Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TorrentPrivacy UPnP Leakage and other issues

Having taken another look at the TP Forum - it would appear that there needs to be a few more additions that need to be made to this blog and the www.tempusfugit.ca website.

The fact that [RESOLVED] on a posts title "makes it so"

Monday, September 28, 2009

Current Computer product is VT deficient

A quick recap on the processors that were being sold in PC equipment in September/October 2008 and comparing to that available September 2009 (just before the release of Windows 7) indicates that more have Intel Virtualization™ Technology enabled than they do now?????

For example: Core 2 Duo 65nm processors T7100 T7300 T7400 T7600 all had VT enabled
Core 2 Duo 45nm P8600 T8100 T8300 had VT

Now T3400 T4200 T6400 and others --- DO NOT SUPPORT VT

Is this a coincidence or don't Intel and Microsoft want users to try out XP-Mode?????

Friday, September 25, 2009


I currently have a MySQL database installed (MySQL 3.23.58) on a local server -

    As this link is the local link you will not be able to see it     from the outside.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Intel Processors that Will Not Support XP-Mode

In the run-up to the release of Windows 7 there is a proliferation of hardware being sold that does not support the virtualization required for XP-Mode to be used with Windows 7

Mobile processors that DO NOT support VT: P7350 P7450 T3200 T3400 T6400 T4200 T6500 (T4300 seems to be OEM for Toshiba - so can't say)

Desktop processors that DO NOT support VT: Q8200 (Core 2 Quad) E2200 E2210 E5200 Q8300 E7500 E1500

Those that do:
mobile: P8600 P8700 Q9000 (SU3500 does have VT - strange as this is low-end?) SU9400 SP9400
d/t: E8400 E8500 i5-750 i7-920 i7-860 i7-975 ----- all i5 and i7 maybe QX9770

This is not a complete list, please visit www.tempusfugit.ca for a full discussion on how to determine if the computer that you are considering supports "XP-Mode"

Nothing you can download will make computers that are shipped with processors such as the T4200 or T6400 will allow XP-Mode to run. If you find yourself in this position either return the computer to the place of purchase or at least voice your displeasure to the manufacturer or retailer of the computer or with Intel directly.

A complete list of all the processors that support virtualization can be found on www.tempusfugit.ca

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nuans Report

The Nuans website says:

The NUANS® report is a seven-page document, generated by the NUANS® name search system which lists corporation names, business names and trademarks most similar to your proposed business name or trademark. The search references a database of existing names that have been registered in Canada. 

When I Incorporated my company I had to perform a Nuans search and submit the result with my Articles of Incorporation.
The name of my Incorporated company has nothing to do with this blog or my website, tempusfugit.ca.

If you request a Nuans report in the name of tempusfugit (or any variation of that) I am pretty certain that you will not find any relation to my company, when it existed.

How to Determine if an AMD CPU Supports AMD-V

Not all AMD and Intel processors support Virtualization.

This is required if you wish to run Windows 7 in XP-Mode.

Links will be available via www.tempusfugit.ca and comment will be placed on this blog regarding processors that do support VT or AMD-V. Processors installed in notebooks and desktops that are being sold in the "run-up" to the Windows 7 release.

For example: the AMD ZM-82 does not support AMD-V and will not allow XP-Mode

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pedestrian Mode - Garmin GPS

The "Enhanced Pedestrian" Mode as featured on the Garmin Nüvi 1200/1300/1400. The  review here is on a Nüvi 1370T

This feature is supposed to enhance the operation of the GPS device when used with the cityExplorer™ maps. It is supposed to incorporate the use of public transit into the navigation while you are on foot. It has not been reviewed in so far as if it is any real use. Pedestrian Mode (with limited functionality) can be used on a device with this feature WITHOUT having to download the cityExplorer™ maps from Garmin.

This is a review of the pedestrian mode itself - not the operation of the function with a cityExplorer™ map - this will be covered in a seperate review.

Like a lot of the features that Garmin offer on its GPS product line, the pedestrian mode is very badly documented. Other examples are the Traffic Alerts and some of the other more esoteric functions such as HotFix™. One would expect to find more information in the operators manual that you have to download from their website. But no! the manuals tell you little more than the sales information you probably used to make your purchase decision.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Removal of content from a website

It is a common misconception that once something is posted to the Internet it is there for ever. This is a particularly well-held notion of those that use Social Media. (and perhaps it is if you have limited control as you do with Facebook)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The "Less is More" principle

This is the concept that you are far better off not installing every program you can on your computer and to try and do as much as you can with the "base" operating system and the programs that came with your computer.

