Monday, February 11, 2013

The website and get_iplayer.exe

The infradead website seems to be down.

I still use get_iplayer.exe on a daily basis so no changes have been made by the BBC in the last wee while. The question is, "what if they do in the future?"

I have all the code and have made extensive analysis of it. Last time that it broke I had a workaround before there was one on the "Get_iPlayer Lives" site.

Unless the BBC make extensive changes to the way that they provide iPlayer programming it is presumed that the current method I use will continue to work. If it does change I will have to find another workaround or fix the code myself.

No doubt the enterprising torrent sites will be a source of the last working version of get_iplayer. It will also be an opportunity for those same people to attempt to sell you something you weren't bargaining for when you make your downloads.

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