Saturday, December 8, 2012

How do you tell if DVD43 Plug-in is working

If you can copy DVDs using 1-ClickDVD then it is. If you cannot then you have fallen for the scam perpetuated by LGSoftwaresolutions.

This was prompted by a search: "how do i know if dvd43 plug-in is working"


Roger Phillips said...

And, what is this "scam"??

The Technology Muse said...

The scam is that LGSoftwaresolutions use DVD43 Plugin as a marketing tool to get you to download 1ClickDVD.

They claim that DVD43 Plugin only works with their DVD ripping software and the plug in is to be used on 64 bit systems where the original DVD43 does not work.

Many want to find a 64bit version of DVD43 to use when they are making copies of DVDs, defeating the CSS encryption. They would like to use DVD43, plugin or otherwise, with the software that they have always used such as Handbrake.

When I downloaded DVD Plug-in it appeared to be an empty dll (a file with no internal functions). As I do not, and have no wish to, use LGSoftwaresolutions software I cannot say that it works or not.

The scam is that you have downloaded DVD43 Plug in and the LGSoftwaresolutions software and you find that you STILL CANNOT rip DVDs.

Del Fuller said...

Not sure I agree with you. The1ClickDVD software works great but it needs a decrypter for the region coding. Yes you have to pay for 1Click but it's hardly a scam.

The Technology Muse said...

My point was that the dvd43 plugin does not work with anything else other than 1ClickDVD

The Technology Muse said...

Also check the date of the original post.

I would hope that things have changed in the years since I made the post. Who uses DVDs these days?

teadoust said...

i did recently waste some time on dvd43 and you're right: it seems to be useless unless you have 1click.