Monday, December 11, 2017

This Bitcoin boom is going to end in tears!

I have been following the development of Bitcoin and Blockchain for a number of years now.

What was once the realm of the Alternative Web and those involved in subversive activities it has now become mainstream.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Dreams of Abu Dhabi

Watching the Grand Prix yesterday reminded us of our visit in 2013 to the race.

Good as it was, we have decided that the best way to see a Formula 1 race is on the TV. The Pit Lane walk was fun as was the air-conditioned grandstand.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The new UK drone laws

These were announced today. A requirement to "pass" a test and register your drone.

What can you test? How difficult is it to understand not to fly near airports, keep in line-of-sight and not above 400 feet.?

There are other issues regarding the proximity to people and buildings, but this is pretty much common sense. Once again, there is much public misinterpretation about what the risks are, largely fostered by the press/media. Don't get me started on privacy! I'll let mumsnet do all that.

Something I recieved 9 December 2016

Below is the contents of an email that I received from a person from Wayne McAlpine's past.

I have left my first name in the original email as I am pretty sure the person who is reading this will know it already. I have also left the spelling errors.

Hi Martin, I hope you receive this okay.  I had every intention of replying to you yesterday on my personal email but had gotten busy.  Our correspondence wasn't related to business so i though i would move to private email.

Yes, we are very aware of Mr McAlpine.  This is why I felt it necessary to speak with you.  

To be honest, from your earlier email, the concerns you expressed with regards to meeting by phone were shared by me, also.

I can assure you, Core Data and everyone here, are not associated to Mr McAlpine.  This was one of the reasons i wanted to meet with you by phone.  For all we know, you too could be Mr McAlpine masquerading as whom ever.

- Best I can tell, not really following names and circumstance - this debacle between you and Mr. McAlpine have been going on for a few years now.  We hear little bits every now and then but i haven't spent enough time on-line to read the full story.

There many things that I personally could clear up for you as well as express a deep concern that a few of us here have with some falsehoods being expressed on the tech muse or tempisfugit (sp?) site.  To be clear we believe the inaccuracies to be no fault of your own.  You can only go on what you know from what information you have available, i understand that.

If I am speaking with Martin, you really need to clarify some of the content you currently believe as factual.  Personally, my past with Mr McAlpine lingers like the stench of rotten meet.  :)   I was once employed by a gentleman who, after my employment with him, formed a partnership with Mr McAlpine.  I couldn't tell you to what degree as i was a sales employee back then (circa 2006-2009).  This was the extend on my time with Mr McAlpine.

If you'd ever like to speak by phone and "clear the air", so to speak, i believe we'd have much more in common with regards to our experience(s) with Mr McAlpine than you think.  If you are the proprietor of the tech muse or tempisfugit (sp?), i can already tell you that I could provide you much more accurate information that what you have up there.  I could most likely help to validate also what is factual.  I would also appreciate remaining anonymous if I did. so.

Martin, please feel free to contact me anytime as if we did run through some Q&A, it could be done better by phone as i am a horrible typist.  

If not, it is no consequence to me as we are more bystanders in this whole thing, getting a glimpse every now and then as to what MrMcAlpine is up to...

I guess this was from another of one of 7 billion that have had no problems with Wayne McAlpine. When Wayne works out who this email was from I am sure that he will add him/her to his list of "complicitors".

The "falsehoods" that the author of this email refers are the statement that I made that Core Data Recovery was the new face of OneWorld. Given this revelation I can see why those at CoreData were not happy with this. This is obviously not the case. However CoreData were in operation from The Innovation Place in Saskatoon. The connection to USASK was certainly not through Wayne McAlpine! In fact the Innovation Place aspect of Wayne's façade has crumbled. So much for all the "good things" that Wayne has done for mankind.

Next myth to be dispelled is the immobiliser nonsense.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Frost on the middle meadow

Here a shot taken this morning of the middle meadow with the low sun shining through the trees.

The colours and aspect ratio seem to be very different to that seen on the iPhone. It was too cold to fly this morning.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Another lie

Here is another post by Wayne McAlpine perpetuating  a lie about a hard drive that I allegedly sent him. He only came up with story in 2016. I originally made my comment about his dubious businesses in 2009!!!!

The façade of the Innovation Place is just that, a façade, Wayne McAlpine has and never had any connection with the University of Saskatewan. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

So much for being a coackroach

While I think posting screenshots of webpages a "cheap shot", one that clearly shows that the person making such a post has not imagination to take the information and present it in their own format, I am making an exception in this case.

As I have said I have no denials on whether I have used an alias in the past and you may conclude that what  had posted or communicated with the parties involved was constructed by me to attack the good character of certain individuals (if you know these individuals you will know that I didn't make it up!). However, I cannot see that I am "scurrying away like a cockroach" because the "light is being shined on" me.

Quite the contrary. If Wayne McAlpine thinks that his pathetic attempts to show me as the antagonist in this matter he is much mistaken.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Why am I so obsessed?

There is no reason that I should have a continued interest in a particular person or his business. Perhaps it is just that I have time on my hands?

Perhaps it is not an obsession, maybe it is just that I am trying to create a "smoke screen" to cover up and divert attention from the dastardly deeds that I have been up to over the years? In some ways I wish that was true!

When I started this blog I had no idea that it would generate the interest that it did. All I was doing was posting a few of my observations. There was no real agenda and definitely no business interest in it. It amuses me that now because of things that I have posted, true or otherwise, stories have been fabricated about me.

Unlike someone who I could mention:

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

More money on the table for the divorce

We have to decide on how much before we can think of discussing what we can do with the kids!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Interest in Wayne McAlpine and Joshua Sham from Norquay SK

A visit was made yesterday to my post on the two and the truth about Oneworld.

In normal Google style the keyword was not set, so I don't really know what the visitor was searching for. It could even have been Wayne on road trip! Still, there seems like there is a continuing interest here, I do wonder what scam Wayne is now trying to pull and why someone might be interested in the Oneworld past. Clicking through to the post on Joshua Sham would have revealed that I had deleted my page on him (on his request as he told me that he wanted nothing to do with Wayne McAlpine after the ArcDis fiasco).

I find it amusing that someone in Norquay Saskatchewan would be interested in someone from Saskatoon as it is rather like someone in Scotland being interested in me!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Aerial photography

I am thinking that I will dedicate this blog to Aerial Photography as unlike some of the visitors to this site I do have other interests other than promoting myself.

This blog has nothing and never has had anything to do with who I am and what I do for a business. I have expressed an opinion on various issues but these were in isolation from anything that effected my livelihood. If I have seen or come across something that makes no sense to me I have made comment. There have been a few occasions where my views have not met with a positive response from those that I have criticised. I make no apology for this.............

