Monday, March 11, 2013

How-to download and install Ubuntu on an Android Smartphone or tablet

This is something that seems to be a popular thing to consider now that more and more Android devices are becoming available in the stores.

Something that needs to be pointed out is that even there is an excellent video presentation on the Ubuntu website by Mark Shuttleworth, there is no stable version of Ubuntu that is currently available for download and install. Even the askUbuntu forum answers the question:

What is 'Ubuntu for phones' and how can I get it?  - askUbuntu asked by Tom Brossman in January 2013 and updated by Ubuntu on February 2013:

"Right now is too early to tell how the Ubuntu for Phones will work, will be sold, how the software will be integrated, how to get the software and work on it/with it or even be compatible with an Ubuntu Desktop."

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