Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Due to the fact that feel that they can send me emails firstly complaining that I had given them a false review and then telling me about their "fire-sale". I feel that I have to make this post.

$18,000 of software for only $4,500 - looks like the "full Scalper package".

Which ever way you cut it, this is dishonest way of circumventing the legitimate businesses  of ticket sellers such as Ticketmaster and AXS. seem to think that it is okay to jump the queue, to use their software to gain an advantage over those that are using the ticket sales website in the normal manner.

It is just the same as the "scalpers" you used to see outside the venues before the Internet age. Selling tickets at inflated prices and offering to buy your extra ticket from you, the friend that couldn't make it, for a price far less than the face value.

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