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mavic gimbal problem and missing rear foot.

Having thought that the morning frost would make a good photo I managed to get stuck in the apple tree!

A ladder was fetched from the shed and much prodding of branches finally brought the Mavic back to ground with a thud. I am guessing that it landed on the gimbal as apart from some broken propellers and a missing foot the Mavic would not initialize the gimbal on start-up.

As you can see in the photo the gimbal/camera assembly looks normal but the foot was AWOL.

I managed to fix the gimbal problem by some judicious "adjustment" of the bearing of the axis of the gimbal that was sticking. Manually moving the camera in the gimbal, in this case from left to right, as shown with the camera oriented as shown above, I could determine where the gimbal was snagging. Applying some pressure in the direction away from where I thought the bearing was binding freed it and it then returned to a more-or-less central position when released. Performing a gimbal calibration and on start-up the gimbal was sticking in this position. Now the calibration proceeds with flying colours (literally).

I am now flying without the extender legs but I did get a downward sensor calibration error which I now know how to fix!

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Once again, looking back in my email archive I came across the following:

Please remove all information about myself. The information of my address and so forth is my private information. I wish not to be continuously harassed by Bill Poplawski, who is a criminal and that has stolen from the company that unfortunately we gave him a chance to work for. He has done nothing but harassed our family, driven by our home and break our windows. If this is someone that you really want to continue to entertain, well, it goes to show your character too, and I am sure, if you met with Bill, you would not want to be associated with him. By the way, I feel very much taken advantage of by him as he needed help and a fresh start so I was paid for food, glasses, clothing, gas, cigarettes and a car to drive, and once I decided to stop helping him, he began this hate campaign against my family and I . We have been to the police and have formal complaints against him. If you would like a great project, dig into his past. His full name is William Poplawski. He needs to move on with his life and we would appreciate that you do not continue to add the fuel to his fire.

And if you really want to know on how he trades information with the police whenever he is out of money, he sets up drug dealers in Saskatoon and Edmonton.

If you would like to have more of a dialog, lets get on a call together about safe disk. It was a joint venture between bit defender and oneworld to help drive their sales and the project failed. Anyone that purchased safe disk insurance was dealt with. The volumes were not there to support the company, which almost bankrupted the company.

This is most of the text from the email, there is more from Bill/Alex Poplawski in other emails. These will be posted later.

As the practice of posting emails that are received in an attempt to justify your own point of view seems to be popular, I am continuing to do so. I realise that this email was sent a long time ago but that does not seem to matter. Also the posting of a companies business address is NOT a violation of privacy If an individual carries out a business from their home then it is legitimate to post that address. Searching the Internet and finding that there are businesses registered to an address in Dickey Crescent in Saskatoon was not difficult even though the person doing so had taken as many steps as he could to prevent that happening. That was all that I did with Wayne McAlpine, in that I posted the information that was sent to me and that I had found from my independent research.

Some of the information that I posted on my website and this blog was sent, I think, to me by someone used the name Bill Poplawski. There were addresses, telephone numbers and photographs. Not all this information was posted as I had not confirmed the validity of some of it from my own investigations. The photographs, it later came to be evident, were some of the only existing copies that were probably made when relations between the parties involved were more cordial. In any case it was obvious to be at the time, and subsequently later, that there was a grievance that the person that was sending me the information between themselves and Wayne McAlpine. I also surmised that the reason that I was receiving this information was that I had challenged Wayne McAlpine myself and the correspondent was in the hope that I would help to "punish" Wayne.

It is my belief that the relationship between Wayne and Alex/Bill has waxed and waned over the years, with bridges being mended and subsequently re-broken. Wayne and Bill even working together, and even possibly living at Dickey Crescent. I find that now in 2017 that still seems to be of interest to Wayne McAlpine and to others that have had cause to question his activities in the past.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Freedom of speech

.....and what you find posted on the Internet.

I find it highly ironic that in these days of "fake news" that there is any notion of Freedom of Speech. Many producers of web content claim that they are using the Internet in that vein but then ban and delete comments from some of the visitors to their sites.

My partner has been banned twice from the Bloviating Zeppelin website/blog. She is guilty of post a contrary view to the owner of the site that he doesn't want his other readers to see. She has been posting under various aliases, I know this is to be frowned on! On average it takes about 2 to 3 comments before she is sussed out and the comments are removed. So much for allowing free speech?

I have also been accused of this practice. i.e. deleting comments made by those that disagree with what I have said. I do not deny this but I am of the view now that I will let anything stand as it only makes the person making the comment look as stupid as they really are. I also allow comments to be made on this blog, something that the particular person to whom I refer does not on his websites and blogs. He claims that is because that it is HIS story and he is not allowing others to defend themselves on his forums. I suggest that it is more like that he is a coward and is afraid of what might be said bout him. In any case he could do what seems like the common practice of allowing comments and just deleting those that he doesn't like. Perhaps there is nobody that is prepared to defend him?

Returning to my partner, she has a particular penchant for winding up ultra right wing Americans. She claims that she was instrumental is getting Texas Fred to close (or at least stop posting on) his blog. Perhaps our household is just a hotbed for this sort of activity? As far as I am aware that my partner is ignorant of my current battle with the person from Saskatoon, we have not discussed it. In any case I am sure she would relish the opportunity to "have a go" herself!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pissing in the wind

The definition according to the Urban Dictionary is that you are likely to be worse off by you actions than you would be it you had not bothered in the first place.

This is particularly applicable to Wayne McAlpine as no matter how he tries to recover from past mistakes and failures he is still seen to be an idiot.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

It is a pity that the Germans weren't Muslim

It would make the whole remembrance day thing I lot more easy to promote.

The fact that the Nazis were, or at least thought they were, Christians - is a little inconvenient. If they followed Islam or were nasty Atheists, as were those pesky Soviets, it would be a lot easier to get people on board in their condemnation.

In these days of suicide bombers and drivers mowing into pedestrians a clearer target for your bigotry is an obvious choice. Still, it is a good marketing opportunity and something for all the poppy sales people to do with their time. I am looking forward to not seeing the splashed of red on everyone's lapels. That along with the glares you get it you are spotted in the street without one!

It is not that I am ungrateful. Those that sacrificed their lives in the World Wars do need some respect. But surely it not time to forget? It is clear that our leaders have not remembered last mistakes and the "saber rattling" continues. Donald doesn't have a clue - whether it be North Korea or the Iranians, not to mention the Saudi's and please don't ask him about what is happening in the Lebanon. He probably has never heard of Saad Hariri and certainly not visited the Hezbollah territory on the boarder with Syria at Baalbek. I have.

