths that some people will go to perpetuate their own warped view of things by the posting of You Tube videos "showing the truth".

More importantly, to me,  is the example of how it is difficult to make a criticism without getting some feedback from an interested party making a vague threat. Threats on the lines "you can't say  that as there will financial implication if you do"

The article:
Google is not ‘just’ a platform. It frames, shapes and distorts how we see the world - Carole Cadwalladr - Sunday 11 December 2016

A quote from the article:
That is how power works. This is how power works too: the last time I wrote a story that Google didn’t like, I got a call from Peter Barron, Google’s UK head of press, who was at pains to point out the positive and beneficial relationship that Google has with the Guardian Media Group, our owners.

It seems that writing things that someone doesn't like has its consequences.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

This is the address that a lot of domains are registered

This must be an expensive way of intimidating your opponents.

Any fool can register a domain, just as anyone finding it can see when it was registered and to whom. The kind of gives it away.

I have NEVER been interested in a domain in my own name - that would just be narcissistic - but that is just what I have been accused.

Public Safety News

I have no idea what this is all about.

I fail to see where the Safety issue is here. It is not as if I am in a business where this of any relevance.

Network Penetration using your Android Smartphone

Again, this is a hoax

I really am a bad person! Bite me!

AMI Change Logo Utility

The American Megatrends website is not that much use for this utility.

How to remove the DRM (Time Limit) from iPlayer downloads

I can understand this one as there are those that want to hang-on to their downloads.

AiroWizard- Aircrack-ng Windows GUI interface

I am really surprised that this is still being searched for.

This is fun

I could go on for years.

Or at least until I grow tired of it all.

All the emails and anonymous comment

Isn't that what the Internet is all about?

Doesn't everyone do this? Make comments anonymously. I am no different than anyone else.

The use of pseudonym is very common. Sending someone an email using a false name is not as underhand as some might have you believe.
It is not as bad, for example, as making out that you are actually someone else (impersonation) that is actually the person who you are trying to discredit.
It is not as bad  as registering a domain name in the name of that person and then positing on a website using the domain either to appear that you are that person or posting content that sheds doubt on that persons integrity.
It is not as bad as high jacking someone ele's domain and then then sending out emails, as if you are the original owner, to all their customers and suppliers. I am glad that I have neither. Customers or suppliers that is.

Yes, I have sent emails to people not telling them exactly who I am.
This is not a crime.
I am disappointed with the people that I sent them for sharing those communications but I can see that they could have been either confused, possibly in league with of even afraid of the person who the email were the reason I made the contact.

I have never made any death threats or made statements such as "unless you do this I will start legal proceedings against you".
At least I don't think I did. If you know of such an instance please post it on one of your stupid websites.

Time on my hands

This is true. It is called retirement. It gives me all the time in the world to reflect on my life. It gives me time to review some of the nonsenses that have gone on in recent months and to respond to them.

It as only been relatively recently that I have had cause to pursue an issue that crossed my path merely due to the fact that it just didn't seem right to me. I had no preconceived motive for this point of view all I did was to purchase some computer hardware and make a comment on what I saw was an unrealistic claim on another related product. My failure to respond to the communication that ensued resulted in a large amount of animosity from a certain individual which then escalated into a full-blow attack by him.

In hindsight I probably should have just let it go and then move-up. But, I am not like that. My partner tells her friends that it is not her that they should be careful not to get onto bad terms with it is me that they should look out for. She tells them that I am the indicative one and once I had my teeth into something it is not likely that I will let it go. This coupled with the fact that I see no down-side risk in the pursuit of this defence of what I originally called out a wrong. I do not have a business, I am retired and don't have a career or reputation to protect. I don't have family to protect so there is no risk there that they will be approached and intimidated.

I really don't understand the efforts that the person I am criticising is putting into this. Quite frankly I also wonder why I do either. Still, it keeps me amused and it is not costing me anything. The same can be said of my website, this is just a hobby and I use it to "keep me end in" and stimulate the old grey cells. It has no consequence and is mainly visited by those that really know no better. As I say it dos keep me current and I am genuinely interested in the subject matter.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

How to make TOR exit in the county of your choice

If you edit the torrc file, the configuration file, to force an EXISTSERVER then TOR will use that server, or a list of servers when it finally connects to the Internet.

