Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Apple Inforrmation Requests

Apple released a report that details (apart for the US) the number of requests that it received from Law Enforcement Agencies yesterday"

I just listened to a program on the BBC  World Service that discussed it. I was confused to know why the number of requests that were granted (i.e. information was actually released) was not discussed. Surely it does not matter how many requests are made or received, it is the number that are complied with?

Perhaps Apple were asked as they possibly would have this information to "give-up"? Other companies or services may not have this information  as they may not have a clue. I am sure that Google does though!

The main issue seemed (on the BBC report) was the general terms that Apple are allowed by the US government to reveal information on US requests.
Do I see a double standard here? Again, nothing new............

After all, the NSA is only spying on these nasty foreigners, not on its own citizens!