Friday, November 10, 2017

SEA as opposed to SEO

Google are really just interested in Search Engine Advertising. The overtures that they make to webmasters about SEO is just a means to an end. This being that they get revenue from both the website owners and their customers.

Reading some of Google's advice for SEO it has become clear that there is little new in what they have been saying all the time that they have been in business. There is a lot of talk bout KEYWORDS. Keywords in URLs, keywords in page titles, keywords in anchor text in fact keywords in everything. As all webmasters can confirm Google is very keen to sell you KEYWORDs and ADWORDS. This, I think, shows their real motive. Unique content seems to feature pretty low in their list of recommendations. To my mind it is the content that is key to a well designed and run website.

The use of keywords in the way that Google suggest will only work if the keywords are relevant to the website on which they are used. In addition the value of a keyword, such as "real estate" is only relevant if you have paid Google to promote your site in their SERPs. I generic term such as "real estate" will only be relevant if you have an external mechanism that will list your site when a local Internet user searches for "real estate" in your area. The use of a persons name in a websites domain or page URLs will include the site and pages in Google SERPs but do nothing unless the person making the search already knows the name. In fact, the use of a real name in a website is of secondary importance as the real reason that you should be producing a site is to promote a business and not an ego trip. This, of course, is the case unless your name or company is something like John Lewis. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Information for CRA

Part of an email I received 28th November 2016 from someone who told me that they had information regarding Wayne McAlpine, his activities and his business activity with respect to income tax.

Again the highlighted text is part of the email:

As I mentioned, we have a substantial amount of information collected regarding Wayne's 'dubious business' :) practices over the years. This has not been submitted to the CRA yet, but with the tax season around the corner, I will ensure it is. It is frustrating to me that Wayne continues to get away with his crimes. I hope that CRA involvement will have an impact... However you decide to proceed, I thank you for your past efforts. I do check in or your site once in a while to see if there is anything new posted. This has helped us to add to the information we have collected over the years.

..... and there is nobody else that has a problem with him?!

Of course, Wayne will just claim that this is just me inventing "inflammatory" and falsified information again!

Wayne McAlpine continues to be interested in what I post about him. He thinks that I have an interest in the automotive industry - I don't.

Yes, I have used an Alias

I freely admit that I have communicated with others using a pysdonym. This is common practise on Internet forums and participants are often encouraged to use nicknames. This could be to protect your real identity or it could be just that your real name is irrelevant to the discussion.

The aliases that I have used are, tempusfugit and, plus others that I cannot recall. I used these aliases and email addresses in attempts to find out information where I did not want to initially use my real name. In instances where I had established that the person I was communicating with was not hostile I reverted to my real name and regular email address.

I sent communications to the Winnipeg Free Press and  Manitoba Public Insurance using the Andy Nagy disguise. I had email interchange with Anthony Mannella and Joshua Sham using my real name. This is rather ironic as Mannella was proud to announce that he knew my real name, that was real detective work on his part. He also had the audacity to suggest to Lindor Reynolds at the Winnipeg Free Press that she might want to write an article on Cyber Stalking as that was what he claimed that I had been doing with Wayne McAlpine for a number of years.

I would gladly assist any journalist who wanted to write an article on Cyber Crime and use me as an example. I would even let them use my real name. I have stated openly that I have been Cyber Stalking (in my sense of the word) but I have never threatened anyone with physical violence or any other form of intimidation. Again, this is ironic as the person that I have had the most trouble with has done just that, with me and with others.

As far as making up things about people and not giving them the chance to reply or defend themselves, this blog has always allowed comments from visitors. It has been suggested by Wayne McAlpine that he (we) has tried to make such comments and I have deleted these posts. This is not the case, but you only have my word for that. Try it, you might be surprised.

I have received emails from those that have said that I have been misrepresenting them on my website and blog. I have replied to such claimants and had modified my posts accordingly. In many such cases the complainant was just saying that I was saying something they would rather I didn't. Not that I was telling an untruth.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cyberstalking a long-time review

I admit that I have been stalking someone for the last 6 years. The reason is that this person did not like a comment that I made on this blog about his business with regard to data recovery.

As I refused to either engage in communication with him or to remove the information that I managed to find online about him he made multiple attempts at intimidation to get me to remove the information about him.

Today, in 2017, he has taken it upon himself to "stalk" me. He has posted a whole load of false information online about me including a lie that I sent him a hard drive so that his company could recover the data from it. This drive, supposedly, contained pornographic (illegal) files on it.

While the practise of stalking is seen to be an activity that is condemned by many, this instances here make it entirely justified. In any case the act of Cyberstalking is more likely to be applied to instances where an individual is posting information or harassing another in an attempt to intimidate the victim. I have never done this and all I have done is to report the information that I had found online about an individual. I have never threatened then or told them to remove anything that they have said about me, as it is all completely absurd. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The joys of rural broadband

Last week we were "out" for 8 days, Moles had chewed through a fiber cable in a distribution box linking our house with the neighbours. BT is unable to provide us with an ASDL connection s we are reliant on a Point-to-point service. The problem with this is that there is no line-of-site from any of the towers in the area. Our connection comes from a fiber connection from the house down the road. This seems like over-kill but at least it works. Fiber sounds like we have high speeds, well we don't!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Planting some seed

I realise that it is a little late in the year but let's see if it germinates.

I am now well set for the spring. My intention is to get the middle meadow nettle-free and with a reasonable turf. More pictures to follow.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

He who laughs last laughs longest

I was thinking of this phrase this morning.

I haven't heard anything from a certain person for a while. Maybe he concedes defeat?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The relevance of the Internet Archive

When you see a link to the WayBack Machine for a website it is most likely to be a version of the website that the author has updated since that time.

If there is no current version then I think you can safely conclude that the archive has no relevance.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The problem with English Churches

Is that Britain is largely a secular society. Many profess to have no religion and others, like me, say that there is no god. The congregations of parish churches in rural areas is dwindling. The church down the road from us has one of just half a dozen faithful.

This is a pity as there are so many fine historic buildings that deserve support and should be maintained as part of Britain's heritage.

While it is true that we have an affection for old churches and historic buildings in general, we are not going to signup as Christians any time soon. However, we will continue our support of the local church and its maintenance. To suggest that I could be in any way intimidated into an apology for what I have reported in the past on the threat of exposure of a sexual profile that does not exist is ludicrous.