This is, of course, if you don't use the downloaded configuration of the TOR browser. If you use the default browser it will "exit" at a random exitserver. You can change this server for another if it does not serve your needs.

Alternatively, you can directly specify the location of the "exit" for your connection. This is useful if you are trying to access a service that is only available in a specific geographic location. An example of this is the BBC iPlayer service which is Geolocation restricted to the UK. Another example is if you wish to obtain local pricing information (if you are going to visit a country as opposed to ordering it online), TOR can help you do that.

Of course there is no way that I know how to do this as I was not one of those that built the Internet and know everything about how it works! I am just a "washed out Space Engineer" that has no knowledge of such things.

I may have been studying the development of the Internet since its concept, but I was obviously not paying attention.

Fuzzy Wazzy was a bear

Fuzzy Wazzy had no hair - so he wasn't very fuzzy was he?

You want irrelevant?

I can beat all this as I have a background that precedes the Internet itself. I was involved in the TPA for the MARECS satellite. MARECS B2 was launched 10 November 1984, on board which was some of my handiwork.

The TPA, Transponder Power Amplifier, is mounted on the side of the spacecraft body, as shown in front of the technician in the photo on the ESA website.

Multimedia extensions in XP???

An article from 2001 - what is all that about? No mention of a certain persons name.

Perhaps they would like to explain? 15 years makes things even more irrelevant, but I guess I had been retired for 2 years by then!

I thought events of 5 years ago were irrelevant enough.

The Russians did it!

but that is what they do!

Yesterday my website ( got 941 hits (I normally get between 1000 and 2000 a day), of those 941 hits 218 were from Russia!
Smells like dissension in the ranks long before Donald takes his seat in the oval office. He'd better get those in the CIA, NSA and other security services to tow the line if he is going to make America Great Again!

If my website attracts that sort of attention is there any wonder that the US government, DNC and the Republican party get even more?

Friday, December 9, 2016

I see that the post about me sending in a hard drive has been taken down

Well at least the original one. There is still a version posted by Wayne McAlpine that states that he contacted me about a drive that I supposedly sent him. Wayne McAlpine is a liar.

There was no drive and it certainly didn't contain images of either bestiality or having sex with young boys.

The claim that the RCMP had been contacted but Wayne and Oneworld could not proceed as they didn't have the evidence was also a lie. If they are found out they have committed a serious offence.

I knew I should have made a copy of the page, I guess now it will be used as an example of me making up stories about him.

Resurrection of The Technology Muse

When I thought that updating this blog was a waste of time, it seems that it has become popular again.

It is also a good way for me to audit my website pages as it gives me a reason to visit them myself from the Internet. All my website is composed locally and I can review it from the drive of my computer. This means not only do I not need an Internet connection to edit my pages and to test them, should I decide to change my hosting provider I can just upload all the pages to another server.

Terry Bradshaw and AVS -

Instead of replying to my email Terry Bradshaw searched in Google cache for my page on the "certain person". He will now find it without looking in cache.

As soon as these other associates speak up the sooner the information that they would rather not have found on the Internet can be removed.

I didn't make any of this up, all the names of the relationships between them were all found on the Internet. I am not saying that any of those that are involved are breaking any laws or are currently scamming (although the silence certainly would indicate so).

After 5 years I would have hoped that the "certain person" would have grown-up and mended their ways - apparently not. Many of those that he was involved want to move on, have families and businesses that I am sure do not wish to be associated with this man.

More truth

Seeing as the page that I temporarily suspended has been retrieved from cache I have reposted it.

The story continues and the "certain person" is still up to his old tricks. There may be those that wish to disassociated themselves from him but his recent actions have negated that.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fake News

This seems to be an increasing trend in the days of Social Media.

I can't say that I am surprised as the nature of Social Media is such that it encourages those with an agenda to post so that their view of the world can be put forward.

The other side of this is that if you do post a legit story it can easily be flagged as a fake.

Core Data Recovery and OneWorldSafeDisk

This has been partially answered! See my later posts about a communication that I had in December 2016.

