Saturday, July 1, 2017

34 Years in Canada

I really can't believe that we spent s long in Canada. On Canada Day it is time for a little reflection. We have been back in the UK for about 2 and a half years now and in some respects it was like we never left. I grew up in rural Essex and now I am back. A completely different part of the county but never the less the same one as my childhood. Perhaps that is why I have such an issue with the "Council Houses".

Canada was great for us. Leaving the UK on the eve of Margret Thatcher was probably a good move. Canada benefited from our UK education and they reaped all the taxes from our employment.

This place "just fits". In truth, where we currently live is not really the UK. The UK is currently in crisis with Brexit, something that I think will be a good thing in the long run. However, whatever the outcome it will not be something that will effect us too much. In a lot of respects the political situation has no bearing on our day to day lives.

Now living in a house that parts of which date from the 14th century with a garden that approaches 2 acres, we are having a lot of fun living the country life. Never in my wildest dreams, both when I originally lived in the UK and in Canada, did I think I would live in such a place. I must have cycled past such properties in my youth never thinking that I would ever live in one. As for the Social Class aspect of it all, I guess that Canada allowed us to side-step all that. Now we are rubbing shoulders with those that have had business and military careers and represent the "elite" of the UK.

In some ways this feels like an extended vacation. We joke between ourselves about extending the holiday rental and putting the flight date back. So are we Canadians? We are citizens and our first year we put the Canadian flag on the front gate on Canada day. Now I am not sure where it is. Will we ever go back to Canada, perhaps not for a vacation but possibly to sort out some business and finances. Most of our money is still in Canada, which is probably the best thing due to the current fall in Sterling. Eventually all the money will have to be repatriated and who knows what Canada pension we are entitled. RSPs will need to be converted or closed in any case. As far as a company pension my investments are taking care of that. I have long been amused by the "Pension Debate" that constantly goes on here in the UK. The "Triple Lock" certainly has little relevance for us. As for a heating allowance I am busy building a wood pile.

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