I can just imagine the response of a vicar or rector of a parish church if they were called and told to look out for me! Even if they did know me and they followed the link I doubt if it would make any sense to them. Of the 400 apparently there were only 50 to go when I was last updated on this venture. I have not heard anything since so I am presuming that they either do not care or more likely have not been called.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Life is good

A photo of the cottage. The leaves are starting to turn but everything still has the wonderful greenness which will prevail all year.

I think that I will update this particular shot throughout the year t show the changing of the canopy.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Digging up the past

It is amazing what you can find by looking at some of the past emails that you have received.

....and I thought that SafeDisk was supposed to be a great success!

What a great partnership Mr. Poplawski and McAlpine seem to have. Perhaps they would both like to reflect on their past and present relationship? It was Bill (or Alex) who fed me all the information in the first place.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Toro HoverPro 500

The choice was between the Husqvarna  and a Toro. The Toro was a little more but it looked like it was a little more "solid". Both had Honda 160cc 4 stroke engines and were highly reviewed.

Having obtained a quote from Ernest Doe I looked online for the best price.

The Toro 500 seemed like the best bet at £505, including VAT and delivery.

Assembly was "interesting" as some of what was in the user/operators manual was not clear. For example, the positioning of the throttle control and the fact that you have to hook the flywheel brake into the operator presence bar before screwing the control to the handle. Also where the control cables should be routed. It was also not clear where the handle foot stop was supposed to be placed, this only becomes obvious after you have fitted it correctly and have used the mower (you need to fix the handle in the upright position to allow the mower to be lifted as the motor is not at the center of gravity and will tip if the handle is not locked).

I was very pleased with the performance on the "back forty". The rough nature and slopes were handled as I expected and a normal wheeled mower would have been impossible. A thing I would add to the user instructions is that if you are mowing a lot of leaves make sure that the air intake at the top of the mower deck does not get choked with leaves and debris as you will loose your hovering power and the mower will be hard to maneuver.

All in all a good purchase.

Friday, October 20, 2017 and Kaspersky

It is interesting to note that the US government has banned the installation and use of Kaspersky anti-virus software on their computers.

Now that Hillary is telling everyone that the Russians did it, one wonders if Donald or Wayne even know who Jeff Moss is.

Threatpost are the news outlet of Kaspersky and when I was posting regularly on this topic I reported that Threatpost were saying that Cabanak were stealing $1B from banks. Since that time I am now more concerned that such comments will garner interest in the illegal activities that I have been up to. This is instead of attempting to take the spotlight off them by criticising others that can't answer back!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

SEO Services in Saskatoon

If you are looking for such services I recommend that you check the dates of the articles linked on any website that you might find offering such services.

In the fast changing world of the Internet and Search Engine development a lot has happened in the last few years. Anything that is over 2 years old will be WAY out-of-date, as will any other expertise claimed by anyone offering services today. Quoting such old documents should be an indication of how behind the times the SEO company and anyone associated with it is. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Find my drone

Another DJI feature that is not well documented.

It actually works quite well.

I did a little experiment and the screenshot above shows the location of the drone and the options to make the brushless motors beep.

Once again, this is a prime example of how DJI fail to explain how functions of their product and seem to rely on the Internet forums to provide information on them. If you search for "DJI Find my Drone" or "ESC Beeping" you will find many posts that allude to how this function works. However, there is no explanation of what ESC means and how the beeping is to be used in finding the drone.

ESC - is Electronic Speed Control(ler) and it turns out that you can use the controller to made the motors act as a speaker/beeper. This beeping and the Smart LED options appear if you click on the drones location on the map. These buttons will also appear if the drone has been lost for a long(ish) time, see below. and the drones battery is exhausted.

As the forums tell you the beeping and LED functions will not be available unless you still have an RC connection with the drone. The buttons to make the motors beep is triggered by tapping on the "lost location" on the map.This would be the case (hopefully) in the immediate event of a crash or a flyaway as you hopefully would have sufficient battery power left. You will also be able to see the radio (RC) connection signal level, the number of GPS satellites the drone can currently see and the remaining drone battery level. If the drone has performed an automatic RTH due to an RC connection loss of failure to access a sufficient GPS signal the figures you may see are the last recorded values before the loss occurred.

Using your Smartphone, using its own GPS, you will be able to walk or drive to the drone location by viewing your relative position on the map. When you get close you should be able to hear the beeping or see the LEDs. If the battery gets exhausted then this will not be an option.

Even if you don't have an RC connection you will still be able to locate the last recorded co-ordinates by using the map in the dji Go app or even use Google maps to provide you with directions to the drone. You can test the "Find my drone" operation even if you have not lost your drone as the app will record the co-ordinates of the last place that you landed successfully.

The most important feature here is that the "Find my drone" function is useful for both situations where an immediate crash or flyaway has occurred or even when the drone jut goes AWOL and you cannot find it immediately. The information on the last will be stored in the DJI Go app until the next flight has been made. You can check this at anytime by selecting the function from the main screen of the app.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A trip to the coast

Barely an hour and half drive from home.

The seafront and lighthouse at Southwold

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Not being famous

I supposedly had posted on my website that I am an Aerospace Engineer and Scientist.  Wayne McAlpine tried to confirm that this is in fact the truth, And we couldn’t find anything about me!

Looks like I have won the race of keeping a low profile!

If I wanted to be famous I would registered multiple domain names and post my name to all the websites that I could create. Of course, I would need to back that up with credible content for those sites. Or I could just make it all up - I am good at that!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Downward vision sensor error

I guess this post will make as much sense as those you will find on DJI related forums.

A couple of times I have seen this system error, the first I managed to clip a few branches in the back yard. So I learnt not to ignore the warning assuming it was the same as the lack of GPS signal and all I needed to do was to get a bit of altitude to get a better look at the satellites. Come to think of this it was not logical as if ground recognition was poor, due to mis-calibration, then it was not likely to improve with more height.

In the first instance, when I was at home, the error went away after re-booting the controller and the Mavic Pro. I got the same error yesterday when I was out on the meadows and decided that it was wise to come up with a better solution to the problem. On perseverance I found a menu setting that allowed me to recalibrate the down-sensors. This involved the movement of the MP in a square formation in front of me while I was holding it above the ground in my left hand. Strangely, this was not to be found anywhere on the forums???? I gave up as I was getting the message that a calibration could not be done on a terrain that was textured, this being the grass of the meadow. So I decided to go back into town and look up a solution in the library on their computers.

