Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Windows 10 pre-installed in the UK

I am getting very frustrated that there is nothing to buy with this specification apart from an expensive Microsoft Surface.

Sure I can purchase all manner of hardware with 8.1 but I don't see why I should do either the manufacturers or retailers jobs for them! Windows 10 has been out for a month now and still nothing.

Additionally if I get a Windows 8.1 machine and decide that I will stay with 8.1 that I will be constantly "nagged" to do so? I have nothing against Windows 8 and would be perfectly happy to run with it. It is just that I feel that it is a stupid move to purchase an old technology.

Who's to say that I can either successfully upgrade to 10 if I buy such a machine. It is not that I think that 10 is going to be any "better" that 8.1, but I do have an interest in the way that 10 works with limited amounts of memory (16-32G of eMMC and only 2G for the o/s)

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