I was told to remove untruths about the relationship - but there seemed to be a clear connection to me.
The "certain person" cannot claim to be the champion of data recovery at the Innovation Place and then I find that the person listed as the principle of CDR is listed under the OneWorldOffice moniker in LinkedIn.

As I say this was not answered. Or are you saying that I made all this up? and it is just one of my lies.
It maybe the case that the "certain person" is no longer associated with CDR but there was a connection in the past and that was all that I was pointing out.

Just because you don't like something that someone posts on the Internet the way to get it removed is not to threaten them.

How do you like the look of my website?

I have employed the use of Responsive Web Design.

Please notice that it renders well on all screen resolutions. If you view the website on a smartphone in portrait orientation you will see a different menu configuration than you would in landscape (rotating your phone 90 degrees, and depending on the size and resolution of your screen).

The idea here that the menu on the side of a screen as seen on a desktop computer is difficult to read on a Smartphone. Responsive Web Design (RWD) uses dynamic CSS which triggers a breakpoint when a screen resolution falls below a threshold. I was thinking of setting a 2nd breakpoint to trigger when my site is viewed on a tablet, but I decided that the pages render quite well on a tablet screen as they are.

Any feedback on the look and feel of the pages would be welcome.

You want a picture of me?

The general nonsense that you will find on the Internet and Social Media

This is something that I have been researching since the birth and development of the Internet to the state that it is today.

What with Donald Trump's Tweeting and the abuse and bullying that seems to be rife on all platforms of Social Media I feel that I was wise to "keep my power dry" and not participate in the nonsense.

I will continue to follow the developments and to make the odd comment now and then, but, I am quite frankly assumed by the mess that a lot of Internet users get themselves into. The unrealistic expectations on what a website can do for your business and how you can influence opinion by making up stories.

How to report fake news to social media

Internet Stalking

Amber Rudd to introduce asbo-style bans for stalkers

The thing is that the person who is likely to be reading this post probably doesn't know what an ASBO is, but it surely could apply to him!

He also unaware who Amber Rudd is - the successor to Theresa May,  now Prime Minister.

BTW an ASBO is an Anti-Social Behaviour Order - Something that a certain person should have served on them.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More Lanugage Referrer Spam in Analytics

The language field this time was: search shell is much better than google!

Again it was from Moscow - what is it with these Russians?

Commenting on a dubious business

This is what started this all.

Having purchased a hard drive from my local Canada Computers I was curious to see a Data Recovery insurance policy for an extra $14.99. This seemed a little suspicious so I decided to do some research on my return from the store as there was no way that I was interested in purchasing the policy.

Looking at the product description it was saying that the data on the drive would be fully recovered for the very low one-off premium. Looking at other similar services I confirmed in my own mind that this was a little optimistic. I posted my findings on this blog. Very soon after there was a comment made on that blog posting from someone who was claiming that he had used the service and had his data recovered. This person eventually turned out to be an employee of the person that then also contacted me and wanted me to call him so that he could explain all about OneWorldSafeDisk.

As I hadn't bought his product, and I was convinced that it was worthless, I had no interest in talking to him.

It was that earlier post that "the person of interest" complained to Google about

Visits from Saskatoon

Another page for review.

It is difficult to know who is actually visiting as I am sure that there are other residents of Saskatoon that are upset with the antics of that "certain person".

I cannot believe that there are not others who would like to see this person held to account? The sort of person who seems to carry out his daily life bullying those that don't comply to his twisted view of the world. The sort of person who thinks that if he can discredit someone who challenges him they will withdraw. The sort of person who registers Internet domains and creates websites in the names of those he has a disagrees with, posting things that are often not true. The sort of person that makes up a story about a hard drive that he says that I sent him with "disturbing images" on it, and then claims that he had informed the RCMP (but they could not proceed as he didn't have any evidence - that is because it didn't exist!). The sort of person that on reading a comment that his business offering sounded a little too good to be true then launched an intimidation campaign when I refused to talk to him on the phone (I had already heard that he had a "potty mouth")...... Need I go on?

If you are someone that knows this person and would like to make an anonymous comment please feel free. In addition, if you send me an email, anonymously if you like as it won't appear on this blog, I will be happy to hear your side of the story.