Here I found references to the DJI Assistant, which runs on the computer while you have the FP connected directly using a USB cable. This allows you to do the same calibration using the computer screen as a target for the sensors, both forward and downward. I did, however, manage to perform the calibration using just the drone and the "square movement" procedure that I tried in the field. I was hampered in this in finding an unobstructed and texture free area in the back yard and had to resort to the picnic table again. Still, I proved that the same calibration could be performed away from my computer. When enough data had been captured by the sensors the FP seemed to recalibrate in the same way  as it did with the computer. I will be interested to see if this technique appears on the forums, where videos of how to use the Assistant and more prevalent.

There also seemed to be a lack of understanding of the difference between the forward sensors and the downward sensors.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Fiverr and smcwriter

At first I could not see the relevance and/or connection here. James Skip Evers was supposed to have used Fiverr, a freelance service, to "track down dirt" on business associates. Now I see that smcwriter is a freelancer on Fiverr.

I guess this could be the reason that the domain was registered to discredit her?????

As for Fiverr, a quick look at the terms and conditions along with the forum, it seems like a "nest of vipers" to me.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Time to get rid of some stuff

Having been here in the UK for almost 3 years it is time to review some of the things we shipped from Canada.

Some things have not been used, or even taken out of their boxes. A lot of this includes computer equipment. These were things that I could not sell before I left but were too expensive to just trash. Motherboards, HDDs and cases - all not re-assembled are candidates. Especially the magnetic hard drives, I have no idea what is on most of them and having migrated to solid state I don't really care.

Kind of ironic considering the nonsense on having data recovered from such drives. Which I didn't.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Mavic battery maintenance

Looks like it is going to be a no-fly day. Rain has "socked in". Time to discharge the fully charged batteries.

I am surprised that DJI don't promote the use of the USB power adapter for the Intelligent  battery packs. They suggest that you run the rotor motors to do this. Surely this would put an undue wear on them?

If you have multiple iPads and iPhones it is best to use the fully charged packs charging them.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bilstein don't seem to be bothered with being misrepresented

I guess they are too busy with their elevator business? is their official website not and it certainly makes more sense if you go there.

Bilstein US are North American outlet for German made truck suspension parts, and their are probably many companies that represent their products outside Europe.

Bilstein ThyssenKrupp is a division of ThyssenKrupp AG, a diversified industrial group with traditional strengths in materials and a growing share of capital goods and services businesses.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Why you won't find any real information about me online

Because there is none there!

I have not posted anything about myself online using my real name. If you fond any it is likely to have been fabricated by someone who doesn't like what I have said about them.

I am not famous, my name is quite common and without a company name it is difficult to determine any connection. In any case when I was working as an engineer it was before the Internet existed so there is little chance that you would find anything even if you did know who I worked for.

Similarly, you will not find any information related to me at the institution that I earned my B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. I can say that I was employed by Marconi when I was a student and after graduation.

I generally despise Social Media. I do have a Facebook account but that is under an Alias, and we all know what that is all about! I do not have any friends or follow anyone on Facebook as the only reason for having the account is so that I can logon and see other peoples Facebook offerings. I haven't logged on to Facebook in months however my anagy_99 email address gets at least 3 friend requests every day! This is very irritating and along with mail from Twitter I filter it straight into a Spam folder in the Outlook account for Andy.

I have posted my thoughts about LinkedIn on this blog and my website so you can read about them in other posts.

Alternately, I am a terrorist and Cyber Bully that just wants to keep my identity secret.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Would you do business with this man?

Say for arguments sake:
I sent a hard drive into a service that promised to recover corrupted data and files from that drive.

Also say:
The drive I sent in contained files of a pornographic and illegal nature that I would not want revealed.

On sending the drive to this service the offending files were discovered and the company doing the recovery contacted me and asked about how the files got there.

Why would I do this?

Wayne McAlpine said:
Event said that he would publish all over the internet that we were Liars thieves and cheats this obviously was for Martin winter to remove the spotlight off himself and his tools The Technology Muse and tempusfugit or

I have never had that conversation with Wayne McAlpine. However, it is self evident to anyone who has done business with him that he is "a liar and a cheat".

Posting on this blog and my website is hardly "all over the Internet". Sending a couple of emails under an assumed name is hardly the crime of the century. What tools?

Friday, September 22, 2017


"With the eyes of a fool", he said
"You see the state you're in -
And still you stumble through your stupid life
Still you laugh and grin
Vagabond on a winding road
That only leads you down
Blind to the dangers and dismay
That wipe the innocent smile away
From the face of a laughing clown."
"Imbecile, you are acting like a fool again
In a world of thieves all ready to run you down
Imbecile, they are waiting till you make the first mistake
And you're going to make it -
That's why I'll always call you an Imbecile."

"You weren't always a sorcerer,"
The Joker then replied
"It seems to me you learned it on the way
You live by tricks and lies
Standing 'round in your juggler's gown
There seems no reason why
Flashing your eyes and casting spells
With candles and signs and magic bells
Oh, you are the fool, not I."

"Imbecile, you can call me that if you feel the need
But life is short and I am living it while I can
If it rains, I'll get wet but in the sunshine I'll be dry
It is you who are foolish
Just 'cause I laugh don't call me an Imbecile

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Another day in the life of TempusFugit

One of the 7 Billion (minus 6 and counting).

Yes I have time on my hands, time indeed to settle a few scores.

The previous post in this vein garnered some interest that prompted a quest to contact all the churches in Suffolk to see if they had heard of me. I guess if they had they could be informed about how bad I was a person! All the nasty things that I had done online and all the lies that I had made up about poor defenceless people. I am not sure how this would have been presented, by a "failed" business person from Saskatoon in Canada. What possible relevance would it have to the ecclesiastical community in the UK? What with struggling congregations I would have thought all would be welcome, whatever their past deeds.

Back to the day........ Normally this starts as I reported before - over my morning coffee I go online to see who has visited my website and this blog. To see what new nonsenses there are. I might even launch the TOR browser to browse anonymously although I realise this could be a trigger for the security services to flag me as a subversive. After all, anyone who uses TOR is doing so to either access the "Dark Web" or is up to criminal activity such as posting the information on how to build a home-made bomb. (Thank you Mr.Petraeus).

Having had coffee and done the washing up from the previous nights dinner it is time for a shower and to get up properly. Maybe a walk in the country to pick some blackberries or damsons or even a quick flight over the neighbourhood.

My efforts regarding the update of my website have waned of late. I have made some updates to my new UK website but I am now concentrating on this blog. Posts on some of the issues that I covered on my Canadian site have been posted and I am waiting to see if they are found by visitors. It is a lot of work updating a website for what are limited returns. As I have no commercial reason to maintain a website there is little reason to expend a major effort there.
Also due to the fact that Wayne McAlpine has tainted the names TempusFugit and TheTechnologyMuse I have changed the name of this blog to "Musing from the UK". This is a pity as I stand by the use of the names, although I have moved on from the "technology" theme. I still have the desire to continue with Temusfugit, hence the name of my current UK site. The theme is still the passage of time. As for this blog, I would export and re-import all the content to a blog with another name (other than but Wayne McAlpine would not be able to find it and see what I have posted about him. Still, it is pretty irrelevant what the URL of the blog is in any case as Google will continue to send visitors my way.

