Monday, August 26, 2013

Edward Snowden worked for Booz Allen Hamilton as a contractor to the NSA.

After a bit of poking around on the web a few more facts were found about Edward Snowden that seem to have been overlooked.

It would see that he was not an employee of the NSA but an employee of a company that was a contractor for the NAS, Booz Allen Hamilton.

The screenshot above was found on a website that looks like it is an official White House "mouth piece". I am not so sure that,, are.

I have documented this in more depth on my website:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Apple ID Blocked

It seems that if you make repeated iTunes Gift purchases on iTunes your Apple ID will be temporarily blocked. So are any new IDs you create from the same location, even if you use a different credit card.

The error message that you see is "Cannot complete this purchase at this time - Contact iTunes Store support to complete this transaction" (There are a couple of variations of this message but both tell you that you have to contact iTunes Store Support).

Searching online, the Apple help and other forums, did not come up with a solution to this problem. Hence the reason for this post. Neither did going into an Apple physical store who told us the phone Apple support, something that we had been avoiding having read some of the horror stories. After 4 phone calls where the Apple help desk personnel did not have an answer and proceeded to go round in circles we sent an email to Apple iTunes support, which apart from the cognition of them receiving the question was not answered.

The problem went away having been unable to purchase an iTunes gift between July 28th and August 10th.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The surveillance specialists dream come true

I look back on a post that I made on my website in February 2012 that Social networking was the surveillance specialists dream come true.

With all the furor about the NSA and the UK's GCHQ, Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, I guess I was right about how the "government" could use the "new media" to spy on its citizens.