Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Would I buy a Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro?

Probably not.

I currently use a 11.6" Windows laptop and portability is my prime consideration. I also own the original iPad and an iPad 3. I have tried the Asus Transformer Prime. To perform all the activities that I carry out I have established that I need a "proper" keyboard. I have tried doing what I do on a tablet and have concluded that I still prefer an attached keyboard. My requirements are probably reasonably unique and the vast majority may not need a keyboard.

If I were to replace my portable hardware I am more likely to opt for an 11" Mac Book Air. The reasons for this are mainly that I do not like the Windows 8 interface and that I prefer a desktop with no icons (or tiles) - as can be achieved using Windows 7 or OSX.

As I said before there appear to be those that claim that reviews of the Surface that you find on "box store" websites are "fake". I don't think that this is the case, more likely that those that have bought the Surface are those that are more likely to write a positive review. Those that have bought are also those that are going to justify their purchase regardless of how good the purchase is. Bad reviews ARE likely to be made by those that have purchased an iPad or an Android tablet - the justification process is at play here as well, in spades!

There have been things that I have learned reading some of the reviews of the Surface on the Box Store websites:
  1. The Surface will work with any Bluetooth keyboard. So does an iPad or an Android tablet, but you don't have to use the MS Touch keyboard and can purchase the Surface without a keyboard. I personally use an iPad BT keyboard with a Windows PC without problems.
  2. There is a general lack of understanding of RT and the capabilities of this o/s and the version of Office that comes with Surface.
  3. The most common con is the lack of apps.

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