Since I have worked out what Wayne McAlpine is on about when he claims that he has not been paid for SEO and "business services" related to the promotion of websites, I take great pleasure in visiting as many of his domains to further distort the web statistics that he uses to show that his SEO campaign works. It doesn't! This heavy-handed approach has long been recognised by Google as SPAM, and has no effect on page/site ranking. The real measure for SEO success is the increase in conversions of visits into sales, if that is what the purpose of the site was I the first place. This is what Morris Brown was hoping for and what Wayne McAlpine  and Joshua Sham promised him and they failed to deliver. I am not surprised that he refuses to pay them.

As I say on my UK website ( I did spend some time creating a Village website. This was because it was a legal requirement for the Parish Council and they were in violation of transparency laws when we took it over. It is this that leads me to maintain that the running of a website is a lot of work. I also advised the Village Hall committee about the creation of a website to promote village events. I told the person in charge of this promotion that using Wordpress would be more trouble than it was worth. He ignored my advice and the Village Hall website is pretty useless in my opinion. Much like a lot of other sites I see created with the tool.

Another pastime is the great TV that we currently have available to us. Here is another possible way of getting at us - we do not have a TV License. The reason for this is that we don't watch live TV or the BBC on Catch-Up. The finer points of this will be unknown to Wayne McAlpine but if he looks he will see that it is a criminal offence to not have a licence and be watching in that manner. All he needs to do is to claim that we are and we maybe charged. The fact that we don't should not prove a problem for him as he has claimed all sorts of thing about me that are not true!
What with the last season of Game of Thrones there have been a lot of interesting series that we have downloaded. It is interesting that our ISP does not block thepiratebay, BT does and when we connected through them I had to use obfuscation techniques. Oh! I am so bad!!!!

Cyber Bullying

As I said before "pot calling the kettle black"!

Wayne McAlpine says on his Dura Brake site:

(Wayne McAlpine) has done his part by registering the personal names of the directors as websites and intentionally published erroneous statements to embarrass and portray these people as “a scam and a fraud.”

I change the name on the Dura Brake site to the real perpetrator of these claims.

If you look at the registration of all these "websites" they are registered in the company name of - the company owned by Wayne McAlpine. So much for Morris Brown stealing them???

I feel cheated that I am not personally named on this website.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Something I received 19 June 2016

An earlier communication that I had received about the antics of Wayne McAlpine

The highlighted text below is an extract of an email sent to me:

We were contacted by the police, about two years ago, because Wayne had an altercation with a teenage boy on the street (Wayne called the police to complain that the boy had stepped onto his lawn and "trespassed"). It was around this same time we found out that Wayne McAlpine didn't even have a driver's license.... the same man that is a mechanical engineer and Nascar winner. The exciting news for Wayne is that he has been taking driver training!!! In the past couple of months the driver trainer has pulled up in front of his house to pick him up for driver training lessons.... just so happened that a few of us neighbors decided to pull out our lawn chairs and sit on the lawn facing him, right where he could see, when he arrived home from his driving lesson. To date, he isn't driving alone, so he either hasn't gone for his drivers test or he has failed. 

Wayne McAlpine  is a scam and a con-artist. 

Thank you for your work. It has not gone unnoticed. We have information on our end also. I am not sure how we can work together, but I hope that we can to stop him from the fraud and theft that is going on.

I am not making this up!

This extract was from an email that appeared to have been prompted by someone finding "Pinocchio series" the website(s) created by Morris Brown. This was an early attempt by Wayne Morris Brown to expose Wayne McAlpine and Joshua Sham and accuse them of "cheating" him in the delivery of a redesigned website for Morris Brown expanded this attack with one featuring ArcDis Corp.

Now in April 2017, Wayne McAlpine continues to be interested in what I post about him!

Actually, it is now July 2017 and I was looking back at some of my previous posts and thought that this was a good one to promote.

An apology to the family and estate of the Late Lindor Reynolds

I would apologise to the Reynolds family for any unpleasantness that my dealings with Wayne McAlpine may have cause you.

The incident to which I refer relates to a series of communications that I had with Lindor about Wayne McAlpine. He is now claiming that I had told her that if she didn't report what I had told her I would set out on an attack to made her look corrupt. I did no such thing.

Wayne McAlpine does not even recognise her untimely death. This only goes to show the heartless and manipulative nature of the man. I think that you can see this if you read some of the posts that I have made about his activities in the past.

While it is true that I contacted her under an alias, I did so as I was aware of the unstable nature of Wayne McAlpine and his associates. My approach to her at the Winnipeg Free Press was an attempt to get to the bottom of the story regarding Wayne McAlpine, the CAIRSS and the MPI immobiliser program. I could not understand how such a deviant individual could have been quoted in an article by Lindor.

In addition, I am also aware that Anthony Mannella, of the CAIRSS, also contacted Lindor and told her that I had been harassing Wayne McAlpine for some time previous to the immobiliser incident. While this was true it was due to the facts that I had established about his activities up to that point. These and the methods that he used to counter my claims about him. Anthony Mannella even suggested to her that she might consider doing an article about Cyber-Stalking" as that was what I had been doing to Wayne McAlpine for many years. This is true, I was using the same sort of techniques that he was using against me and probably many others he had previous business with. I also called him a Cyber Bully - I still maintain that this is the case.

Now in 2017, Wayne McAlpine is still in the same modus operandi in that he is still pursuing this "bullying" stance. The main reason for this is that a certain Morris Brown had taken him to task for the non-delivery of a strategy to grow his business TheRamManInc. I am sure if you make a search for this and you will see the nonsense of what I speak.

You may also to asking what is my stake in all this. Well, again if you take the trouble to look you will find that he has made some pretty vile statements about me and my intentions. For these I feel that he needs to be held to account.

Monday, September 18, 2017

DuckDuckGo and TOR

TOR uses DuckDuckGo for its search engine.

When I see visits to this blog from DuckDuckGo searches I am a little suspicious.

$300,000US for services from ArcDis - you must be joking! Content, Marketing, Accounting Services, SEO --- I hope that you still have Joshua Shams permission to post those videos.

Content: Public Safety News indeed! You need to be consistent. There is no point in posting random articles that have no relevance to the subject in question at the same time claiming that an unsafe product is being sold. It only goes to making you look more stupid.

