Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Aircrack on a Galaxy S4

Details of the complete installation and instructions for running Black Ubuntu and a full penetration suite on the new S4 are on my website,

  • Gedit
  •  airmon-ng - with list of wireless adapters that are required.
  •  mtpfs
  •  libusb
  •  yum
  •  tcpdump
  •  Backtrack
  •  curl
  •  git
  •  Metasploit (fully working)

Those claiming that they have this running on an S3 I suggest you look at the release notes and see that most of the things that have been tested (i.e. working) are NOT the penetration elements.


Anonymous said...

Where exactly are these details?

Anonymous said...

Please share your link, Ubuntu on the s4 would be awesome