Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mass Surveillance and File Download Services

It was interesting to me that when looking for evidence that government agencies, such as the NSA and GCHQ, were "Targeting Individual Computers" to determine who the "Bad Guys" were that I came across Mr Glen Greenwald and The Intercept website.

According to Glen:

The ostensible aim of the surveillance is to sift through vast amounts of  data to identify people uploading or downloading content that could be connected to terrorism - such as bomb-making guides and hostage videos.

This was in an article on The Intercept about the surveillance being carried out by the Canadian Security Services (CSE).

Services such as Rapidshare were cited.

This was from an article dated 25 January 2015 - if this is the extent of what the so-called "Snowden Revelations" have resulted in then it would seem that the Security Services of the world have not really progressed that far when it comes to "cracking down" on the activities of terrorists. The monitoring of Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were not even mentioned.

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