As I said before, Morris Brown is not your problem. Do yourself a favour and forget Morris, you are not going to get any money from him and his business is as lame as yours. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Does this chimney look right?

I think it should have a chimney pot.

I get in now!

I could not see what the relevance of the web statistics were. They are an attempt to show that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation - for those who might not know) work was performed and was not paid for. ----- Hence this is the perpetuation of a fraud or a scam.

This is pathetic, let me explain why.

The reports posted are ALL for domains owned by Wayne McAlpine. If they were owned by the people that he is trying to impersonate then they could be paid for. They are not and the domains were registered by Wayne McAlpine to either discredit an individual or company or to provide incoming links to a website that Wayne McAlpine was trying to promote. He doesn't seem to realise that Google are fully aware of this technique and their algorithm will discount such links.

It is easy to inflate such reports as visits by the author of the site are included in them. A way of making the reports look like the site is popular is to visit them yourself. This is a bit like masturbation, a subject that Wayne McAlpine seems to be fixated with! While it is true that I had visited the site that Wayne McAlpine had created in my name, to see what nonsense he had posted, I certainly did not commission the site. To suggest that I have not paid him for it is ludicrous. Especially if you look at the content on such sites.

As for the hours that Wayne McAlpine has spent on research and SEO, I would suggest that he finds a better use for his time as he clearly has no clue.

Wayne McAlpine has long acknowledged that I am far more knowledgeable at SEO than he. If I were to require such services I certainly would not choose him. I can see how someone like Morris Brown may have believed McAlpine into thinking that he could grow his business by the application of SEO to his website. This SEO strategy involved the registration of multiple domains and using these to promote the site by providing incoming links. Brown was probably under the impression that these domains were registered in his name, hence his charge that McAlpine "stole" them from him. The services of ArcDis Corp., with the front of Joshua Sham, were a nonsense from the start and Brown was rightfully upset.

Finally, on the subject of web statistics, Google Analytics would have been a better tool to show whether an SEO program was working. As Wayne has been aware over the years much more user data is included in the Analytics reports. Information such as the source of the visits and what pages were viewed. Search keywords have ceased to be available from Google as I am sure Wayne is aware. He was certainly "rattled" by the fact that I was publishing the Keywords that he used to find my website. Keywords such as Dickey Crescent and his associates names. Also I managed to get Google to index my pages with just one website, I did not need to register multiple domains - in fact, as I don't run a business, why would I want to?

I guess the lie of me choosing him for SEO is just as unbelievable as me sending him a hard drive. Both activities have been criticised by me. I believe, in general, both these activities are often scams.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Serious Weed killer

I will have to treat the Blackthorn stumps with SBK

The weeds and nettles are starting to grow back in all my good work.

Why I am doing all this?

Well, as someone has stated - I have time on my hands. This is a consequence of being retired and financially independent (I don't need to work or have to rely on a pension).

I have an on-going discussion with my partner about who someone should be concerned about "crossing". She says that most people would say her, but it is really me! I admit that I have a vindictive streak that I probably inherited from my mother. If I find something or someone who annoys me I will pursue it until I get satisfaction. My partner is the "aggressive" one in our relationship and most people know not to get into arguments with her as she is likely to win. I, on the other hand, appear to be the quiet and passive one.

Do I really care that Wayne McAlpine is telling lies about me on line? Well, wouldn't anyone be annoyed about it being claimed that I sent him a disc drive for repair that he subsequently found "disturbing" images? He only came up with that story in 2016 when I stepped up my pursuit of him due to the fact that I became aware of Wayne Morris Brown's attempts to give Wayne McAlpine a taste of his own medicine. I have never talked with Morris Brown and certainly didn't encourage him to quote the pages on this blog and my website about Wayne McAlpine and OneWorld.

My dispute with Wayne McAlpine goes back to 2009 when I made a criticism of his data recovery service. A service that I have a statement from him that it was a "failed venture" between him and a Virus Protection company that he was representing as part of the OneWorld empire. This was in 2009, the OneWorld empire no longer exists only in the form of, the entity that McAlpine registers all his Internet domains.

Over the period of 2009 to 2016 Wayne has continued to be interested in what I have been saying about him on line. I had seen a constant trail of visits to this blog and my website. During that period I saw many dubious activities with various automotive ventures. This includes VSIB, CARISS and latterly the work that he and Joshua Sham did for TheRamMan. This involved the fiasco of immobilisers for vehicles in Manitoba and the fact he was still in association of individuals such as Anthony Mannella who denied that he even knew Wayne McAlpine. Mannella even went on the support McAlpine in the claim that I was making false statements about them. This was after I had found clear connections between them all on online profiles such as LinkedIn.
It was over this period that I attempted to get to the bottom of the story by writing to Lindor Reynolds at the Winnipeg Free Press and Brian Smiley at the Manitoba Public Insurance.
I did this under my alias of TempusFugit as at that time I was still anonymous to McAlpine.

When I first registered the domain I used my real name. When Wayne McAlpine started his campaign against me I changed this to a pysdonym. On moving to the UK I changed it back to my real name as I was not worried about Wayne or anyone else knowing. The fact that he makes a big point that I am trying to be evasive by not using my name is nonsense. In fact the only reason that he knows my real name is that Anthony Mannella told him as I was in communication with him where I made no attempt to disguise myself. The screenshot of my registration details was faked by Wayne McAlpine as he was still was of the opinion that I was trying to withhold it. This is the same as the photograph that he posted of Ken Thorpe's lawn - a complete fabrication.

Do I want Wayne McAlpine to remove the information about me on his numerous websites?
Definitely not! I think that they show that he is a moron as they are so stupid!

I recommend that he does remove the postings as they only show him as the charlatan that he is.

I will continue to post in this manner as I find it quite amusing that he still has interest in this subject. I also note that he has not updated the website that he created in the name of this blog (.com). This is due to the fact that he has nothing new on me apart from his assertion that I am complicit with Morris Brown, Skip Evers and the Thorpes.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

It will soon be time for some fires

I have several piles of Blackthorn cut into lengths for the wood-burning stove.

To think that the space above was impregnable this time last year!

The Bergamot by the side of the pond needs another strim. is now available to be registered again.

The link to it has also been removed from Wayne McAlpine's stupid website. As is the link to Elder Rubber Inc. It seems that I was correct about my summation about that.

Joshua Sham told me that he knew that Wayne McAlpine had registered a domain in his name but had not given him any access to it. Joshua told me that Wayne said that it was registered so that he could manage the information found about him online. I guess he was referring to the ArcDis Corp. fiasco, in which he and Josh supposedly ripped-off Morris Brown.