Pages featuring "That Person"

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Who is Andy Nagy?

To find out look here

Supreme Court

I really do think that this is just a diversion initiated by those that are opposed to the UK leaving the EU.

I voted "leave" and truly think that it is Britain's best interest to put this union behind them. The question I have is Article 50 going to get triggered before the rest of Europe decides individually to leave the union.

There are some that think my earlier reference to the Supreme Court was that I was interested in anything Canadian.

How-to setup 32 bit emulation on a 64 bit Windows O/S

This seems to be a recurring topic that visitors to my website are asking.

I am not sure whether Emulation is the answer here as I believe that it is a mistake to dwell in the past and to continue to use software that had been written for old hardware.

Donald Trump and Twitter

The recent activity of The Donald supports my view on the platform.

ArcDis Corp

Statement of fact (as I  would not want to be charged  with making a false statement):

Whenever I communicate with or The, any email on those domains, I seem to get a reply from the same person. This person does not seem to represent the businesses of either of the domains.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Why the renewed interest

This is partially due to the attentions of a certain person from Fort Worth, Texas - who I have never directly talked to. The other reason is that I was also contacted by another person or persons that have lost patience in the person I was interested in.

I will not mention your name, you know who you are and you seem to think that it is good tactic to post a persons name and make up stories about them so that they can be found on the Internet. The registration of domains in the name of the person or their company is also one of the tactics used by the person I am interested in.

I have no business with this person and I don't really care what you fabricate about me. I do not have a business and, yes, I do have time on my hands. As I said before, this is a hobby for me and I have not made any false statements and only reported what I had found making Internet searches.

You can't demand to have something removed from the Internet just because you don't like it! To continue to use a person's name and invent things about them is intimidation.

I have never lost interest in this person, it has been my desire all along to provide a means by which those who wanted to find out more information about him a means to do so. Over the years that he has been on my radar screen he, or those that have been interested in him, have continued to visit my website and this blog. I can only assume that there is a reason for this. If, for example, he hadn't tried to make me remove information on him or continued to visit my website and blog I would have probably moved-on. He didn't, so this is the result.

I repeat that I have no business or reputation to discredit, so the posting of things that are patently not true about me online is pointless.

U.S. presidential commission issues recommendations on cyber security

This is a subject that I am currently researching - it has nothing to do with Dodge brake rotors (even if they are after-market and fake)

A lot has happened on Facebook since you last logged in

Well, not really.

The only reason that I have a Facebook account to see "what the hell is going on" (to coin a phrase from the Donald).

Like many others the profile is in an assumed name. As I am not interested in "sharing" with friends or have any desire for people who I have known in the past I do not use my real name.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Texas Fred

It is a good job that Donald Trump is president elect as he would have had to stop blogging.

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

Most registrars adhere to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy which is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization. The UDRP starts at $1,500 to arbitrate a dispute.

Designer/Developer Hijacking – Sometimes unscrupulous practitioners will set this information to theirs without telling you. Sometimes this is done out of ignorance, but other times it is purposely intended to enable them to hold your domain name hostage should your relationship go sour.

This is a subject that has been an interest of mine for some time. The interest is nothing to do with ether of the two gentlemen (for what of a better word) that are currently interested in this blog and my website.

Pages under construction

As it takes time to write pages some of my pages are posted before they are complete.

Such pages are University of Newcastle research paper on Credit Card Credential guessing and The Google Analytics Language Hack.

US Cyber Security

I wonder if Donald Trump will take any notice?

U.S. presidential commission issues recommendations on cyber security - Reuters, 2 December 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016

Determining who you are from your IP address - take 2

As there is going to be a time when the world runs out of IPv4 address IPv6 will be the new addressing method.

I have a lot more of this Wayne. If you think that it is a passing fancy and anything to do with you the you are mistaken.

Good luck with the rest of your life Nico

You thoroughly deserved to win the championship this year, Lewis was getting a little too big for his boots!

Have fun in retirement, I know I am!

Is the use of an Assumed or Fake Name illegal?

Well, if it is then most of the Internet usage is a perpetuation of this criminal act!

