Monday, March 2, 2015

Artificial Intelligence

Was woken in the twilight to a discussion on Artificial Intelligence - probably BBC World Service.

Similar to a lot of things you hear when you are half asleep there are some things that make sense others that are either too complex for you to understand or they are nonsense. I have no doubt that those that were being interviewed on the programme were experts in their fields but I am not so sure that teaching computers to think and the discussion of "Machine Learning" techniques does actually make any sense.

This was further compounded by an article on the BBC Morning programme where the merits and dangers of living with A.I. is going to be an issue in the near future. In both cases it seemed to me a case of putting the cart before the horse - A.I. is still a subject of science fiction in my mind (and I have worked in related fields and consider myself cognizant of such matters).

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