It also encompasses the removal of unwanted programs that come pre-installed and even the complete re-imaging of a new computer with a fresh install of the operating system that it came with (or even a different one)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Windows 7 on an eeePC 900HD

This post is my original notes from 2009 when I attempted to install Windows 7 on a eeePC 900HD

UPDATE June 2010 - It is pretty certain if I tried it now then it would be successful.
I have installed Windows 7 on multiple Netbooks since the time that this post was first made.
The key is to ignore the Upgrade Adviser and install regardless. Windows 7 performs perfectly on a Netbook with the eeePC 900HD's processor and 1G of RAM

Original Post:
I tried, but the Win 7RC setup balked at the fact that it had a processor that was only 900MHz. There was another cryptic message about backup up and doing a custom install. I tried the install couple of ways - running the setup from a USB DVD drive and by booting from that drive.

I ran the Windows 7 upgrade Adviser and that told me what I already knew, the minimum processor speed was 1GHz.

There are posts on the Internet, mostly very blurry YouTube uploads (I am sure that you have seen them - if you are reading this!), claiming that it has been done. I don't doubt that, but all I can say it is not that easy - although there was quite a lengthy tutorial on how to install from a boot-able memory stick (most of which revolved around the preparation of the stick).

Still the 900HDB-BLK002X was only bought to see if could be done. It does support the 1024 by 768 resolution however, which is better than the competing models at the time.

There is talk of a Windows 7 specially optimised for Netbooks, but I guess we will have to wait until the O/S gets released on the 22nd of October - we might even see Windows 7 being sold on new Netbooks.

Update June 2012 - It is highly likely that the 900HD would have difficulty in displaying the full resolution as do some of the current (2012) Netbook and Notebook models with similar problems in obtaining the VGA drivers.

I also may have been incorrect in stating that the 900HD was capable of 1024 by 768 resolution as the WikiP page that all these earlier Asus eeePCs were only 1024 by 600. However, the WikiP page also states categorically that none of them will run Windows 7 (I don't believe this to be the case)


Editing the Windows Registry

Using the regedit program that is supplied as standard will all versions of Windows you can search for specific key and edit the values contained in those keys.

The reasons that you may wish to do this is to prevent or enable a particular action on your computer. Shown above the entry that controls the Windows Activation is being inspected and possibly edited.

Finding specific keys in the registry

Pressing F3 or selecting search from the menu will enable to find occurances of a particular key. You may even be told the key you are looking for from an Internet search that you have made regarding a particular problem that you are trying to solve.

Making a backup of the Windows registry

Before making any changes to the Windows registry that may have an effect on the operation of your computer it is probably an idea to make a backup of the registry before you do so that you can return to a "working" situation. (It is also a good idea to do this when before you run a 3rd party Registry Cleaner)

Intel T4200 and XP Mode in Windows 7

The T4200, like a lot of the processors that are used in laptops sold currently, does not support VT.

If you want to run Windows 7 in XP-mode then you will want to check if the processor in your prospective computer supports Intel® Virtualization Technology (of buy a computer with an AMD Dual Core)

A comparison chart of all processors that support VT was formerly to be found on  my web site, www.tempusfugit.ca


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Whether to use PHP or raw HTML

Before my website rebuild I have a lot of design information posted on PHP scripts and programming. Since a lot of it was not original content and I do not use PHP on this website I have decided not to re-post the pages. I have chosen not to install PHP on my current webserver this is not because of the potential security threat but there is one none the less.

How to remove inappropriate content from the Web

There was a time when it was not considered that what you posted on the Internet would come back to haunt you in later years.

The major problem with the removal of undesirable postings is that the majority of web site owners and administrators do not know how to remove content from their websites.

Extended Warranty

I have had some interesting conversations with the sales associates at both FutureShop and BestBuy of late.

It is clear that they have been "coached" to try and sell the PSP (or whatever they want to call it!) - when they get the response that you are in no-way interested it is quite funny the way that they back off and don't even try.

Sometimes you get a little push-back and the associate will try to explain the plan but this is often accompanied by a distinct air of resignation that they are wasting their breath.

Remember, this is where the "Box Stores" make their money - let it be at the expense of those that do not read this bog!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

This 2.5W light bulb is not as bright as this 90W one

Give me a break!!

What nonsense - comparing an Atom with a Quad Core!

I really do think that Morfanos and the other crew (shills) at FutureShop should keep their opinions to themselves.

And when was an Atom 230 on sale in a Netbook?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Registry Cleaners

I really cannot see the point of registry cleaners. The risk that you are putting your computer to when you run a program such as this is probably higher than the risks that you have entries that are giving you problems such as slowing your computers performance.

It is really easy to scan your registry and to back up the entries. If you have a problem with a particular program you will easily find what the registry entries are and you can find, delete or edit the entries and settings.