I (my real name is irrelevant), like so many others, have used a pseudonym or alias in many of my Internet dealings. In fact it is a well established technique to protect the spread of personal information where you do not wish to have that information publically shared. The use of such a pseudonym or alias should not be seen as anything sinister or underhand.

I have something to announce on Monday but don't tell anyone

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I am really confused why Wayne McAlpine is so upset with me

There doesn't seem to be any logic in his rantings.

Yes, I originally questioned the business plan of OneWorldSafeDisk, but it was ONLY AFTER he made his first contact with me that prompted me to do some research on who he was and what his background was.

It was at this time that I posted my findings on him, which I do with all my research, this included his business addresses (he was running this from his home address and The Innovation Place). Apparently this was not to his liking and he DEMANDED that I remove the "lies" I had posted about him. While I was a little surprised at his venom, I did remove some of the information for a very short period of time. However, it was at this time that Wayne McAlpine stepped up the effort in getting me to remove what I had posted. He then embarked on two series of intimidation to get me to remove the information.

During this time, of the initial two intimidation episodes, I continued to research Wayne McAlpine and his business connections. Again, I posted my findings. All of the things that I found I documented and I don't think that I made anything up. I found other names and associates that appeared to be connected with Wayne McAlpine's businesses.

Fast forward to November 2016 -  Wayne McAlpine was involved with another person who seemed to have adopted some of his business methods. This person had found my earlier postings and was quoting them. This then precipitated a third assault by Wayne McAlpine. more pugnacious than the first two.

The difference now is that my circumstances have changed and I no longer live in Canada. All the time intervening I have been posting on a wide range of subjects and Wayne McAlpine has continued to visit my pages that commented on his business ethics. Why has there been a "tipping point"? I have not added anything about him since 2012, only recording his visits. Apparently I am attacking not only him but a lot of other individuals that originally claimed that they didn't know him!

Referrer spam

Having seen the referral path: new-revolutionary-shell-from-lifehacÄž I was curious to know what it was all about.

This was some of what I found:

It seems that the Russians are up to their tricks again! and it is nothing to do with Lifehacker.

You want it darker?

If you are the dealer, I'm out of the game

As Leonard asked.

But it's written in the scriptures
And it's not some idle claim
You want it darker
We kill the flame

Need I say more?

The Registration of a Domain Name with the sole purpose of Intimidation

I started to look at this technique in 2011 when I saw this being done to a company that I knew.

I remain to be of the opinion that it is largely ineffective unless the company or individual is sufficiently well know for someone to make a search in the first place. In any case when you see this and especially when there are many hyphens (dashes) in the domain name I think that you should take whatever you find with a pinch of salt.

If you are interested further you can always lookup the registration entry to see when it was first registered. You will not, in most cases, be able to see who actually registered it, but, a registration that was made recently, or far more recently than the company or individual that is being discredited has been active, is likely to be bogus.

Being a pillar of your community

It is strange how this turns out. Having moved to a small rural community it is good to know that volunteering for a number of activities soon establishes you as a respected part and your sphere of friends is largely increased.

If anyone else has any similar experiences or would like to comment I would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Scurrying into the shadows like a cockroach

I don't really see how this can be the case?

I am not being evasive. You can easily find me by making a search. This has not changed. I have not deleted anything - I have nothing to hide.

Advanced Google search operators

These are useful if you want to see what is posted on particular website

The advantages of having a common name

If you have someone trying to discredit you it is difficult for them to create a website to do so.

There are two approaches to this you can create a website in the name of the person you wish to discredit, or you can create a website in your own name and then post things that you have found on the Internet.

Aldi Christmas strategy

Aldi start selling their turkeys for Christmas around the 15th of December  so the strategy is to run down the freezer so that you can take advantage of the reductions  that they make to free up shelf space.

Googlle Alerts

These seem to be less and less useful as they arrive in my inbox too late.

Still it is interesting to see what Google is indexing.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Have you even heard of Edward Snowden?

These are issues that are far more importance than your petty battles. Mine as well.........

Why all the interest in Privacy and Security

Ever heard of having a hobby? and as I said "1 have time on my hands".

