Sunday, May 5, 2013

The RTL8187 based wireless adapter

There seems to be a view that an RTL8187 based wireless adapter is needed to allow the operation of aircrack-ng. In fact there are many adapters that will allow this in addition to the RTL8187. You need to check the specifications of the adapter that you are thinking of using.

If you are running a Linux implementation of aircrack-ng you will also need to obtain the Linux drivers for your particular NIC. This will often determine the suitability of such a device. In addition the drivers to allow an adapter to operate in an "injection" mode on an Android device is even more restrictive.

Android APKs that supposedly compatible with the Samsung tablet GT-P3113 are supposed to need this type of adapter. You need to check this before you make a purchase. Just because there are statements made on the Google Play Store that an application will work is not a guarantee that it will!

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