Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I am at a loss to see the value of Bogus Videos

Having had the reason to look to see what was posted on You Tube and other video hosting websites I am confused to see what the value and motives of those that create and post bogus videos on the Internet.

My assumption is that creators get some sort of kudos for the fact that their videos are viewed and also appear in search engine results lists.

Of the ones that I have seen, and I don't make a major habit of this, are clearly attempts at making out that the poster has the solution to enable the pirating of Windows 8. Seeing that Windows 8 has yet to be available in the stores on hardware and the software (Windows 8 Pro RTM) has only been released to manufacturers for a month or so, it is doubtful that there will be copies of Windows 8 that can be downloaded and installed in a non-legal manner.

The activation methods used by Microsoft for Windows 8 is completely different from what they used for Windows 7 and Vista. Posting a video that shows the activation of 7 and saying that a Loader for Windows 8 will be released when Windows 8 is officially released is wrong. Similarly, if you post a video of a "beta" version of Windows 8 it is as useless as claiming that it will be possible to activate Windows 8 in the same way as 7.


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