If you took the trouble to read the other pages on my website, the ones that are not about you, you would see that. Warning ---- some big words there!

As for the preparation in advance in case someone reveals all the nasty things that I have been up to - good luck with that one.

Unless you want to make-up some more things that I have done?

I need to check that I have gas for the chainsaw

I will have to cut some more wood as someone asking for a fire to be laid.

Pheasant Shoot

The question is whether those involved in the current pheasant shoot have the right of access to our back garden?

This weekend I challenged one of the retrievers of dead and wounded birds whether he thought he was allowed to be where he was. He told me that  he didn't know and I told him that he was on private property. He then told another "shooter" that he had to leave where he was as he shouldn't have been there.

While I realise that this hunt is part of living in the country, in fact we have a brace of pheasants in the freezer, but  would have thought that permission would be needed to have been sort before crossing the fence and ditch with his two dogs. I don't think that it is in my lease.

This is all pretty trivial

From what started as a comment that I made on the over optimistic promise about a data recovery insurance scheme it seems that an awful of effort ha gone into getting information on it removed.

Contrary to what is being said this was the start of all this nonsense. It just so happens that it came to my attention and I made a blog posting on the subject. I just happened to purchase a HDD from Canada Computers and was offered an insurance plan from one of the sales staff. After having a conversation about the service, which at the time I thought was just a way of CC boosting their revenue on the sale of a heavily discounted product, I decided to make a post about it.

This is very similar to Future Shop's attempts to get customers to purchase an Extended Warrantee plan when you bought anything from them. I posted about that as well. I didn't receive the negativity from them, but perhaps they have better things to be getting on with. More likely they didn't even find it and read it.

This is just a game for me. Perhaps I have too much time on MY hands????? I am, after all - a "failed aerospace engineer" that cannot find work and am having problems making ends meet. My only pleasure is to make up stories about those that I have never met, honest decent people, so that I can try and bring them down to my level of misery.

Whatever the case it is not a good idea to cross me.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I think that those that have been drinking should not drive

Wayne McAlpine supports the installation of Immobiliser devises to stop this - please support him.

Please discredit those that question his impeccable judgment.

So sorry about Lindor Reynolds

Her untimely passing in 2014 is a big loss for causes such as bringing bullies like Wayne McAlpine to account.

She did so much for changing Canadian law so that it made sense.

Giant Search Engines

Is that like Google?

Or is there a bigger one? I guess if you have algorithms you can do anything.

Perhaps you can "take a snapshot"? Those south of the border will have to get in touch pretty soon or they will loose out on all that revenue from lost record sales.

Oh no! everyone in now getting their music from online steaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music - but I guess in 2003 things were a little different.

This have moved on perhaps? Well, some people have, others are living in the past and have the delusion that they "know it all".

Western Digital Warrantee Policy

I have been really impressed with Western Digital's (WD) Warrantee Policy for their HDDs.

When I was building desktop PCs, for media centres, I ran a pretty strict backup policy. My technique was to run two 8Tbyte arrays of 4 x 2T SATA drives. I then preformed an incremental backup/copy from the "live" drive to the "backup" array.

If there was a drive failure, an inevitability over time, the drive was replaced and sent off to WD for replacement. In addition, when the drives were approaching their end of warrantee they were replaced by new WD SATA drives. No data of consequence was stored on any of the computers that the drive arrays were used.

I describe the backup technique on my website, - At no time did I have the need to send a HDD into a service that claimed to recover data from "sick" drives. It was during the purchase of drives to facilitate my backup regime that I came across the nonsense of OneWorld Safe Disk. To suggest that I sent a drive to them is as ludicrous as Wayne McAlpine.

Determining who you are from your IP address

Wayne McAlpine has no real idea on how the Internet works. His algorithms indeed!

Below are some of the statements that he has made in his attacks (his terminology) just because I refused to take don some information that I had found about him online. He claim that I have made up some of the information in an attempt to attack the "good character" of him and his associates. I guess that he should know about making things up as he seems to be a master!

On the subject of the article that he managed to get the CBC to publish in 2003

“Every computer on the internet has a unique IP address,” said McAlpine. “And with this address we can find out from different providers who’s paying for that service and hence locating exactly where that machine sits.”

