Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Surface was not bad as I had expected

Having had a chance to actually play with one in the Microsoft store in Times Square, I was pleasantly surprised in how it worked for what it is. Whether it is "better" than its competitors that remains to be seen, it is a competent tablet, but is just that, a tablet. Windows 8 performs quite well on it, i still remain to be convinced that it belongs, in my case, on a computer.

My general observation is that Windows 8 is "navigation overload". My usage of a computer mainly consists of just turning it on and checking my email or looking something up. I don't need to have icons or tiles over my start screen. In fact i do all that I can to make this screen as uncluttered as I can. I am reminded of the days of Windows 3.1, I was always bemused by those that had screens that were covered in icons of all the files and websites that the users had worked on and visited. My take was that I could not put all of these on my screen so I tended to have very few. I was, and still am, very annoyed when a program places an icon on my desktop on install.

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