Sunday, October 21, 2012

Do I need to bother with IS lenses?

Having purchased a new DSLR with a couple of Image Stabilized lenses the question I have for myself is whether I need to worry about the fact that the old lens for the DSLR that the new one is to complement can be used on the new camera body.

Searches for "are Image Stabilized Lenses worth it?" just returns the argument on whether they work (do what they claim to do - the consensus is that they do) or is it worth paying the extra money for IS.
The cost aspect is a moot one at the moment as most of the inexpensive lenses on sale are IS, so the question is: are the old lenses going to be noticeably more prone to shaky images?

My old lens is 18mm-200mm whereas the new lenses are 18mm-85mm and 85mm-250mm. The old lens is heavier and not IS but it is more convenient in that I don't need to swap the lens so often.

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