This is a gross over simplification of how you would determine who was downloading what. But, what do I know as I am going to be found out (see below).

The use of "cloaking" software:

When a novice just trying to use the back door whether they’re using some free off-the-shelf IP surfing or surfing the internet looking for tools to make themselves invisible and trying to to mask their Mac address these things don’t work it is a false sense of security and this is how they get caught.

First of all, I am not a novice and I am certainly not using "some free off-the-shelf" software or technique. Even the NSA admit that they have a problem with TOR.

Secondly, the use of a pseudonym is not either illegal or in anyway underhand.

Thirdly, if you are reporting how to perform a terrorist act or participating in cyber crime then it is a different issue. All I was saying was that I thought his business model was flawed and the methods he uses to conduct his businesses are dubious -  I was not saying illegal, but rather underhand, unethical and manifesting itself as bullying.

On the subject of me using multiple identities:

..... these conversations in emails we’re not of the nature of Journalism nor was it for any other purpose than to hide his his identity to make false accusations a private individuals....

Journalism???? I have NEVER made the claim that this was anything to do with journalism. I am a private individual and fully entitled to make judgements on other private individuals. This could be something that Wayne McAlpine adopted as a theory from Joshua Sham, who unless he gets back to me and supports my cause to discredit Wayne McAlpine, all the posts will remain. He will just have to get this blog and my website shut down.

Lying, contriving, Skulduggery and the notion that I am mentally unstable:

.... was completely contrived by his own and not having one shred of Truth by creating information directed at skullduggery and attacking good character of individuals to hide his mental instability as a human being.

I realise that Wayne McAlpine cannot accept that I may have just reporting what I have found and not embellishing

I guess I could be mentally unstable - it takes one to know one.

and don't forget, this is just a hobby for me - I do not run a business and don't have a list of suppliers or customers that will think badly of me if they believe anything that comes from Wayne McAlpine.

Getting back to the technology theme

Just in case there is anyone visiting this blog that does not have a twisted mind and think that it is all about him!

This blog, and my website, never was. Contrary to the way that he thinks and acts, i.e. creating websites and blogs with the express purpose of posting venom about the person who is "calling him out". I cannot begin to understand the mentality of the man, but I guess he is none too dissimilar to the company he keeps. 

Nice one Nico!

It was good to see you on my Contact page

Being a terrorist

That is quite a charge!

You said, implied, that I would (or have done so):
..... indiscriminately kill or maim in any fashion possible in disguise, does that sound fairly familiar to you? .......

That sounds like saying that I have made death threats - all I did was to case dispersions on the validity of your business model. When I wouldn't talk to you about it, it was you who started  what could be called "terrorism".

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Part of an email to me - October 2011

As it seems to be de rigueur to post emails and things from the long-lost-past this is part of one that I receved from Wayne McAlpine.

If you would like to have more of a dialog, lets get on a call together about safe disk. It was a joint venture between bit defender and oneworld to help drive their sales and the project failed. Anyone that purchased safe disk insurance was dealt with. The volumes were not there to support the company, which almost bankrupted the company.

I guess  have to translate here.

safe disk is OneWorldSafeDisk
the company is OneWorld (I guess)
and volumes I think means the amount of business generated by the joint venture
those that purchased  safe disk insurance was dealt with - the customers that sent in their hard drives had the data recovered (but maybe they were just told that it was not possible) - I have no way of knowing.

The inconsistency here is if  had sent in a hard drive the email would not have to tell me that fact - my original posting was that I thought the $14.99 was a little cheap for this service. A flaw in the business plan.
Wayne McAlpine has just claimed, November 2016, that I had sent in a hard drive for recovery on which Wayne McAlpine had found "disturbing images". This is an absolute nonsense and I would suggest that this is the latest attempt at making up stories to discredit me.

As I didn't remove the personal information I posted on him he started a campaign of his own by registering a domain in the name of someone that he thought I worked for and then posting links to articles that he had found on the Internet that reflected negatively on that company. This was my basis for my Comment on Dubious Business Practices.

The information was not personal at it was the address that he carried out the OneWorld empire.