Sunday, July 2, 2017

Riverwalk Drive, Connectut

Where I lived when I worked on a contract for Executive Risk.

Looking back on Google maps it is strange to think that I once lived there. The location is quite superb looking overlooking the hills of Talcott Mountain State Park. My daily commute was a cycle ride along the disused railway line only crossing highway 10, State 202, the once before I arrived at work. At one point, when I was there on my own, I didn't even have a rental car. At the height of the contract there were 4 of us there from Canada and we rented two houses on the Riverwalk development.

To be honest I don't really know why I was there. The work was not that demanding but it was fun living in the States for a while and the money was good. The weekly commute from Toronto to Hartford was not a difficult one as Air Ontario were still in regular operation. Unlike when I was in New Jersey when they were more than often on strike and I had to make my way to Newark on other airlines. This was an opportunity to see the terminals at LaGuardia and Newark, and to experience carriers such as Continental.

It was also the time when my partners father passed away and I spent long hours emailing her mum in the UK. I think that I helped. I would spend a large part of my day writing to her looking out over the turning trees the other side of the Farmington River.

Simsbury was a strange place, not the America that Donald seems to want to make great again. In some ways I don't really see it as America. My views on that have changed since then as I was happy to call Canada my home at that time.

Times were different then, this was the age of  Oksana Baiul running her car into a tree. She was a resident to Simsbury at the time when she was training at the International Skating Center. This was also the age at the start of the Internet revolution. There was email and some websites but no Social Media and I am not sure if blogging had been invented. I can remember the wonder of making a search on Netscape and being amazed at the results.

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