Saturday, December 31, 2011

Camtica Review

DO NOT download or purchase Camtica 4.3.48970 screen recorder software.

It is promoted by spam emails to owners of blogs by Jiteco. The emails from Deborah Gill offer the author of a blog a free copy of the software in exchange for a review. As such, a review written in response to this request is unlikely to be one that you can take with any authority. 

Having received many requests I have decided to write a review - this is it. 

It is suspected that Jiteco do not read the blogs that they solicit. If they do then they can comment on this blog posting instead of just sending me offers of evaluation copies of software. If I were to review anything I would purchase it.



KiraAJ said...

thanks for blogging about this i have recieved a couple of emails from this "company" and just finally decided to look for reviews about said product..i try and google any suss emails i get about products that require downloading and what many bloggy friends have had their sites hacked and so farth last yr..

easysongwritingtips said...

its not supporting with higher version of Windows. i tried it..i'd rather recommend Ezvid Free Screen Recorder as it works well with Windows 7.

and it's totally FREE @