Sunday, March 15, 2015

TalkTalk and BT Telephone Scams

It appears that there is a resurgence in cold calls that are supposedly from Talk Talk or BT claiming that your computer or router is sending out errors. The caller will then try to fool you to grant them access to your computer. If you do you will soon find that you will be in bad shape and you will have a problem with your computer. The scam-artist with control of your computer can do pretty much as they wish including locking you out and definitely asking for a payment to let you back in and/or remove the viruses and malware that is sending out the errors.

I have documented this before with a company called Fast Heal. There are many others and they seem to originate from call centres in India or another Asian location. Other names that I have come across are Andrea International, BT support team, PC Experts and various people with the surname Watson.

The common theme is that the caller tries to convince the victim by showing the computer owner (Microsoft Windows in this case) messages generated by the Windows operating system in its normal operation. Eventviewer and TeamViewer also factor in this scam.

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