Sunday, December 16, 2012

Copying video to your iPad

or iPhone, Android (or other OS) tablet.

Transferring media ripped from DVDs BDs and downloaded files from the Internet. Conversion of iPlayer downloads so that they do not have a time-limit and can be played without restriction on any portable device over and over again.

Bandwidth saving as a consequence of the avoidance of excessive streaming and the freedom from the forced exposure to unwanted advertising.

With the current popularity of tablets and smartphones more and more users want to be able to watch their favourite videos on their devices even when it is not possible to access the Internet. There is an ever increasing selection of video programming that is uploaded onto You Tube, however, this is often less than convenient and is laced with unwanted ads and often of poor quality and spit into small chunks.

All of the techniques that I use to download and transferred to my portable devices are described on my website

The programs I describe are all free and there is nothing you have to download that you have not done so before. The techniques that I describe are valid for both Windows and Mac computers.

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  1. AVS4You is not a FREE software package and in my opinion is not the best conversion program for the Apple iPad or iPhone. I recommend Handbrake.
  2. I use get_iplayer.exe to download BBC programming. This is again FREE and you do not need to convert the file format to transfer to the iPad.
  3. You can use iTunes to transfer ANY video to the iPad. Some file formats will need conversion.
  4. You DO NOT need to convert files to transfer then to an Android Device or a Blackberry Playbook. 
  5. You can use Handbrake and DVD43.exe to convert DVDs to formats that will play on mobile devices.
  6. Whereas there is no such thing a DVD43 for 64 bit Windows, DVD43 can be made to run on a 64 bit computer.
  7. I understand that MakeMKS can be used to convert Blu-Ray discs to .mkv files. These mkv files can be converted to formats that will play on all devices. MakeMKS will defeat the AACS encryption used on BD and the profiles are updated regularly. 
  8. I recommend the VideoLan's VLC player be used for playing all media on a computer, Windows and Mac.
  9. I do not recommend that you use Apple's iTunes to archive your downloaded media. There are many reasons for this, detailed on my website, one of reasons is that the media does not get stored in iTunes itself. If you download to multiple devices and drives iTunes, and you, will get confused.
  10. You cannot transfer or convert BBC programming so that it will play another device, including a tablet, if you download using the iPlayer Desktop on your computer. Files so downloaded will only play on the machine that they were downloaded and will have a time-limit restriction. To transfer this programming to a portable device you need to use a program such as get_iplayer.exe.

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The Technology Muse said...

I really don't understand why people think that it is a good idea to spam blogs by posting comments that are just so that they can add a hyperlink to their website or blog. They clearly have no idea about the rel="nofollow" attribute that blogging software automatically to such hyperlinks. This makes the link pretty much useless and gives the link zero authority. True you may get the odd visit clicking on your link but it will have no effect on your site ranking and male you look stupid in the process.

iPad Pete and his video tutorials are an example of this madness. At $97 for the course it seems a little steep to me. I guess this could be due to the fact that I do not consider the use of an iPad as rocket science. I have owned an iPad since Apple released it. There is not much that I don't know how to do with it that I cannot find out from other websites on the Internet. It would seem that the major problem users have is the understanding of how to get "stuff" on their devices. What format it needs to be in and what software they need to use to achieve it. In most cases iTunes is all you need. Personally, I am no fan of iTunes, as I find it unnecessarily complicated.

On a final note, it would seem that I am not alone in my views on iPad Pete's Video tutorials. Comments on some of the reviews that I have read call it a scam, some even have gone as far as saying that Pete should be jailed for his actions. Many reports of money paid and not being able to log-on to the tutorial site. The fact that iPad Pete seems to think that it is okay to write his own reviews, posing as an independant reviewer, and that he had resorted to spamming this blog (foolish as not many will read it and I am likely to write a review such as this) is the "nail in the coffin"