Joshua also told me that he had deregistered the corportation ArcDis and he wanted nothing more to do with  either Wayne McAlpine or Morris Brown. Josh told me that he wanted to get on with the rest of his life and never speak with Wayne McAlpine or Morris Brown again.

Josh is a bright guy and I have had a few good rational conversations with him. This is more than I can say about Wayne McAlpine! I am not sure who funded the MBA course in Toronto as he was working with Wayne at CARISSS when I became aware of it. However, it proves to me that he is not stupid, which makes me wonder why he would have even got involved with McAlpine in the first place.

Joshua contacted me to ask if I would remove things that I had posted about him on by blog and website. He told me that he was not my enemy. I told him that I could not remove the information as it was intertwined with my criticism of Wayne McAlpine and he was still me enemy. I reached an agreement with Joshua and some of that information has been removed as I basically think that Josh is a good guy and needs to be allowed to get on with his life.

No doubt Josh will now be removed the list of one of the 7 Billion who don't have a problem with Wayne McAlpine. All I need now is to get a few more names removed from  that list. How about Anthony Mannella and Terry Bradshaw, both of which Joshua tells me are "reasonable" guys. If so, why did they ever get involved with Wyane McAlpine?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Claas Lexion 570+

The digital media features in Windows XP?

This is 2017 - what is Windows XP?

Search me if I can see a reference to the person "embracing" them! If you are going to quote an article that possibly shows you as someone who has benefited the masses I would have thought you could come up with something better.

Why should I, and any other person finding the quote, believe this or any of the other fantasies that you are saying make you look good? I'm sure that the University of Saskatchewan would beg to differ.

An apology to Fred Emslie

I would like to take the time to make an apology to Fred Emslie of Fred Emslie and Sons automotive repair shop. When I made a review of your business on my then fledgling website I was doing so to thank you for your excellent service. Little did I know at the time that there would be a mad man that would make the assumption that I was one of your employees.

I am pretty sure that you did not see the website that was created by that mad man but I can be sure that he likely contacted you on the telephone and was probably abusive. I make this assumption as the person making the false claims was posting your telephone number and business address online as one for me. He obtained that information from looking at old webpages that I had long removed from the Internet using a tool called TheWayback Machine. I removed that information as I had mad that posting in an anonymous manner and without your permission of knowledge. When it came to be abused I was no longer in contact with you as had purchased a new vehicle and has no need for your excellent services. Still, I felt that the attention that the certain person was giving you was unwarranted.

I would hazard a guess that you wondered what it was all about at the time and possibly didn't even remember doing business with me. I hope that you were not inconvenienced by these attentions. Sadly, that is the nature of the person making the approaches to you. This person, when crossed, seems to stop at nothing to seek revenge against the person who he has a disagreement with and often included others that he thought were associated with them. A lot of this was carried out, and still is, online and manifests itself in the creation of websites where he posts all his lies. You, I'm afraid, were an early victim.

Since that time, and we are talking over 5 years ago, he has got far more active in this area and I have lot count of all the domain names that this person has registered. To cut a long story short this renewed activity is due to a dispute that the person in question had with someone else not related to our dealings. Someone who an assumption was made that I was colluding with in a plot to discredit him. This is also not the case!

Once again, sorry for involving you in all this. By mentioning you now it is likely that the person involved may attempt to contact you again. Please feel free to discuss anything that you know about me as he is convinced that he can discredit me even at this late stage. I won't mention my name here as it was not relevant at the time and it is still not. The person I refer is convinced that I am upto no good by representing myself under an alias, this includes this blog. I think that if you take the time to see what I have posted over the years it has nothing to do with deception and "skullduggery" to use the words of a mad man!

Monday, September 11, 2017

A green and pleasant land

I was surprised this morning that there was nothing on the news that today is the anniversary of 9/11

As my act of remembrance I thought that I would post some photos of more pleasant things.

Bringing in the harvest. A view of one of the fields at the bottom of the garden. I believe that is a Class Lexion 570+ you see on the field there. I will be posting more about that later.

Above is the farm where we picked many kilos of plums. Plums that have been turned into Jam for sale in fund raising for the less fortunate of this fine area that we live.

A view looking down the garden. The trees are starting to show their autumnal colours.

We are not sure what created the crater in the above picture. It can only be seen on the map and from the air. You can reach it by footpath but you would not be able to see the perspective.

Sun shining through the trees at the bottom of the garden. This was taken pretty much at ground level but still from my new toy.

Another shot looking down the garden

More fields on the walk into town.

We will have to make the full walk. Maybe not both ways as we always have the option of talking a cab back home. That is one of the many advantages of living where we do. If we were still in North America to live in such a rural location it would cost a fortune to get a taxi back to where you live. You probably would have to book it in advance and explain to the driver how to get there and back. Here it is just a question of jumping in and telling the driver where you want to go.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The pond just down the road

It looks like the Stour, but it is a lake.

The pond is on the walk into town. Below is a view of the scenery that you walk through on the way.

When I see multiple domain registrations

.... it is normally an indication that the person making them is up-to no good.

Why else would you register a domain in the name of someone in your organisation? Why would you register a domain in the name of a company or person who you have done business with and possibly had a dispute?

No normal person or company needs more than one website/domain unless they are trying to prevent their competition registering a similar domain and attempt to "cash-in" on their success. If an indivual registers a domain in their own name they are either carrying out business under their own name, i.e. a sole proprietor, to register a domain in your own name for any other reason is pure vanity or an expression of your over-importance. In any case if you find a domain in your own name you are not likely to post content on that website that highlights your faults. If you do find one that is posting such information then you can be pretty sure that it is a "revenge" website.

When choosing a domain name one should be creative and choose one that expresses a theme such as the passage of time.

Elder Rubber Inc.

Ray Elder is being harassed by Wayne McAlpine.

Due to bad blood between them Wayne is in  the process of post inflammatory information about Elder Rubber on his website and another that Wayne has registered in the elder-rubber name.

This seems to be part for the course with Wayne McAlpine and he also has domain registrations for Joshua Sham, who once was a loyal employee of Wayne McAlpine but has now "distanced" himself from the "toxic" McAlpine.

This is fair warning for anyone who has had the misfortune to have worked with McAlpine. Whether you have just disagreed  with him or if you have not paid for work that he thinks you have performed for him, he will try his best to get back at you.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Woodbridge Tide Mill

These are some shots of the famous mill from an angle that most do not see on their visit.

and, where is Waldo?

 My partners favourite is the one looking over the river Deben estuary.